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Stones by zodiac signs and date of birth: a table of suitable talismans, amulets and precious jewelry

Stones on zodiac signs for men and women: how to choose?

Since ancient times, humanity believed in the miraculous power of natural minerals. Our ancestors were convinced that the stone charm helps in healing diseases, brings well-being and prosperity, inspires and guides the wearer. However, you can not carry around any stone.

It is necessary to select a talisman either by date of birth or according to the sign of the zodiac. Only then the mineral ideally adapts to the energy of the person wearing it and will fulfill its protective functions.

Serve as a talisman can only precious (rarely found in nature) and semi-precious (mined in large quantities) stones. They are also called gems (for a variety of colors), minerals (by their structure), natural or natural stones (as they are mined from the bowels of the earth).

These stones have a special energy that can adapt to the biorhythms of the owner. The maximum power of the talisman is manifested when a person believes in his power. Properly chosen amulet will be able to:

  • protect from the evil eye and negative energy;
  • improve health;
  • help in the device of personal life;
  • bring good luck and wealth to the house;
  • give strength and energy.

The stone-guardian needs energy recharge, because it gives a lot of power to its owner. It is recommended to feed the talisman with the energy of the earth, putting it in a pot with a flower for some time.

Stones by zodiac signs and date of birth: a table of suitable talismans, amulets and precious jewelry

There are a lot of criteria for choosing a charm stone, but the most effective way is to choose a talisman according to the sign of the zodiac. In addition, when choosing an amulet, you should follow some recommendations:

  1. 1. Try to feel "your" stone of several proposed options. Esoteric think that the right guardian will make itself felt. A person will feel the heat emanating from a correctly selected stone, or, conversely, cold, if the amulet is not suitable.
  2. 2. Never buy jewelry at pawnshops, especially if they are intended to become an amulet. In jewelry that someone else owned, the negative energy of the previous owner may remain.
  3. 3. After receiving the stone as a gift and deciding to make it a talisman, you must inspect the surface for the presence of chips, cracks or spots. If such flaws are found, you must immediately remove it from the house. Natural minerals with compromised integrity often serve as accumulators of negative energy.

The best amulets are stones that are inherited, as well as donated by loved ones.

Stones by zodiac signs and date of birth: a table of suitable talismans, amulets and precious jewelry

Astrologers believe that the number of birth plays a significant role in a person’s life. It determines the nature, way of life and personal qualities.

Stone mascot also revealed by date of birth. To do this, you need to make simple calculations and find out the essence of the number:

  1. 1. Write in a row on a sheet of paper the day, month and year of your birth (for example: 01. 04. 1984).
  2. 2. Add them: 1 + 4 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 4 = 27.
  3. 3. Since the essence of the number must consist of one digit from 1 to 9, the resulting number must also be added: 2 + 7 = 9. The essence of the number — 9.

The value of the number must be seen in the table:

oneSapphireGives the carrier energy and determination. Is a love talisman — protects relations from discord and quarrels
2CitrineClears the mind and directs the right path. Gives impetus to make the right decision
3CoralKeeps health and saves from injury. Restores Lost Peace of Mind
fourEmeraldProtects from evil eye and bad thoughts of negatively-minded people. Creates powerful protection for its owner.
fiveTurquoiseHarmonizes the relationship between its carrier and the outside world. Reconciles the warring parties
6CornelianReveals creativity. Helps to be realized professionally
7DiamondAttracts luck and prosperity to its owner. Helps in the conclusion of transactions and contracts
eightRubyHelps to improve relationships in the team and family
9RhinestoneHelps in solving problems. Clears the mind of unnecessary and painful thoughts

In some cases, the amulet can be determined without taking into account the year of birth — only by the number of the month and the day of the week in which the person was born.

Talisman by day:

  • 1, 10, 19, 28 — amethyst, opal, lapis lazuli, coral;
  • 2, 11, 20, 29 — carnelian, cat’s eye, opal, hyacinth;
  • 3, 12, 21, 30 — aventurine, amber, sapphire;
  • 4, 13, 22, 31 — malachite, chrysolite, jasper;
  • 5, 14, 23 — turquoise, moonstone, garnet;
  • 6, 15, 24 — jasper, agate, pearl;
  • 7, 16, 25 — onyx, emerald, rock crystal;
  • 8, 17, 26 — diamond, turquoise, coral;
  • 9, 18, 27 — amber, tiger eye, ruby.

