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Strong amulet of thread

Strong amulet of thread

Every person wants to protect themselves and their loved ones from the life failures and negative influence of other people — the evil eye and damage. This can help protect the thread: it concentrates the positive energy in itself, protects it from the evil eye, attracts good luck and well-being. Such amulets were widespread among our ancestors: Slavic amulets were created with their own hands, they absorbed the good thoughts and wishes of the creator.

They were widely used in everyday life, used for decorating the house, as well as an item of clothing or decoration.

Charm bracelet made of thread

In the modern world, a bracelet is one of the most common jewelry, the main task of which is decorative. However, you can turn this thing into a powerful amulet that will protect you from evil forces.

First of all it is necessary to remember that the charm should be made of natural materials. In ancient times, people used bone, glass, metals, wool or linen fabrics for this purpose. The charm of the threads was the strongest, because it contained the special magic of weaving: tying knots was accompanied by conspiracies, and each knot had its own meaning.

Such an amulet was most often worn on the wrist. It was believed that the wrist is the most vulnerable spot on the body, and therefore through it contact with hostile forces can most likely occur. Each charm bracelet could afford it, because its creation did not require serious material costs and jewelry talents.

How to make a charm out of a do-it-yourself thread

Slavic charm bracelet can be easily woven by yourself. Woolen, cotton or linen yarns are best suited for this purpose. Before you begin, focus on the purpose of creating a talisman: think about your well-being, personal happiness, health, and material wealth.

Avoid negative thoughts, because the amulet absorbs exactly what you experience during work.

Decide on the color of the thread, focusing on the primary function of the amulet. Each color has a special meaning and several times enhances one of its magical properties.

The red thread charm is the strongest protection against the evil eye. In addition, it feeds a person with the energy of the fire element, helps to develop qualities such as determination, efficiency, courage and the ability to quickly find a way out of confused situations. Red charm helps in love relationships and brings financial well-being.

White color combines all the colors of the spectrum. Therefore, harmony reigns in the soul of the one who wears such a talisman. Such a person can easily build relationships with other people, while conflicts and quarrels bypass him.

An amulet of white thread does not allow evil thoughts to the human soul and protects it from the negative impact of other people.

The charm of the blue thread is ideal for creative individuals. It attracts new ideas, helps to avoid a crisis, transfers the creative energy of the water element. The person associated with creativity, often the most vulnerable to surreal forces.

The blue thread on the wrist protects against hostile invasion, will share the serenity and clarity of thoughts.

Amulet of yellow color — for those who put family well-being above all. Solar color brings peace and harmony to family relationships, protects the health of family members. Such a talisman is good to tie young children — they will be protected from damage and the evil eye.

When you have decided on the color of the amulet, proceed to weaving. If you are limited to a single color, it makes sense to tie one thick thread on your wrist, tying knots on it. Do not forget that each node has its own purpose.

While tying the knot to yourself, say what it is about, what strength it should have.

In the event that you decide to combine several colors, it is better to braid the threads in a braid. Keep in mind that when combining different colors, and accordingly different properties of an amulet, some forces associated with a particular color may weaken, and some, on the contrary, increase. Try to combine the colors of one spectrum in a talisman — so they will not conflict.

Tie a talisman on your hand with the words: “The Cross Force is within me!
God’s Grace is around me! ”
. This must be done independently. If you are presenting an amulet as a gift, then it is you who have to tie it on the wrist, saying: “As power is from heaven, so is help from God.

Amen. Amen. Amen».

As you can see, it is very easy to create a charm with your own hands. The main thing is to set yourself up correctly. Get rid of bad thoughts, focus on what you want — and the charm bracelet will bring you the desired well-being.

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