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Successful Feng Shui company name (plus examples)

The correct name of the company for feng shui with examples

Surely each of us heard the expression: «How do you call a boat, so it will float.» This statement is completely true and applies to all areas of human life.

Therefore, it is not surprising that so many people are worried about the question: «How to choose the right company name for feng shui to ensure success and prosperity.» We will tell you about this in this article.

Successful Feng Shui company name (plus examples)

The correct company name for Feng Shui

The competent name of the company according to Feng Shui should be formed either in one or three words, plus include the syllable of the activity that is planned.

Why is it that such a number of words is established, and not for example, two, four or five? Here numerology comes to the rescue — the famous science of numbers, she recommends to stop at all on a single word.

The thing is that according to the art of feng shui, the unit is a very positive symbol, symbolizing winning. And, then, it turns out that by giving your brand or LLC a one-syllable name, you automatically program it for success.

As for the number three, it stands as a symbol of growth. By calling your company this way you will achieve very quick success.

The same rules should be followed when designing the sign.

Somewhat less often, the names of the company are formed from six words, because the six also symbolizes a successful business.

Consider the choice of the company name on a specific example. For example, a person decides to open a construction company and is in search of an interesting and unusual name.

He may, for example, decide to name the organization by his own name, say “Eugene”.

This company name is extremely unfortunate, according to the art of feng shui, since it does not have a specific energy and besides does not relate to the main idea of ​​the event.

It would be more correct then to make the name more complete, in order to call for help Mrs. Luck and rename the company, for example, in “Evgeniystroy”. This version of the name is already much more suitable in terms of Feng Shui.

From the very beginning, such a brand is filled with the right energy and will actively actively attract powerful Qi energy.

Common mistakes

Now you need to get acquainted with the most popular blunders committed by novice businessmen. Many of them, trying to be as original as possible, choose rash names for their firms, while forgetting about the negative consequences.

The goal of any business is to attract as many customers as possible, and this can be done with the help of a concise, but capacious name.

Therefore, by giving your company a name like «Eugene», without using clarifying terms, you risk destroying all the magic of your own company.

At the same time, pay attention to the following point: the words that precede the main one must necessarily be placed before the brand name and it is important that they have the same shape and size of letters for the formation of a holistic sentence. After all, it is in this situation that the accumulation of energy will occur at the beginning of the name.

It is important to achieve unity in it.

In addition to unnecessary minimalism, when a brand is formed by one inappropriate word, it is often possible to meet the opposite situation. This will clearly demonstrate the name «Construction Organization Yevgenystroy.» Because of such an unsuccessful combination of words, an absurd energy image is created, and harmonious flows of luck are destroyed, because in this case, the original name in itself already tells about the field of activity that is practiced and attracts Qi energy flows.

Therefore, you should not use the same type of words, if necessary, just replace them as close as possible to the semantic meaning.

Successful Feng Shui company name (plus examples)

Repetition — learning

Finally, you need to go through all the basics, which were described above, so that they are better preserved in your memory:

  1. The most ideal option is when the name (or logo) of an enterprise is formed in just one word.
  2. The name of the company must include a word or syllable, giving a clear description of what you do.
  3. A signboard, a logo, a site should be formed in one, or three, or six words.
  4. In the case of an unsuccessful name of the organization, it should be placed at the very end, and the front should be supplemented with the necessary ones.
  5. Do not use the same syllable or word to enhance your name, because this is contrary to the principles of feng shui.
  6. Do not strive to be too original, do not invent strange names, because the result may be just the opposite: you will become “invisible” to the flow of Qi energy and potential clients will not be attracted to you.

You can believe it, but you can not believe it, but in very frequent cases it is the use of such seemingly “primitive” rules that makes a business successful and helps it grow to an incredible scale. At the same time, many too sophisticated names remain in the shadows along with the people who invented them.

Therefore, we advise you to act on a proven scheme for the prosperity of your business.

Successful Feng Shui company name (plus examples)

Samples of suitable names for Feng Shui

We suggest that you consider specific examples in order to finally verify once again the importance of the Feng Shui system, as well as save yourself from the torment, which of the company or LLC’s names should stop.

Imagine a novice entrepreneur who opens up several leisure complexes with swimming pools, slides and other types of water activities. He has an idea to name his organization “Water Kingdom”.

If we consider such a name from a logical point of view, then it is quite appropriate — rather short and capacious, from the first word the field of activity of the future establishment becomes understandable, which means that it should attract the flow of positive energy and attract potential customers, that is, ensure profit.

But at the same time, in this situation, the name consists of only two words, and in order to ensure guaranteed success for yourself, you need to take either one word or three. How to act in this case?

Surely you have already guessed how you can solve this problem. To do this, you just need to add the word «Waterpark» ahead, making it the main thing in this case (after all, it already characterizes the sphere of activity in more detail and has a stronger energy in accordance with the art of feng shui.

And we get a perfectly correct version of the name “Waterpark Water Kingdom”. To come up with something more suitable for such an idea is quite difficult.

It is for this purpose that it is important to correctly compile, according to the art of feng shui, a name that will immediately contribute to the formation of a positive perception and attitudes to create an energetically strong and attractive name for potential customers.

Use our tips to ensure your business success and prosperity. And do not forget to watch an interesting thematic video at last:

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