By day of the week:

  • Monday — any stone of white color;
  • Tuesday — blue, red, and dark minerals;
  • Wednesday — stones with a blue tint;
  • Thursday — purple stones;
  • Friday is a green mineral or stone with splashes of this color;
  • Saturday — all dark minerals;
  • Sunday — stones of yellow color.

But this method, which does not fully take into account the date of birth, is considered by astrologers to be not entirely accurate, and it is advised to look for an amulet by calculating the essence of the number.

Oriental sages subdivide gems into male and female. Stones with energy "yang" (for men) designed to enhance men’s qualities and have bright warm colors (amber). Stones with energy "yin" (for girls and women) emphasize attractiveness and grace.

They should be cold tones (turquoise). Otherwise, the rules for choosing amulets for girls and for men do not differ.

Stones by zodiac signs and date of birth: a table of suitable talismans, amulets and precious jewelry

Along with the date of birth, the definition of a talisman according to the sign of the zodiac is considered to be one of the most reliable methods for selecting a stone amulet. Astrologers believe that any natural stone is associated with the cosmos and has a specific energy.

Since, when a person comes into being, he acquires a zodiacal connection, he must choose his talisman, focusing on the horoscope.

The horoscope of the stones according to the signs of the zodiac is presented in the table:

Sign Stones amuletsCharacteristic
AriesCoil, carnelian, jasper, garnet, amethyst, beryl, coralTeach wisdom and generosity. Remove the nervous strain. Have healing properties
TaurusEmerald, malachite, chrysoprase, ruby, labrador, moonstonePreserve from an evil eye and negative energy. Pull good luck and finances
TwinsRhinestone, alexandrite, sapphire, falcon eye, topazGive the wearer strength and confidence. Protect from thoughtless and risky behavior.
CrayfishAquamarine, obsidian, pearl, rhodonite, citrineProtect on the go. They bring longevity and prosperity. Create a powerful protection from envious
a lionBull’s eye, amber, chrysolite, serpentine, hematite, lapis lazuliHelp to establish contacts with other people. Replenish energy reserves
VirgoChrysoprase, sapphire, sultanite, jade, jasperProtect the owner from the harmful effects of enemies. Improve family relationships
LibraTourmaline, olivine, amethyst, jet, apatiteHelp in work and career growth. Give determination and self-confidence
ScorpioGarnet, turquoise, coral, aventurine, tiger eye, amethystPromote strong family relationships. Increase attractiveness for the opposite sex.
SagittariusHyacinth, blue quartz, carbuncle, malachite, cat’s eyeProtect from envy and intrigue. Promote career growth and implementation in the profession
CapricornCrystal, citrine, agate, onyx, serpentine, hematiteFill the missing energy. Have healing properties
AquariusJade, amethyst, turquoise, ruby, diamondStrengthen friendships. Increase self-esteem. Bring inspiration to creative individuals.
FishOpal, emerald, alexandrite, nacre, pearlThey bring back peace of mind, humble anger. Protect against stress

When choosing your talisman, you should trust your intuition. Even if the stone fits the horoscope, but does not cause any feelings or even repel, you should not buy it: this means that it is energetically incompatible with the biorhythms of the person who chooses.

Experienced esotericists advise, in addition to the natural mineral selected according to the zodiacal relationship, to carry an amulet by month of birth. It will strengthen the action of the main charm and help free up its internal reserves.

Stones by month:

JanuaryGarnetPromotes success. Strengthens friendship
FebruaryAmethystStrengthens the male principle. Promotes spiritual wisdom
MarchAquamarineBrings pacification. Improves health
AprilDiamondProvides energy. Heals from ailments
MayEmeraldPromotes success in your personal life
JunePearlsStrengthens intuition. Gives inspiration
JulyRubyStrengthens the passion in the marital relationship
AugustPeridotIt has healing properties. Helps to find harmony with the outside world
SeptemberNacreKeeps relationships between loved ones
OctoberOpalPromotes spiritual maturity. Cures disease
NovemberTopazProtects against bad influence, negative energy
DecemberTurquoiseStrengthens the protective properties of the body. Promotes wisdom

Astrologers believe that some stones are not only associated with the person zodiac, but also respond to the sound of the name.

