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Stone Prehnit — peace and tranquility

Stone Prehnit — characteristics and astrological correspondences

Prenit was discovered not so long ago, it does not have a rich history and past. Hendrick van Prenet, the governor of a Cape province in South Africa, found the stone. For a long time, the mineral was called the Cape emerald, and subsequently identified the name in honor of Prine.

What properties does this mineral have?

Stone Prehnit - peace and tranquility

Characteristic prenit

The stone differs in beautiful glass gloss and translucency. Matt preenits look no less attractive.

The stone can easily be confused with chrysoprase because of its similar appearance. The color scheme is monotonous — several shades of light green tone with yellow and gray reflections.

Sometimes a charming mineral resembles the color of lime and mint.

Various names for prehnit:

  • edilite;
  • adilitis;
  • prenitoid;
  • cupolite;
  • chiltonite;
  • Cape chrysolite;
  • Cape Emerald;
  • grapevine;
  • Australian jade.

Preite is classified as a third-class gemstone naiad with carnelian, rock crystal and turquoise. A distinctive feature of the mineral is the radiance in the sun.

Various inclusions inside the stone body create a slightly fantastic look. The stone is widely used in the jewelry industry and for the manufacture of figures.

Stone Prehnit - peace and tranquility

Application in magic

Perhaps the very first African shamans began to use the prite — they considered him a dream stone and used during astral travels in other dimensions. In Europe, prehnit was considered a female talisman, protecting the aura from bad influence and preserving youth for many years.

The stone has an amazing property to soothe the senses and harmonize the aura of a person. He enchants with his mysterious glow and brings the soul into balance. Prebit is a mineral of peace, harmony and peace.

These qualities are well suited for home talisman: put mineral figurines in the house.

Prite is used in meditative techniques, with the help of it you can learn the secrets of the past or plunge into pleasant memories. Mages and psychics use mineral talismans for predictions, traveling to the astral worlds, and contacts with the world of the dead.

This stone is considered a symbol of oblivion: it helps a person to get rid of sad memories. Pregnite is also used for withdrawal of nightmarish dreams — for this, the stone is placed under the pillow at night.

The pebble is especially suitable for women, as it is in perfect harmony with the female energy. Prith helps women to become aware of their charm and sexuality.

If you suffer from loneliness or unrequited love, get the decoration with prehnit.

However, Prehnit has one negative property — it can bring a person to obsession. To level this quality of the mineral, it is worn in a pair with obsidian.

Stone Prehnit - peace and tranquility

Healing properties

The properties of prehnit to heal renal diseases are widely known. The stone must be carried in a pocket near the loin to get rid of pyelonephritis and other back problems.

It helps prehnit and in the healing of gout — reduces pain in the joints.

The green color of the mineral corresponds to the heart chakra of the anahata, so prehnit is used to heal heart diseases and strengthen the work of the heart muscle. It is believed that the constant wearing of jewelry with prehnit will help to permanently get rid of diseases of the spinal column and chest organs.

Products in the form of earrings with prenea have a positive effect on memory, help concentration. This quality of the mineral can be used by students, researchers and teachers. A pebble helps everyone who suffers distraction, sclerosis and lack of attention.

The talisman from prehnit also helps those whose profession is connected with music and history.

Astrological conformity

Astrologers have not yet determined who exactly is suitable prehnit. The choice of a pebble depends on personal preferences, not on the date of birth. Jewelry with this mineral should be chosen by those who seek to achieve inner harmony and self-knowledge.

The stone does not like the noise and bustle, so it can eliminate from the person flighty and too noisy people.

A pebble is not recommended to wear to Cancers — it can plunge them into the abyss of secrecy and mistrust, will aggravate inert qualities. The scales will help to calm down and become more harmonious in its manifestations. Fish stone will help get rid of depression and depression.

The pebble will help you with air signs to get a soul mate.

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