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Strong Slavic amulet: we do at home with our own hands

Strong Slavic amulet: we do at home with our own hands

Slavic amulets are considered one of the most powerful because they are associated with ancient knowledge. Such a self-made amulet will become a strong defense and protect you and your loved ones from enemies and envious.

In the manufacture of charms Slavs used the power of nature, so this protection was almost impossible to remove. Symbols and statuettes of animals, which symbolized strength and wealth, were used as talismans. The bear, deer, hare and other totemic animals were endowed with protective forces, because it was thanks to them that our ancestors could satisfy hunger, warm themselves with hides and adopt the ability to survive and defend themselves.

Later, wolves were attributed to such animals, since they had developed all the necessary qualities that made them strong and enduring, causing the person to involuntarily have the same abilities.

Slavs worshiped and mystical creatures. Leshy, house, yard, kikimora, water and other mythical entities were used as protection. At first it was customary to bestow such evil spirits in order to appease her and avoid trouble.

Later, their ancestors began to use their magical power to protect them. As a rule, charms consisted of an image of the object of worship and were activated by the same ritual of coaxing, during which people were asked to endow them with certain abilities and protect them from evil influence in exchange for some kind of donation.

Features of the manufacture of amulets

Having made such a talisman at home, you not only give it strength, but also charge it with positive energy. In doing so, you will be protected all the time.

To make a ward, you first need to decide on the material and decide what exactly will protect this item. If you want to protect your house from any evil, the creature of Bereginya is suitable for such purposes. It is still not known how it looked and whether it had a human appearance.

It is only known that Bereginya is filled with female power, which protects comfort in the house and supports the hearth. Having made an amulet dedicated to Bereguin and hanging over the entrance door, you can take the trouble and misery away from your home.

In the matter of manufacturing, it all depends on your imagination: how and from what to make Bereginiu, you decide. This may be a doll dressed in traditional Slavic clothing, with a basket filled with bread in hand. Or you can sew an ordinary bag, put protective herbs in it and tie with red thread.

Ornaments with the image of animal figures are perfect for personal protective amulet. These can be bracelets, earrings or pendants. The main condition in such amulets was that when moving such products began to make noise or ring. Making a certain sound or noise, the wards thus frightened off evil spirits and detractors.

That is why, in addition to the protective figures, beads or bells were used that hit each other and made bells.

Slavic amulet with his own hands

When you have decided that you will protect and what kind of guard you are suitable for, you can proceed to the most important thing. It is best to use natural materials: natural fabric, wool, spikelets or seeds. Avoid plastic and synthetic.

During the manufacture of the coastal talisman you need to pronounce the following words: «Surround me (or my house) with protection, take away enemies and all evil from me. Hide from envious and detractors. Let it be so«.

Repeat this phrase until the Slavic talisman is ready.

This method of protection does not require recharging, and its effect every year becomes stronger. Strengthen the defensive power of amulets by using white magic or the power of runes. However, you should not be too suspicious of everyone you meet.

Believe that you are under the auspices of the Higher Forces, and the offenders will bypass you. Trust the world, and he will answer you in return, and, of course, do not forget to press buttons and

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