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Sultanite stone: properties, value and photo of the mineral

Properties and Values ​​of the Sultanite Stone

All gems (although they are not living matter) actually have their own “character”, their own energy, and even have their own destiny. At the same time, the greater the age of a particular mineral, the stronger the impact on the fate of its owners, it will have.

As a rule, it is difficult to determine who in this pair will be the main thing — a person or a mineral, it is not for nothing that stones are believed to influence our life in one way or another, helping to direct it in the right direction. One of these amazing creations of the earth is the enchantingly beautiful, mystical and simply fantastic stone sultanite (it also has another name — “diasporas”).

Sultanite stone: properties, value and photo of the mineral

A bit of mysticism and history

Even the wise men in the Ancient East knew about the extraordinary and sometimes magical properties of this mineral. Initially, the sultanite was discovered and mined to this day in hot Turkey.

The stone received its name due to the fact that the jewelery with it was adored by the Turkish sultans, who themselves carried a huge amount of items with this gem, and also presented it as a gift to their numerous wives and concubines.

It should be noted that the stone has not completely lost its popularity since those ancient times. The mineral has such unique and peculiar properties that it can fall in love with itself at first sight.

Its main feature that arouses interest and attracts increased attention is the ability to change its color. In addition to the sultanite, amethyst and alexandrite also have the same amazing opportunity.

But compared to them, the sultanite has a brighter and more diverse color palette of shades.

Photos of the mineral rivet the eyes and it is already impossible to tear him away. You can admire the beauty of the mineral for many hours, turning away from what is happening around.

In terms of color variations, sultanites of purple, pink, crimson, olive, cognac and greenish-gray colors can be found. No other natural mineral can boast such a color variety.

In this case, all the colors of the sultanite belong to the category of universal, so that jewelry with it will fit any clothing or accessories.

Do not forget that the sultanite is a chameleon stone, therefore, before choosing an outfit for it, you need to find out what color it will change under different lighting.

Properties and meaning of sultanite

The word «diaspora» in Greek means «dispersion.» Impressive fragility is characteristic of a stone with this name: under the influence of even insignificant external factors, sultanite begins to crack and breaks into tiny pieces (high temperatures influence it especially negatively).

It is believed that the mineral cracks when it tries to communicate the news of its owner’s illness or the danger that lies in wait.

Sultanite is ideal for creative individuals: it contributes to their development, awakens new fantasies and causes creative impulses.

In addition, the mineral helps people develop intellectual inclinations, cravings for knowledge, reflections and reasoning on philosophical topics. Allows you to find a non-standard solution for different problems.

Those people who wear jewelry with sultanite, have a well-developed imagination and have a creative imagination.

Sultanite stone: properties, value and photo of the mineral

Which of the signs of the zodiac fit

Many people know that you need to wear jewelry only with those stones that fit your zodiac sign. Otherwise, you can suffer from various unpleasant consequences.

Who is the mysterious sultanite on a horoscope?

Along with many other transparent crystals, the mineral most of all helps representatives of the fire element. Therefore, they are advised to use Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Thanks to the mineral, these people will be able to become more balanced, develop in themselves intuitive abilities and the gift of predicting the future.

But also the sultanite harmoniously affects the earthly signs of the zodiac: Taurus, Dev and Capricorn. In most cases, the representatives of these constellations from nature have some emotional limitations.

And with the support of the Sultanite, they awaken in themselves an amazing sensuality and cheerfulness.

It is difficult to overestimate the value of the diaspora for a person:

  • it has a very beneficial effect on people’s lives;
  • adjusts to a wave of positive;
  • reliably protects against negative energy that comes from others;
  • will be a great helper for speakers, scientists, philosophers and all those associated with science;
  • the mineral is also the inspiration of representatives of all creative professions (actors, singers, musicians, artists, and so on).

Who should use this stone

This precious mineral is a vital necessity for all those who are tired of coping with the hardships of fate and are ready to surrender. Sultanite imperceptibly for the person himself will give him strength for further struggle and help to achieve a positive result.

An absolutely incomprehensible way gem helps to solve various problems and get out of a difficult situation, finding the right solution even for very difficult tasks.

It is not surprising that jewelry with sultanites is especially popular with psychics. Many predictors of the future talk about upcoming events, peering into the cracks on the magic ball of this mineral.

Not long ago, in the 80s of the last century, only well-known collectors could afford to decorate with diasporas. Now everyone can do it, but, of course, the cost of products with sultanite will not be cheap.

The high price is due not only to the fact that the stone is quite rare, as well as not only its unique properties, but also the difficulties of its extraction.

Therefore, on average, a set of earrings with a diaspora will have to pay about $ 400. A ring with this stone will cost a bit cheaper and will cost about $ 200.

Sultanite stone: properties, value and photo of the mineral

How to distinguish a fake?

Many people would like to have jewelry with the sultanite, but not everyone can afford the luxury because of the high cost of the gem. Therefore, scientists have invented to grow hydrothermal sultanite, which in its performance is very similar to the original.

The production of hydrothermal sultanites works exclusively in Turkey, for this purpose they use a special strictly classified technology.

It is much easier to process a synthetic stone than a natural stone, therefore it is used in most of the jewelry. The cost of natural sultanite exceeds the cost of diamonds.

How to distinguish the original from a fake?

  1. First of all, get acquainted with the product label — on the products with synthetic stones there is an inscription «g / t».
  2. Do not purchase mineral in doubtful places, because there

you risk getting a fake certificate.

  1. It is also worth taking a picture of the acquired stone: if it has a uniform color in the photo, it means that you risk to buy a fake, because a real stone has such many-sided modulations that the camera matrix is ​​simply unable to fix.

And finally: it is important to provide proper care for jewelry with sultanite:

  • rinse them only in running cool water, to which you can add a couple of drops of soap solution;
  • do not use aggressive chemicals and heat treatment for washing, so as not to harm the delicate diaspora;
  • You need to store the gem in dense caskets, on a piece of soft cloth.

At the end of the article, watch an interesting video about this mineral:

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