The most common names and stones associated with them are presented in the table:

Female namesStonesMale namesStones
VeronicaZirconValeryBlack jasper
EvgeniaCat’s eyeVladislavOnyx
LilyRose quartzKonstantinNacre
RaisaRose quartzStanislavOlivine

Many precious and semiprecious stones can be used to heal various diseases. For therapeutic purposes, they are used without taking into account the date of birth and the sign of the zodiac — in this case it is important to know from which disease a particular gem treats.

The table contains a list of the most common diseases and minerals that help to cure them:

DiseaseHealing stones
Pathology of the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system
  • Lapis lazuli, alexandrite, malachite, krovavik, chrysoberyl, moonstone — against exhaustion of the nervous system;
  • topaz, alexandrite (in combination); corals, emerald (in the form of a necklace) — soothe, have a beneficial effect on memory;
  • rock crystal, lapis lazuli, azurite, hyacinth, ruby, turquoise, ruby ​​- eliminate nightly fears;
  • corals, ruby, jadeite, cat’s eyes — against winches in a dream;
  • amber, emerald — eliminate hysterical reactions;
  • jet, magnetite, malachite, sapphire, chrysoprase — facilitate convulsive states;
  • sardonyx, rhinestone, sapphire — have a sedative effect
Headache, migraineNephritis, amethyst, rauchtopaz, carnelian — applied to the eyelids and acupuncture points
InsomniaChalcedony, amber, coral
Mental problems
  • Sapphire, lapis lazuli, diamond, topaz, amber, cat’s eyes, pearls, corals, ruby ​​- against depression, exacerbations of schizophrenia;
  • malachite, pearl — relieve melancholic states;
  • jasper, ruby ​​(epilepsy), the same — sapphire, moonstone, emerald, jet (fumigated during an attack)
Brain hemorrhage, paralysisAventurine, chrysoprase, serpentine, emerald
AlcoholismMalachite, Amber
Hearing impairmentJasper, selenite, topaz, amazonite, carnelian, malachite
Heart and Vascular Diseases
  • Coil, amber (strengthening the heart muscle);
  • agate, sapphire, heliodor, alexandrite — strengthening of blood vessels;
  • red jade, tiger eye, topaz — regulation of heartbeat
Bronchial asthmaSapphire, amber, carnelian, rutile quartz (bronchitis), amethyst, mother of pearl
RheumatismDiamond, jet, lapis lazuli, hematite
BleedingChalcedony, hematite, garnet (nosebleed), jadeite, turquoise, amber, carnelian, chrysoprase, sardonyx, pearl
Diseases of the liver, biliary tract
  • Agate, hyacinth, malachite, turquoise — against jaundice;
  • rock crystal, zircon, emerald, diamond — with pain in the liver
Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Jasper, emerald — from painful sensations in the stomach, dysentery;
  • corals — against peptic ulcer;
  • aquamarine — treats chronic gastrointestinal diseases;
  • topaz — improves taste
Diseases of the kidneys, bladder and urinary tract
  • Lapis lazuli, malachite, jadeite — from stones in the bladder;
  • hyacinth, rock crystal (kidney stones), corals, moonstone — against venereal diseases;
  • jet, hyacinth — with difficulty urinating
BurnsAmethyst, chalcedony, quartz
Wounds, ulcersMalachite, Onyx, Carnelian, Corals, Heliodorus

Incorrectly chosen amulet will not only help its wearer, but may also harm it. The person will feel weak, will become lethargic and apathetic. In order to avoid the harm done "wrong" mascot, you need to follow some recommendations:

  • not accept as a gift stones that someone already wore;
  • not to buy dubious jewelry, as stolen stone, which has become a talisman, will bring misfortune;
  • not to wear a charm if cracks and chips appear on it;
  • Do not wear several amulets at the same time: they may conflict.

If suddenly there was an urgent need to change your stone, you should listen to this feeling. This may mean that the protective purpose has been fulfilled, and the stone will no longer perform its functions.

In order to release the energy of the charm stone, it is necessary to clear the aura of the talisman immediately after its acquisition: before buying it, a lot of other hands touched it, and now the stone must tune in to the biorhythms of its carrier.

To clean the aura, the amulet must be put in clean boiled water and held for 24 hours. During this time, all the accumulated foreign energy will come out of the charm. Then the stone must be worn on the body for two days without removing it.

So the mascot will be able to adapt to the energy of the owner and will begin to perform its functions.

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