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Swadhisthana chakra — how to open the sexual chakra

Swadhisthana chakra — your way to true pleasure

Svadhisthana is the second chakra of the human body, which is responsible for sexual activity, the emergence of sexual desire, as well as harmonious interaction with members of the opposite sex, sexual satisfaction, childbirth. In addition, the second chakra is an emotional center and a center of creative talent of the individual.

Swadhisthana chakra - how to open the sexual chakra

General description of the Svadhistana chakra

Also, this chakra contributes to the filling of the whole body with energy, which is born in it, and then spreads throughout the body. It is swadhisthana that helps people maximize the individuality of their personality, generate new ideas and implement them in life.

Translated from Sanskrit, Svadhisthana means “the abode of the self,” that is, the place in which the vital force is contained, the nascent life and energy.

The element of chakra is water. For this reason, it is more active in women.

Where is located

Svadhisthana is located above the pubis, in the area three to four centimeters lower than the navel. The base of the chakra is oval in shape, its diameter can vary from five to seven millimeters to ten to fifteen centimeters.

Svadhisthana is also known as the sex chakra or the sexual chakra. In some sources, it is called orange — based on the color of its energy.

In addition, you can find the name of the chakra in question, in which there will be another letter “x” — swadhisthana.

Characteristics of the properties of the second chakra

  • Svadhisthana fills a person with sexual energy, sensuality and activity. It is this energy center that allows you to send into the surrounding space and take sexual experiences. The strongest chakra development is achieved by a span of twelve to fifteen years.
  • The sexual chakra provides contact with the opposite sex, makes a person more sexually attractive in the eyes of others, fills with personal magnetism, as well as activity, sociability and positive mood. Also responsible for the field of finance.
  • It should be noted that svadhisthana is most affected by negative magical or psychological effects.

Nature envisions that a woman in greater quantity is endowed with the energy of the orange chakra to act as a reservoir for the man, which in turn should provide the woman with support with stability (represented by the energy of the first chakra).

Success in life will depend largely on the amount of sexual energy in a woman and positive emotions. Also well-developed svadhisthana accompanies harmonious interaction with the opposite sex, helps to create a family.

Chakra corresponds to orange color.

  • Svadhisthana note is Re.
  • Element — water.
  • If you want to consider the electromagnetic radiation of the chakra, you will see that the symbol consists of six petals.
  • Svadhisthana corresponds to astringent taste (from examples you can call unripe persimmon).
  • The aroma is ylang-ylang.
  • Amber, carnelian, fire agate, moonstones, fire opals act as magical chakra stones.

What svadhistana chakra is responsible for

The second chakra is responsible for the normal functioning of the sexual and excretory systems of the body, and also contributes to the normal activity of all internal organs, improves intestinal motility.

The organs that are controlled by the chakra are:

  • Liver;
  • Right kidney;
  • Intestines;
  • The organs of the reproductive system.

Degrees of chakra development

When a person has a sacral chakra developed at a sufficiently high level, such a person happily gives others creative energy, is notable for ease, harmony, his life is filled with creative activities, he bathes in money. Such a person is self-sufficient, gets along well with others, gets pleasure in life.

Swadhisthana chakra - how to open the sexual chakra

In the case when the Spiritual degree of development of the sexual chakra is low, a person experiences an unquenchable thirst for sexual satisfaction, may be tempted to use drugs, alcohol and other stimulating substances. This personality is distinguished by a limited consciousness, it is not able to sympathize with others, seeks to destroy, shows aggression, unrestrained, hysterical, capricious, suspicious, has problems with the financial sphere.

As manifested in the emotional sphere

  • In a closed or unbalanced version of the chakra work, a person is afraid of communication and relationships with the opposite sex, cannot accept his sexuality, and suppresses sexual desire.
  • Normally, people with harmonious svadhisthana enjoy pleasure from any form of communication (physical, sexual), enjoy life in a soft and balanced way.
  • In the case of passion a person becomes intolerant towards the other sex and the genetic race.

How to develop sexual chakra

The main method that can be advised to anyone who wants to maximize the energy of Svadhisthana is to search for a source of pleasure. To open this chakra, a person must begin to show their sensuality and sexuality.

It should be noted that the full development of 2 chakras is inextricably linked with the normal functioning of 1 chakra — muladhara. If you want to be sexual enough for the opposite sex, you should not forget about active physical life, communication with nature, development of your physical and spiritual qualities.

