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Stone Topaz — mystical and healing value for a person

Stone Topaz — the magical and healing properties of stone

Topaz was first found on the spicy Topazios near Ethiopia. The transparent structure of the stone is a symbol of purity of thoughts, transparency of intentions and trust. Stone topaz is used as a talisman and in healing practices.

What is the peculiarity of the use of topaz, and what is its significance for a person?

Stone Topaz - mystical and healing value for a person

The external beauty of the transparent mineral with a glass shine attracts jewelers — various jewelery is made of stone. By its hardness, topaz can be compared to diamond.

To harm the surface of topaz (scratch), you need to use a diamond.

The only disadvantage of the gem is the ability to burn out in direct sunlight and lose color intensity. However, if you put topaz in a dark room for a while, it will restore its shade and become the same again.

The color of the topaz may be different, but the blue minerals are especially attractive. Ayurveda considers this stone to be healing, since ancient times it has been used in medical practices.

Stone Topaz - mystical and healing value for a person

Stone topaz for magic

This mineral protects well from damage and the evil eye, therefore, amulets and amulets are made of it. To protect against negative influences, topaz encrusted objects, make obrezhnye jewelry.

Yogis use stone in their spiritual practices: it helps concentration, calms the flow of thoughts, contributes to the achievement of inner harmony.

There is another amazing property in topaz — a dislike for lies and hypocrisy. To check the sincerity of a person, wear jewelry with topaz — he will not be able to lie to you.

Therefore, gem is so loved by businessmen and people conducting business negotiations: a pebble does not allow partners to lie. And red and yellow stones help to achieve prosperity in business and the conclusion of successful contracts.

What other properties and value for a person has topaz? It is used in love magic to find harmony in relationships and preserve the family.

However, it must be remembered that the pebble does not like lies, therefore it can provoke a break in relations. If the partner pursues a mercenary goal, Topaz will save its owner from insincere love.

Stones of a blue shade can help to cope with torments of jealousy.

Since ancient times, topaz used during sea cruises — it has the ability to point the right way and calm the storm. No sea voyage could do without topaz.

However, the gem will save not only sailors from the storm and bad weather, it also helps hiking travelers.

Of particular value is the mineral ice blue tone, which the Queen of Great Britain compared with the London sky. View photos of topaz:

Stone Topaz - mystical and healing value for a person

Medicinal properties

Topaz copes well with disorders of the digestive system, helps with ulcers. In ancient times, with the help of this mineral were saved from poisoning.

On the old glasses and noble cups you can see the inlay of topazes just for the protection from poisons.

The healing qualities of a pebble depend on the colors:

  • yellow stones relieve respiratory system diseases, help with asthma — they are worn around the neck or as pendants;
  • blue pebbles save from seizures, epilepsy and nervous disorders;
  • topazes of red shades help from diseases of the joints, heal the spine, save from infertility and female diseases;
  • transparent minerals of a yellowish shade harmonize hormonal metabolism, activate taste sensations.

Topazes promote rapid tissue regeneration, so they were used to heal bleeding wounds. And the stones of green and yellow tone soothe the eyes, relieve tension and have a positive effect on the optic nerve.

To heal the eyes, you need to contemplate topaz every day, to conduct meditation.

Long wearing jewelry made of transparent stone strengthens the immune system and harmonizes metabolic processes. During epidemics of viral diseases, topaz can save from infection.

For the prevention of diseases of the thyroid gland are pebbles blue.

Zodiac signs

Astrologers believe that topaz fits any sign of the zodiac, it is so versatile in its manifestations. The stone can be in harmony with any human energy, except Aquarius and Taurus.

Most of all topaz is in harmony with the energetics of Capricorns, Scorpions and Gemini.

In Scorpios, he extinguishes excessive temper, eliminates aggression. The stone calms the representatives of this sign of the zodiac, helps to improve damaged relationships.

Gemini helps to calm down and bring the «disheveled» feelings in order. Twins are especially recommended pebble yellow tones.

Capricorn topaz gives wisdom and peace. This sign is more suitable stones of brown and pink tones.

Blue topaz can ruin everything, because they inspire Capricorn to excessive pickiness and love of truth.

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