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Talisman on the money with his own hands — 6 strong rites

Talisman on the money with his own hands — 6 powerful rites

You can attract money and luck by yourself. How to do it? Need to talk subjects on the attraction of the energy of good luck and finance.

The article will consider the question of how to make a talisman for money from ordinary items. Just need to remember that magic is working on the power of faith in the possibility of changing circumstances.

Without faith it will not work, any doubt destroys the result of the effort.

Talisman on the money with his own hands - 6 strong rites

A bag with amber and bay leaf

Amulet to attract money can be made from a canvas bag, charged with golden water and the sun. Prepare the following items for the ritual:

  • new pack of salt;
  • pre-stitched canvas bag;
  • a piece of raw amber.

On a growing moon, buy a new packet of salt without taking change or calculation. A bank card can also be paid.

The bag must be sewn from natural fabric without admixture of synthetics. To tie it, you need to cut a piece of braid.

The color of the bag is not critical, but it is better than red or yellow.

The finished bag must be put in spring water, in which the day lay a golden object. After 6 hours, the bag is taken out of the golden water and dried in the sun.

This can be done in the winter, but always on a sunny day.

Then objects are put into the bag — salt and a piece of amber. If there is no amber, you can put some golden object, even a link from the chain. The bag is tied up with a braid and a plot is read on it 6 times:

Talisman on the money with his own hands - 6 strong rites

Store the bag in a hidden place.

The second option is an amulet bag to attract money. On the growing moon you need to sew a bag of green natural fabric and put the following items into it:

  • black peppercorns;
  • bay leaf;
  • feather from a bird;
  • coins.

Coins need to take running — one by one. At the moment it is a ruble, two rubles, 5 and 10 rubles.

When you make a talisman, imagine that money is flowing to you from all sides. Pepper symbolizes wealth, bay leaf attracts success, and bird feathers — good luck.

Hang the amulet to raise money in the place where you are engaged in financial affairs.

Silver amulet

Amulets for attracting money and good luck with your own hands can be made from gold and silver jewelry. If you speak an amulet of gold, it should be done on a clear sunny day. Amulet of silver speaks on a moonlit night.

To create an amulet any item of silver that you will wear will fit.

Choose a clear moon night in the first half of the lunar month, you can perform the rite and the full moon. Open the window so that the moonlight falls into the room.

The time of the ceremony — from two to three in the morning. Put the silver thing on your palm, stretch it toward the moon and read the plot:

Talisman on the money with his own hands - 6 strong rites

This is an old Old Believer conspiracy in which it is impossible to change words in places and pronounce in a different way than what is written. You cannot say Jesus Christ instead of Jesus Christ.

After pronouncing the plot you need to throw the decoration up, let it fall to the floor. Go to bed, leave the window open — the moonlight should fall on the floor and illuminate the decoration.

Before going to bed, cross over and read our Father, you cannot talk to anyone. It is impossible for someone to see the rite and hear the conspiracy.

In the morning, stand up and pick up the decoration from the floor. Put it on and do not remove. If you made a certain amount of money, do not remove the decoration until you receive it.

When receiving money you need to go to church and put candles to the Virgin and Savior.

Talisman on the money with his own hands - 6 strong rites

On the golden ring

The golden ring can be not just an ornament, but a talisman to attract wealth. To speak a ring, you need to hold the next rite.

On Sunday, put a ring on a growing moon in a new glass with spring water (you can buy non-carbonated water in the store from a source).

Then take a tablespoon, stir the water in a glass clockwise and say:

Talisman on the money with his own hands - 6 strong rites

Then some of the water is drunk, and the second is poured over the threshold of the house or at the threshold of the apartment. Put the ring on your index finger and wear it all the time.


How to make an amulet for money at home? Do-it-yourself amulets work well even for beginners in magic, if they put the power of their faith in them.

To create such an artifact, you need to purchase a moonstone in a souvenir shop and start talking it on a new moon.

Determine the beginning of the new month on the lunar calendar and perform a simple rite at night. Hold the stone in your working hand (with which you write) and say the following words:

Talisman on the money with his own hands - 6 strong rites

Immediately put a pebble in your wallet. Every new moon repeat the rite. Over time, the pebble will turn into a strong artifact on the attraction of money.

Only no one should see and take in hand. Try not to give your wallet in the hands of other people, even your home.

Explain that in this case the money will not linger in the wallet.

Talisman on the money with his own hands - 6 strong rites

Talisman for good luck in business

This talisman will help in the conduct of financial affairs, it can be kept in an office or other business place. To make an artifact, you need certain items that need to be purchased on any day of the rising moon:

  • cardboard green;
  • gel pen or felt-tip pen of green color;
  • candle green;
  • basil herb;
  • thread green.

Also for the manufacture of the talisman need scissors and glue. Lonely in the room, get down to business.

Light a green candle by placing it in the candlestick. You need to draw a five-pointed star on the cardboard (practice beforehand) and cut it along the contour.

You can not use the ruler, you need to draw by hand — let it be not exactly. Then, in the center of the star, you need to jot down the essence of the desire and read the spell three times:

Talisman on the money with his own hands - 6 strong rites

Spread the basil leaves into a powder, brush the center of the star with glue and put grass on the glue. Now gently grease the rays of the star with glue and bend them to the center.

Tie the resulting figure with green threads and seal the knot with wax from the candle. Talisman is ready.

Keep it near business papers or money.

Birch bark

The birch bark, taken in spring, has a powerful force for attracting wealth. Before tearing off a piece of bark, ask forgiveness from a birch tree and put a piece of bread or a coin under the roots. Tearing off a piece of bark, say:

Talisman on the money with his own hands - 6 strong rites

Tear off the bark is necessary non-working hand (for right-handers — left). Bring the talisman home and put it where you keep money or do business.

Remember that natural talismans help make money, so they will not fall down from the sky — you have to work.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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