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Stone pyrite — application in healing and magic

Stone pyrite — how to apply magical properties

Pyrite resembles a metal ingot with glittering smooth edges that resembles silver and gold. This stone was called differently: the gold of the Incas, and cat gold, and the stone of fools.

Stone pyrite has amazing properties, its feature is sparking on impact. Before the invention of matches, pyrite was used to kindle a fire.

Nowadays, the mineral is used for other purposes — for the production of sulfur.

Stone pyrite - application in healing and magic

Sulfur pyrite (pyrite) is mined in different parts of the planet. Two types of pyrite are known to miners — bravoite (similar to gold) and marcasite (similar to silver).

However, the composition of the mineral is not gold and silver, but a lot of iron and sulfur. Sulfuric acid is obtained from pyrite, it is impossible to get it in any other way.

In ancient times, mirrors, jewelry, weapons, and watches were made from pyrite.

Different names of pyrite:

  • iron pyrites;
  • marcasite;
  • bravoite;
  • cat gold;
  • Inca gold.

Pyrite looks similar to gold, but differs from it in lower density and greater hardness. In the jewelry skill mineral is rarely used, sometimes you can find pendants and pendants from this stone. Photos of pyrite jewelry:

Stone pyrite - application in healing and magic

Healing properties

Since ancient times, sulfur pyrite has been used by sorcerers and shamans to heal nervous ailments due to its peculiarities. The stone strengthens well the weakened immune system, gives the body vitality and health, activates metabolic processes in the body.

Pyrite is able to quickly bring a person out of a state of apathy and depression, to return a sense of the joy of being.

Mineral is used to treat viral infections, to protect the body during epidemics. It lowers the temperature, eliminates the symptoms of flu and colds.

Well helps pyrite and fungal diseases. A mineral property has been noted to restore potency and treat infertility.

The stone cleanses the human aura from negative energies, removes damage and evil eyes. Pyrite normalizes disturbed sleep, eliminates nightmares and brings feelings to order.

However, the mineral is bad for too wound up people with an unbalanced psyche.

Application in magic

This mineral is mainly used by practicing magicians because of its properties to restore the energy balance. Mineral gives its owner confidence, courage, determination and courage.

However, the talisman should not be worn for more than three days, since it has the property to introduce an imbalance — a person becomes too aggressive and irritable.

Dark magicians use stone for making deals with evil spirits. It is necessary to handle pyrite very carefully, as it can destroy a person for improper use of his power.

In large instances, incredible magical properties are enclosed, and stones with a defect can bring great evil to a person.

The ancient Greeks considered pyrite a symbol of the god of war Mars. These militant qualities of the stone can be used in coastal magic to protect the house from enemies.

The same stone is used in love magic for the return of faded feelings — it can ignite the former fire of passion.

Mineral has its own character and can affect a person. Pyrite does not like deceitful and dishonest people: it can punish its owner for such behavior.

It also does not like pyrite and the neighborhood of other minerals, so it should be stored in a separate box or case and not to be paired with another stone.

Pyrite is a good talisman for people whose profession is connected with fire and danger — rescuers, firefighters. The same mineral protects the servants of the law, if they do not exceed official authority.

Stone pyrite - application in healing and magic

Zodiac signs

This stone protects the fire signs of the zodiac. Among the representatives of other elements, he chooses Scorpio.

However, Cancers are no longer suitable, and even considered dangerous.

Since pyrite is a kind of mineral, endowed with an independent will and opinion, it must be treated very carefully. The stone protects people of extreme professions who are risking their lives.

For others, it is considered dangerous and unpredictable, and will take vital energy from water signs.

To a wayward pebble did not bring trouble to its owner, you need to choose a copy without chips and scratches. Do not rush when buying products with pyrite, carefully inspect the stone from all sides.

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