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Talismans for good luck and money

Talismans for good luck and money

People from ancient times sought to find a universal method of finding happiness. They listened to signs, turned to magical helpers for fortune-tellers, and were also very popular talismans for luck and money.

To achieve the desired, you need to make a talisman on special principles, in this material we will tell you in detail how to do it.

Talismans for good luck and money

What is a talisman

The talisman is a subject possessing a sacred meaning and capable of attracting certain things into the life of its owner (in this case, finances). It is usually activated by the personal energy of the creator.

The most popular are those types of talismans that were made by hand.

Examples of effective talismans

  1. Feng Shui Chinese Coins — quite common and used by many mascot to attract money. As a rule, coins are tied with a red ribbon and hung in a dwelling or workplace. You can buy such a talisman in stores dedicated to the topic of Feng Shui. There you can find all the necessary materials, using which you make this amulet with your own hands.
    Talismans for good luck and money

According to the feng shui theory, special importance should be attached to the number of connected coins:

  • 2 — symbolize wealth. Such an amulet should be placed in a wallet or bank box.
  • 3 — save and increase revenues. Are the most popular in the tradition of Feng Shui. They are recommended to stir to any places in the home, which can not reach strangers.
  • 6 — are the personification of mutual aid, support and favor of fate. Such a talisman can be safely placed in any room, but it is important that it be located in the north-west direction.
  • 9 — act as symbols of the nine emperors supporting the host. It is extremely powerful energetically. talisman for money, also life-changing for the better.

Turning to the help of Chinese coins, we should not forget that in time they are only 12 months. Then it will be necessary to update the amulet, for this purpose, the coins with the ribbon are changed or cleaned with water and salt.

2 Rare coin. It acts as a powerful monetary amulet that is easy to create with your own hands.

To do this, take a rare (or ordinary) coin, which went to a person in the happy time of his life. Then the memorable money is put in the wallet, while it must not be allowed contact with other money.

The amulet is activated by moonlight (this is done in the first or second phase of the moon). To enhance the effect, it is better to place a rare coin in a newly acquired purse.

3 The triangle of luck. He is able to attract success, well-being and positive energy into your life.

To make it yourself, you need to prepare 12 coins and make a triangle with various symbols.

The triangle blank is printed or copied. It is best to take cardboard or thick paper as a material.

In the center of the hole is cut, which will be slightly smaller in size than the coins also used in this ritual.

Particular attention is paid to the choice of coins: make sure that the year of manufacture is not even, coins of only one type are taken.

Talismans for good luck and money

The ritual itself is performed as follows:

  • Coins are taken, slightly shaken, and you must visualize financial success, well-being and fulfillment of all desires.
  • Then open the palm and throw the coins on the table.
  • Carefully consider them, leaving only those that have fallen image of the eagle up, the procedure is repeated until there is only one coin left.
  • This coin should be placed in the hole between the triangles so that it can be seen. You can use glue for more convenience.
  • Now the talisman lays down in a purse or hangs on a string of green in the dwelling. It will help attract good luck in all walks of life and financial prosperity.

four. Magnets of happiness. Very often lucky talismans and money are made from items used in the casino area. So quite popular money mascot is a chip from a casino or a peak jack.

They are often inflicted runes, as well as various alchemical signs, and then placed in a wallet. And sometimes hang on the neck in the form of a pendant for the chain.

As a money talisman you can also use a dice, you will need to properly handle and charge it with magic power. Small rhinestones are glued to the recesses located along the faces of the cube, and runic symbols or symbols of the planets Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, the Sun and Venus are drawn along the edges.

The square edges of the dice will symbolize the constancy, strength and power of the four elements. And the stability of the figure and its use in gambling will attract good luck to you and make you master of your life.

The talisman is worn in the wallet or on the neck like a pendant.

Now you know how to attract financial success to yourself with the help of effective talismans for money and luck. The main thing is to sincerely believe in their magical power and not to doubt it for a second.

We wish you always have money in abundance and always feel like a favorite of fortune!

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