At the same time, we should not forget about internal discipline, morality and morality. It is important, developing the sexual chakra, to concentrate to the maximum on experiencing positive emotions with sensations.

We have prepared for you a video that will tell a lot of interesting things about the second chakra.

Ways of disclosing svadhisthana

The best effect in this case is observed from meditation, which is aimed at eliminating any negative energy that has accumulated during all previous incarnations.

Negative energy is usually manifested by such emotions as envy, anger, jealousy, anger, greed, and so on. Only if you constantly work on yourself and cultivate yourself can you get rid of all the negative traits of your character, which in turn will contribute to the opening of the second chakra.

To date, you can find a variety of techniques for the activation of the chakras. The least complex and most accessible is based on the principles of proper breathing.

You will need to learn to interact with the chakra through breathing.

This technique is performed according to the following scheme:

  1. You occupy the most comfortable position (sitting). Cover your eyes to improve visualization.
  2. You take a deep breath, while visualizing how the energy of the golden color starts to rise from the earth and fills you, flowing through 1 chakra and turns into 2, located below the abdomen.
  3. As you exhale, imagine how you get rid of all the accumulated negativity and stress. Visualize your chakra and learn how to feel it physically. Each new breath makes svadhistana shine brighter, and you start to feel it all stronger.
  4. When you are convinced that you can completely clear the sexual chakra, visualize that the lotus flower, consisting of 6 petals, rotates clockwise. With each breath, the amplitude of rotation increases. If you can feel it on the physical plane, congratulations — you were able to get rid of negative energy and activated the chakra.

Swadhisthana chakra - how to open the sexual chakra

Using this method, the main thing is to realize that performing a proper breathing on a high mood charges your sexual chakra with the energy of life. This method does not always start to work the first time, but it is still necessary to continue working on yourself early, do meditation and breathe correctly.

When the sexual chakra becomes active, you will begin to see the world in brighter colors, all sensations and emotions will become more distinct and positive, and your days will be filled with harmony and happiness.

How to bring the functioning of the chakras to normal, get rid of diseases

Before embarking on the harmonization of the work of this chakra, it is necessary to firmly realize that it collects all the negative energy provoked by love disappointments, sexual difficulties, accumulated resentment, subconscious restrictions caused by sex life and experiences.

All this negative «baggage» has a strong impact on the work of the 2nd chakra, worsening the circulation of energy in it. When there is a strong accumulation of negative and there is no flow of vital force, inflammatory processes begin to occur in organs located in the pelvic region, and neoplasms may even develop.

Therefore, it is important to develop the ability to eliminate any negative energy, regardless of where it comes from: from far away from childhood or from recent times.

In the case of awareness of all the mistakes, forgiveness of all offenses, elimination of all sexual problems, the work of the chakra will be normalized, it will be filled with energy that will freely flow in its path.

When harmonization of the 2 chakras is performed, a person acquires the opportunity to lead a full-fledged bright life, which is filled with a sea of ​​good emotions and impressions, begins to soberly evaluate himself and everyone around. Also, a very large number of people begin to activate creative talents.

What closes the sexual chakra, blocking signs

Svadhisthana is easily blocked by the presence of negative experiences, which include anger, anger, resentment or rejection. In addition, the chakra blocks the consumption of alcoholic beverages, drugs or drugs that have hallucinogenic effects.

Also a bad effect on the work of the sexual chakra is provided by the practice of magic or spiritualism, anxiety about one’s future, or excessive mental activity.

Accurately say that swadhisthana is blocked, it is possible by the presence of diabetes. Another sure sign of protracted futile attempts to get pregnant or impotence.

If you have noticed the “symptoms” described in yourself, you need to practice the meditation described above.

Feelings during critical days

It is possible to bring the state of the sexual chakra back to normal due to changes in its size, color, shape, vibration, speed or location area. But to get visible changes, you will need to regularly practice meditation or Sahaja Yoga.

Enjoy relaxing music during your sessions. Try to visualize everything as well as possible (a lotus flower with six orange petals).

For the fair sex there is one very sure way to establish the state of the second chakra — you just need to control your feelings during critical days. The presence of a painful symptom and a certain discomfort indicates that the sexual chakra is full of negative emotions, resentment, aggression and others, which means that you need to start clearing and opening it.

It is important to control the state of the sexual chakra and work on its opening or harmonization in order to get full enjoyment from love pleasures, as well as from life in general.

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