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Stones talismans for all occasions — how to choose and charge

Choosing your stone talisman

Natural crystals have long been used in magic — talismans and amulets are made of them. Women’s jewelry made of stones had a sacred meaning of coastal. In the modern world, gemstones and precious minerals are worn for decoration, not suspecting that stones can have an impact on destiny — positive or negative.

What are talisman stones, and how to use them correctly? Consider the process of choosing a mineral and creating a magic assistant out of it.

Stones talismans for all occasions - how to choose and charge

Natural and magical properties of stones

Before you start creating a talisman, you need to understand the particular energy of certain minerals. Some of them have coastal properties — they can protect against harmful energy.

Others help to attract the necessary — health, love, luck, money. Where did magical properties come from stones?
The nature of minerals has a peculiarity — to accumulate information from the environment and generate it outside. This property is explained by the crystal lattice inherent in all minerals.

The unusual memory property of crystals has long been used by scientists and engineers: a quartz disk stores recorded information indefinitely. Modern engineers create computer technology with the latest super-power processors using crystals.

Crystal in its properties is an intermediate link between living and inanimate matter, and magicians successfully use it. In other words, the crystal has a certain mind and can understand the intentions of a person. Minerals are somewhat similar to living beings — they are born, grow old and die.

As they grow, minerals accumulate information from the environment and keep it in themselves. Also, natural stones talismans can communicate with each other and share information.

Modern scientists have learned about this, and magicians have owned this knowledge from time immemorial and used it for their own purposes.

With stones, you need to establish a dialogue, and they will perfectly understand the person. Stones charged with negative information can bring misfortune to a person up to death.

Stories about old jewelery that have killed their owners are described in historical and literary works. Some stones talismans have such a powerful energy that they begin to control a person.

Therefore, before creating a talisman, it is necessary to free a stone from unnecessary information — to erase its memory.

How to choose your stone?

Before choosing a stone, you should decide on the magical purpose that it will embody. Why do you need a talisman — to attract love or strengthen memory?

Having studied the table of matching stones to magical goals, it will be easier for you to navigate when choosing.
How to find the stone that will be the helper and friend to man? To do this, you need to rely on intuition and listen to your inner voice: a dialogue with a stone is possible only at the level of inner instinct.

First of all, the stone should attract your view and cause positive feelings. Look at the placer of minerals and look for «your» stone — it can stand out among others with some features.

Take the mineral in your hand and examine its surface: it should not have scratches, chips and other defects. The fact is that the broken structure of the mineral is not suitable for magical purposes.

Hold the stone in your hand and try not to think about anything. At this moment you will understand whether yours is a stone or not yours.

Only after that you can safely pay for the purchase and go home.

Stones talismans for all occasions - how to choose and charge

Energy of natural minerals

Among the hundreds of stones you can find your own according to certain characteristics and properties. Here they are:

  • Jasper considered a universal stone. Jasper gives stability and balance to its owner, radiates powerful positive energy. Home figurines and crafts from jasper protect the room from evil energies. Caskets from this gem clear the objects that are in them from the negative.
  • Amber gives its owner poise and wisdom. The amber talisman helps to make the right decisions in difficult and complicated situations.
  • Serpentinite has the ability to pump out negative energy and create a powerful protective field around the owner. It is used by massage therapists and healers at the reception of people.
  • Rhinestone bestows universal love upon his master and draws glory. This crystal activates the energy of love and surrounds the person with a powerful energy field of admiration and respect.
  • Amethyst stone able to attract well-being and wealth. It is used in money magic.
  • Rose quartz deservedly called the stone of love. This mineral excites the senses and creates a powerful field of attraction. Like crystal, amethyst attracts fame to its owner.
  • Onyx able to get rid of feelings of loneliness and lostness. This mineral is able to attract sincere souls to its owner, who will give friendship and attention.
  • Ruby grants success and glory. This bright crystal gives the owner fame, respect, recognition and honor. The stone easily copes with any obstacles and negative energies. The mineral is also able to warn of imminent danger by changing color.
  • Amazonite frees the owner from sadness, longing and despondency. With this stone you will always have a good mood and joy in your soul. If you want to get rid of stress, the best talisman is not found.
  • Aquamarine helps to reveal psychic abilities. Wear the mineral permanently on the body to achieve the desired result.
  • Emerald — stone centenarians. If your goal is to attract health, get an emerald pendant and wear around your neck.
  • Lapis lazuli helps in communication between people, causes a sense of trust in its owner. If you work in the social sphere or communicate with a large number of visitors, wear a piece of lapis lazuli — you will be trusted.

Stones mascots — preparation for the rite

Now it was the turn of the preparation of the mineral to create a talisman. The first stage of preparation will be cleansing.

The easiest and most affordable method of cleaning stone — running water. The ideal place for cleaning is a natural spring (stream). If you can not hold the stone in the creek, then turn on the water in the bathroom.

How much to keep the mineral in the water? Preferably at least an hour.

If the stone has an opaque structure, it can be cleaned with salt — put the mineral in salt for three days, then rinse. Another option for cleansing is saline. Make a saturated aqueous solution of salt and immerse the mineral for three days, then rinse with running water.

Before salt cleaning, read the information about the stone — will salt water harm it? You can clean the mineral with holy water.

Next, the stone should lie under the sun all day until the evening. The stones of the lunar nature — opal, moonstone, aquamarine, beryl, pearls, coral — saturate the moon with rays. After that, hold the mineral in your hand so that it is saturated with your energy.

Talk to him and give him a name. The main thing — to praise the stone and admire its beauty.

Stones, like all living things, are not indifferent to affection and tenderness. Now your mineral is ready to become an assistant and friend.

Stones talismans for all occasions - how to choose and charge

Mascot making

There are several ways to charge a talisman goal. Consider one of them. For the ritual you will need:

  • church candle;
  • aroma strap with the smell of incense or incense.

Bring the stone talisman to your eyes and look intently at him, thinking about your goal. At this point, the mineral will record your information, so do not allow extraneous thoughts!

Now put the stone talisman on your left palm and read the prayer message:

Stones talismans for all occasions - how to choose and charge

Then cross the talisman three times. Now he is ready to go.

However, like any thing in this world, the talisman can be contaminated, so it must be periodically cleaned.

The talisman cleansing methods are as follows:

  • Put the stone in a glass container filled with water, under the rays of the sun for half an hour.
  • Put the mineral in salt for three days (salt is then discarded).
  • Fumigate a talisman with sage or pine needles.
  • Clean the stone above the church candle — carry it from right to left and from left to right several times with a prayer.

Important! Nobody should see the talisman manipulation, otherwise the magic power of the rite will disappear.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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