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Stones for women weights: which stone was best suited

Women — Libra: which stones are suitable by date of birth and by horoscope

One of my relatives in the sign of the zodiac is Libra. She came to visit and showed new decorations of beautiful multi-colored stones.

It turned out that she picked up only special natural stones — talismans, which are suitable only for women — Libra. It became very interesting to me, because each stone has its own energy and special strength.

Stones for women weights: which stone was best suited

The girl said that in recent times her life has improved, and in all areas. And she herself looked quite self-sufficient and happy person.

I want to share information with all those interested in what stones need to be picked up by women — Libra.

Stones for Libra women

The representatives of this zodiac sign are pleasant and lovely ladies, intelligent and light. The elements of Air make them very intuitive, extraordinary, but at the same time impulsive and changeable in mood.

The ruling planet of the representatives of this sign is Venus, which made the Libra women beautiful and attractive, excellent mistresses and caring mothers. With frequent mood swings and unexpected decisions, these women still remain their favorite men.

Let’s see what stones are recommended by experts in astrology and gemologists (who know absolutely everything about stones). Each stone — a talisman should reveal all the positive aspects of character and support in difficult periods of life.

Stones for women weights: which stone was best suited

  • A diamond, as well as a cut diamond, is a symbol of hardness, innocence, and purity. He protects his mistress from evil spells and negative energy impact.
  • The stone is associated with solar energy, helps to establish the work of the cardiovascular system, and also cleans spiritually.
  • Dislikes harsh and unrestrained people. It is better when the stone is inherited, if you only purchased it, then for some time the diamond should get used to the hostess. Only then begins to gradually participate in her life.
  • For those who are preparing to become a mother, the stone will help to transfer the pregnancy more easily and relieve themselves of the burden. This stone is reliable and firm, it will always protect its owner from all adversity.

Stones for women weights: which stone was best suited

  • One of the most expensive stones, refers to a variety of beryl, translated as «green ice».
  • The stone will help your mistress Scales to get rid of headaches, stomach problems and improve the work of the joints. Emerald even purifies water, has a general rejuvenating and regenerating effect on the body.
  • Gem protects against infidelity and negative actions, bad inclinations and deception. It is advisable to wear jewelry with a stone for several months in a row.
  • Emerald will help maintain excellent family relationships, maintain a quiet and peaceful atmosphere in the house.
  • For those who practice magic, the stone helps to establish an invisible and strong bond with the other world.

Stones for women weights: which stone was best suited

  • Scales are quite vulnerable and emotional. This royal chic stone will serve as a defense against any negative and will protect against the aggression of other people, will give confidence.
  • Changeable and impulsive ladies — Libra is often in a state of emotional tension and anxiety. Sapphire will relieve from excessive emotionality, as well as give physical and spiritual health. It contributes to the harmonization of personality, helps to improve relations with relatives and colleagues.

Stones for women weights: which stone was best suited

  • Stone is considered one of the most powerful charms for Libra.
  • It gives decisiveness and activity, helps to choose the only right decision in a difficult situation, to develop a clear and decisive position.
  • If you wear opal constantly, it will be much easier for representatives of this sign to get out of any difficult situation in life.

Stones for women weights: which stone was best suited

  • Scales are prone to constant changes in mood and indecision with a certain choice in life. Tourmaline allows you to break free and overcome the duality of nature and vibrations.
  • The Libra woman, who has been wearing tourmaline for a long time, becomes calmer and more balanced, wise. She easily makes informed and important decisions.
  • Also, the stone gives the character of Libra more sincerity and naturalness in behavior, eliminates excessive emotionality.

Stones for women weights: which stone was best suited

  • The stone helps to gain inner self-confidence, helps to find the right words when communicating with people, harmonizes relations in the family and in society.
  • Lapis laziness gives the hostess strength of will, eliminates indecision, prompts in making the right decisions, supports in difficult life situations.

