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Stone scorch: origin, advantages, properties

Opalit: production and features of the stone

Opalit is an artificial stone that is made of glass and multi-colored shiny elements. Real jewelry is rarely found in jewelry stores. As a rule, products are encrusted with high quality artificial elements.

Recently, I bought a jewel with a moonstone, and the seller assured that it was a genuine gem, but the tag indicated “singe”. It became interesting to me to find out what he really is, and the result surprised me.

Stone scorch: origin, advantages, properties

The origin of the stone

Opalits are most often milky-white, imitating moonstone. It is extremely rare to find analogs of black and red-orange color.

For the manufacture of synthetic minerals use special glass, which is called «opal». It includes several specific additives: calcium fluoride, aluminum and sodium fluorite, calcium phosphate.

In rare cases, zirconium oxide or tin oxide is added. The simplest way to produce black opalite is to treat low-quality opal with sugar solution and sulfuric acid.

Unlike the real moonstone, the synthetic specimen has more dull and thick shades, as well as low transparency. Overflows and the play of light is achieved by brilliant fragments and color spots inside the opalite and on its surface.

Only a professional can distinguish a natural moonstone from a synthetic one. But if the copy is of poor quality, then a simple man in the street can easily recognize a fake.

When buying jewelry, it is recommended to ask the seller to provide a certificate of authenticity in order to make sure that the mineral is mined by natural means and not synthetic. In addition, it is important to remember that the price of the product with opalit will be quite affordable.

Features and benefits

The popularity of opalite is quite high, because apparently it is practically indistinguishable from real opal, but at the same time it does not need special care and storage conditions. The synthetic analog is not afraid of temperature fluctuations, low humidity and direct sunlight. He will not harm detergents and alcohol-based products.

Products with an artificial mineral are suitable for everyday wear, and they can not be removed even during cleaning.

Stone scorch: origin, advantages, properties

Since the scalding is glass, it is still possible to damage it. When carelessly handling scratches and even cracks may appear on the surface of the stone.

To restore the original appearance, the product must be polished, but this work should be entrusted to a professional.

Healing and magical properties

Despite the fact that opal is an artificially mined stone, some people believe that it has the same properties as a natural mineral. For example, it helps with kidney and respiratory diseases, epilepsy, and disorders of the nervous system. Lithotherapists use a synthetic mineral during therapeutic sessions.

In particular, it is used to fight inflammatory processes in the body.

If the charmer is charged under the moonlight, then it will bestow on its owner peace of mind, prudence and ability to control emotions. To combat anger attacks, it is recommended to concentrate on the stone at such moments, slowly rub it in your hand, admiring the pearl tints.

Similar manipulations should be carried out in cases where you need to make the right decision or find the answer to an important question. At the same time, a person’s thoughts should be concentrated on the object of interest.

Girls believe that singe is a stone of sensuality and love, which helps to reveal femininity and tenderness. Jewelry with this mineral helps to find a soul mate, build a happy relationship and cope with emotional experiences in the event of a quarrel or separation from your loved one.

  • Opal is an artificially created mineral imitating a moonstone.
  • For the manufacture of jewelry usually use opal, rather than natural opal.
  • Synthetic stone does not need special storage conditions and quivering care.

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