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Stone turquoise: properties and significance for humans

Stone turquoise: magical properties and to whom it is suitable

Turquoise is deservedly considered one of the most attractive and bright gems in the world. It is more often than other minerals used to make women’s jewelry.

The mineral has a luxurious matte shade that can not leave anyone indifferent.

Residents of Persia since ancient times worshiped her as the perfect talisman that brings good luck in military and love affairs. The inhabitants of the East also greatly respect turquoise, and in Europe this stone turned out to be at the suggestion of Persian merchants who wanted to gain favor with influential people.

And, it should be noted, they succeeded in it, thanks to which we can now acquire stylish and effective products from this amazing mineral.

Stone turquoise: properties and significance for humans


Turquoise is an extraordinarily happy stone, whose main task is the reconciliation of any hostility. It contributes to the resolution of conflict situations, the harmonization of the family environment.

Also helps to improve the financial situation.

But, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that only those people who adhere to the basic moral precepts can receive help from this mineral, and for all others it will turn into the worst enemy. This will especially affect aggressive people prone to slander.

In fact, turquoise is a truly unique gem, which, like a man, goes through phases from birth to death. In total, there are three stages of «maturity»:

  • young — it is characterized by a soft blue, almost colorless color;
  • Mature — saturated blue tint;
  • old (or dead) — green.

The age of a stone affects not only its color, but also the energy state and properties for its owners.

  1. So, the “young” turquoise conceals a certain danger in itself — it can bring happiness only to those who are willing to take risks in matters in which there are clearly defined goals. And other people better not to wear jewelry with her.
  2. A young stone of soft blue hue is the perfect love talisman. He will help young women to find their female happiness.

During the Middle Ages there was a widespread belief that if you sew up a piece of stone on the floor of a caftan or raincoat of a handsome man, you will attract to its location.

And residents of eastern states gave each other rings with inserts with turquoise of soft blue color, which symbolized loyalty. This tradition remains popular to this day.

At the same time, if a stone donated by a loved one has faded, it means that its feelings for you have cooled.

Also, turquoise blue enhances leadership skills.

  1. Mature mineral improves health, contributes to well-being, spiritual harmony, increases credibility and power. He is best suited to courageous and determined individuals.

Interesting fact. Mature turquoise «dies» when it feels in danger.

Physically, this is manifested by a change in its color to green.

  1. Green stone has the energy of the planet Saturn. It symbolizes the wisdom, self-confidence, the achievement of our plans. Products with this variation of the stone are suitable for people who have reached the age of 64 years.

Everyone else can not wear green turquoise, because it will impede the achievement of any goals in life!

Stone turquoise: properties and significance for humans

Properties and Value

Mineral is an excellent indicator of human health: if a stone darkens, it indicates the beginning of some pathological process in the body. This property can be explained from a scientific point of view: by nature, it does not tolerate heat, high humidity and vegetable oils.

And in a sick person, the body temperature and humidity change, which is immediately diagnosed by sensitive turquoise. In this case, you should definitely visit a doctor, and a piece of “diseased” turquoise will be wrapped for a while in raw, fatty meat.

For a stone characterized by such positive properties:

  • This unique mineral awakens creative energy in people, improves intuitive abilities, protects against negative energy.
  • The stone also helps to find friends, makes its owner more attractive in the eyes of others.
  • Improves the financial situation.
  • For men, turquoise opens its eyes to the virtues of their women.
  • Talismans use it to achieve victory, as well as to protect themselves from all the trouble, the evil eye.
  • Indian yogis are convinced that the stone has a powerful positive energy, due to which it has a positive effect on people, helps to cleanse from any bad thoughts, define their life goals, protects from fuss and bad deeds.

Note! Turquoise reacts to the impact of various cosmetics, its appearance deteriorates when interacting with creams, oily consistency, perfumes.

Therefore, remove jewelry with this stone when you are going to use the above tools.

And when you make a purchase — pay special attention to the appearance of the jewelry, because today there are various analogs of stone on sale, synthesized and tinted to match the natural ones.

Stone turquoise: properties and significance for humans

Healing properties

You should wear a mineral when you suffer from insomnia or nightmares. The stone also normalizes the work of the heart, lungs, heals the liver and stomach.

Turquoise improves vision, relieves headaches, successfully cope with colds, regenerates the skin.

In addition, the gem will benefit the vocal cords and the thyroid gland. Even in ancient times it was believed that if you wear turquoise around your neck, you can stop the bleeding and get rid of a stomach ulcer.

What zodiac signs fit turquoise

Experts believe that astrology jewelry with the described mineral can be safely used by representatives of almost all zodiac constellations. But for each sign, its “age” of a stone is more suitable:

  • Pisces, Virgos and Aries — should use the decorations with a young stone of sky-blue color.
  • Taurus and Scorpio — should give their preference to the most adult version of the stone, which has a rich green color. That it will contribute to the development of their most positive qualities of character.
  • And people belonging to other zodiac constellations should use bright blue turquoise.

Turquoise has a connection with the planets Jupiter and Venus. Therefore, it is best to wear items made of it on Friday, the day of Venus, dedicated to a love theme.

Please note, the Lions must necessarily refuse to wear jewelry with turquoise, because otherwise the stone will show them their most negative qualities.

In conclusion, it is worth watching a cognitive video clip, which also tells about this amazing stone:

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