Stones for women weights: which stone was best suited

  • Turquoise is a stone of peace, tranquility, which is so lacking in Libra.
  • Especially you should wear turquoise women who are in an unstable life situation. The stone will help overcome the troubles and help solve problems.
  • Turquoise is also necessary for pregnant women. She protects the energy of future mothers and motherhood, even unborn children. Therefore, especially working, pregnant women must necessarily wear at least a small decoration of turquoise.

Also, in some sources, it is recommended that women wear Libra Labrador to maintain health, agate — to maintain balance in character and actions, a grenade to help find a way out of any difficult situation, a moonstone — a protector from the spell and negative influence of the Moon, which helps to listen to intuition and develop creativity.

Birth Stones for Libra Women

If you choose a stone jewelry as a gift, then focus on the exact date of birth. The entire monthly zodiacal cycle can be divided into 3 equal parts.

Let us consider in more detail what kind of talismans the girls of each of the groups should wear.

September 24 — October 2 — the ruling planet Venus

  1. These girls are distinguished by their special charm, modesty, meekness and indecision.
  2. Constantly searching and doubting natures, women of Libra, born under Venus, sometimes cannot find a way out and take the right decision. Concentrate, acquire firmness and inflexibility will help the stones with cold shades: malachite, lapis lazuli, amethyst, moonstone and rock crystal.
  3. Sometimes these people lack support and warmth. In this case, the «soft» jasper will prevent sadness.

03.10 — 10.10 — born under Saturn

  • Women of this period are often open and sincere. Often engaged in working with people, spend a lot of energy and strength.
  • These are selfless mistresses, caring wives and mothers. Their main problem is to work for wear and care for loved ones until the end. To help rejuvenate and energize will help such gems: sapphires, emeralds, topaz, opals, tourmalines and amethysts. The stones are very strong and bright, will give confidence, activity and cheerfulness, remarkably support the health and nervous system.
  • Sometimes you want to try on a more energy-neutral stone. In this case, it is recommended to wear jewelry with zircon. He has a lot of properties, the main ones: he makes a woman attractive in the eyes of other men, protects her when traveling, protects from magical effects, and also eliminates the accumulated fatigue.

11.10 — 23.10 — ruled by Jupiter

  1. These are real women — esthetics, who love art and beauty.
  2. They find inspiration in the most common things for other people: beautiful foliage in autumn, sunset or a beautiful flower.
  3. For these refined natures, the most luxurious stones will suit: tourmaline, sapphire, diamond, emerald, chrysoprase.

What stones to wear for happiness in your personal life

Stones for women weights: which stone was best suited

Women of Libra are very sensitive to failures in their personal lives. Happiness in marriage is very important to them.

Because in the first decade Venus rules, responsible for family well-being, female attractiveness.

  • For love and real serious family relationships to come to life, you should wear a pendant or a pendant with a heart shaped ruby ​​for a while.
  • Sensitive, sometimes naive and gullible, Libra must necessarily have pearl beads among the ornaments, which will save a man from deception and betrayal. They will help maintain loyalty and sincerity in the relationship.
  • If the girl has not yet met her soul mate, the product with tourmaline will allow to find long-awaited family happiness. Young female Libra is also recommended to wear opal, then the chance to meet a good and decent man increases.

Tips for choosing a stone

  1. What is important is not only the selected gem with various special characteristics, but also the shape, shade, variety and size.
  2. As experts advise, the stone must be felt. If you do not like the product or shade, it is better not to wear jewelry. The impact will be only in the case of strong and positive, when the hostess takes the stone completely, and wears it with pleasure.
  3. After the acquisition, especially the first time, you constantly need to carry a stone with you so that he will be fed with the energy of the hostess. In the hands of other people should not give it.


  • Scales — a dual sign. These women are very attractive when they show their good qualities, but also unpleasant when showing negative ones.
  • For these women are suitable the most expensive and presentable stones, bringing balance, peace and harmony. Stones of red color, serpentine, onyx, carnelian are not suitable.

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