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Talismans on love

Talismans on love

Love is a feeling that can make every person happier and add more bright colors and positive moments to his life. Unfortunately, not always everything is in such a harmonious way that the two halves can independently find each other and create happy relationships.

Then magic comes to the rescue — in particular, talismans for love.

Talismans on love

What it is

The talisman of love is a certain object or symbol, who is conspired in such a way as to attract to the person what he needs (in this case, love). It is important that the carrier for a talisman has sufficient strength, because otherwise it risks quickly deteriorate and lose its magical properties. In addition, compactness is important, since it is desirable to always keep this thing with you.

And, of course, you need to talisman aroused your sympathy.

The first talismans of love appeared a long time ago — several millennia ago. To date, the magical attributes are no longer so popular, but the effectiveness of the method has not diminished at all.

Love talisman options

If you are tired of loneliness, you want to attract in your life This is a pure and sincere feeling, use the following options for creating amulets.

Feng Shui love charms

Talismans feng shui possess powerful energy and let you get what you want. Do you want to attract or keep love?

Stick to these tips.

It should be placed throughout the apartment a few candles in red — it will surely attract love and will promote understanding in relationships and harmony. It is the red candles that are responsible for the energy of love, which they actively attract into the house. Also, to enhance the effect, you need to arrange for housing several effective talismans:

1. Birds.

The art of feng shui uses images of birds to activate love attraction, romance. But it is important that this is a pair of birds.

And the action of the talisman will intensify even more if the bird is made of ceramic or porcelain. The predominant colors are red and yellow, it is they who attract good luck in love affairs. The most favorable for the search for the second half of the birds are: swans, cranes, pigeons, ducks.

These creatures are the symbols of devotional and eternal love, happiness in a couple.

Talismans on love

2 Vase. It may seem strange to you, but yellow and red vases are also symbols of love and long-term relationships. Plus, vases, as practice shows, are among their most effective love talismans.

They will fill their owners with the energy of love and happiness, as well as delay positive energy in the room.

If you decide to dwell on this version of the talisman, you should pay attention to the options made of ceramics or crystal, which have a wide base and a narrow neck. They most actively attract love to the house.

3 Magic stones. A very effective love talisman is a well-chosen stone. You can apply several options at once.

We advise you to opt for: jade, rock crystal, hematite, rose quartz, red jasper.

Magic stones are located in the southwestern part of the dwelling. This area is responsible for love and mutual harmony.

But it is important that the stone had a rounded or oval shape. It does not play a big role on which of the proposed stones you stop, it is important that there are always a pair of them.

For those who are already in a relationship, stones-talismans will help make your union more durable. And if you are just preparing to let love into your life, the stone will accelerate this process and very soon you will be able to meet the very person you wish to be with until the end of your days.

Love talisman with orange do it yourself

In contrast to the dangerous mounts and love spells, such witchcraft will not affect the human mind, but will attract the one who will truly love you. To create an amulet that allows you to improve your love affairs, you will need to stock up on these ingredients:

  • one big fresh orange;
  • 20 grams of crushed cinnamon;
  • 20 grams of coriander;
  • 20 grams of ground ginger;
  • 10 grams of crushed violet root;
  • a pair of carnation twigs.

It is necessary to take the fruit with both hands and imagine that it contains all the love you so want to receive. Visualize that you have already become happy and loved, and then draw a heart with a carnation.

Talismans on love

Charge the whole ball with energy, while covering it with cinnamon. Then take all the spices and put them together.

Well pour out the orange in the mixture. Then you should light seven candles of pink color and arrange them in a circle. In the center is placed a container with an amulet, and these words are pronounced:

“Just as these candles burn, let love be kindled. Charge my talisman with the energy of love.

Let it be so».

You need to wait until the candles burn out, then take seven pink ribbons and dress an orange with them. Then hang the amulet at the head of the bed and get ready for a crowd of fans.

Magic always works, if you sincerely believe in it, we hope that this article will help you find your love!

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