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Stone opal — what properties and value for a person he has

Stone opal: its healing properties and importance for humans

The stone opal is known not only as one of the most attractive in appearance, but also as a very mysterious, mystical stone. Various legends envelop him, as well as an incredible amount of belief with prejudice.

Jewelers use in their practice the term «opalescence», denoting the appearance of mother-of-pearl or rainbow shining on the stone at the moment of exposure to sunlight. The price of the mineral depends precisely on the effectiveness of the gem, as well as on the colors with which it is poured.

The exception to this rule is fire opals and chrysopals, the cost of which is influenced solely by their color and degree of transparency.

Stone opal - what properties and value for a person he has

Varieties of Natural Opals

Under natural conditions, these types of opals can be found:

  • black opals — the value of such minerals is very high. In the black opals there can be purple, blue, burgundy or green with the addition of red highlights;
  • fire opals are the most valuable gems with a monotonous wine-yellow, orange or reddish-brown shade. Transparent stones in the jewelry market are more expensive than their colored counterparts;
  • crystalline (white) — found in light gray or completely white shades, can also be translucent;
  • imperial — differ in multi-colored mosaic drawings;
  • Harlequin — they are characterized by a characteristic triangular play;
  • girazzi — transparent stones with a slight undulating bluish outflow;
  • pearl — such opals are practically opaque, have pearlescent reflux, may have minor patches;
  • cat’s eye opal is green gems resembling nephrites, but differing in more saturated color;
  • Lehos opals are minerals that are aquamarine in which they play the same shade or carmine;
  • irisopals — such stones are devoid of any color or may be brown;
  • blue (Peruvian) — found in blue, bluish or pink shades;
  • Australian — they are characterized by a red play on a dark background;
  • chrysopals are opaque stones with a beautiful apple-green tone;
  • hyalites are the colorless minerals from which budget beads and figurines are made.

Opal deposits

This mineral can be found on any continent, but Australia supplies about 96 percent of opals to the world market. Most Australian opals are mined in Coober Pedy (the southern part of the mainland).

As for the noble opals, their suppliers are also Brazil, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, the Czech Republic and SNA (Nevada).

Gems of fire and honey flowers are found in Brazil and Mexico. Another of the known deposits is Ethiopia, where you can find stones of beautiful brown color (chocolate opals).

Stone opal - what properties and value for a person he has

Opal Healing Abilities

Opal has truly amazing healing abilities that change based on the color of the stone. Mineral has such an impact on the human body:

  • has a positive effect on mood, calms the nervous system, eliminates insomnia and protects against stress factors;
  • eliminates cramps;
  • positive effect on the heart muscle, normalizes the heart rhythm, reduces the heart rate;
  • increases visual acuity, copes with different ophthalmologic pathologies;
  • improves intestinal motility, a positive effect on the stomach.

Next, consider the therapeutic effect on the body of stones of different colors:

  • black opals (the most rare) — eliminate the increased sexual tension, which provoke various emotional problems; black opal also copes with chronic bone pathologies and reduces the negative toxic effects of harmful substances and x-ray radiation on the body;
  • fire minerals — have a positive effect on the state of the intestines and kidneys, have a warming and energizing effect, eliminate emotional turmoil;
  • white opals — make food more attractive to taste receptors, cure the digestive system, lead to normal desire;
  • blue — successfully cope with excessive stress, relieve mental injury;
  • blue-green — contribute to the regeneration of liver cells and cleanse the body of toxins;
  • pink — restore tissue, positively affect the spine, heal from blood diseases.

The magical abilities of the stone opal and the value for man

Opals are credited with the role of the guardian of family happiness and love, it is the strongest amulet that will save its owner from magic, various pathologies and life shocks.

Note! Sometimes they say about disgrace as a “stone of deceptive hopes”.

This is due to the fact that the mineral helps to achieve success only decent and noble people, and even those who have some talents.

And in those cases when a person has any negative traits of character — the stone will only strengthen them and push its owner into the world of vile whims and passions.

The most unpredictable of all opals is black. He gives people who use it the gift of foresight, but only sorcerers with magicians use it.

As for white opals, on the contrary, they develop a spiritual principle in a person, give peace and help achieve harmony with the surrounding reality. Gold products with white opals are an excellent talisman of healers, using which they relieve people from various sufferings.

Stone opal - what properties and value for a person he has

Stones of red (jasper) color will relieve from pride. And fire opals will protect against any natural disasters.

But there is another very important rule — the mystical gem will render its help only in cases when a person buys it for his personal funds. At the same time it is not recommended to present products with opals as a gift, otherwise a person may begin to feel hatred towards his donor.

And the higher the value of the stone — the more aggression it will cause a person. Until now, psychics and lithotherapists have not been able to give an explanation for this phenomenon.

It is likely that the mineral is so strongly attached to the person that it takes parting as a betrayal — however, it is better not to risk it once more.

Recommendation! To harmonize the properties of the opal stone, use silver jewelry with it.

A mineral framed in gold will enhance its magical properties, but will they always benefit you?

What signs of the zodiac fit opal

Astrologers believe that a representative of each of the zodiac constellations can choose the most suitable gem for themselves:

  • persistent Cancers, self-assured Scorpios and noble Aquarius can stop at the mystical black opals;
  • white opals — suitable for Rakov;
  • Aquarius can use dark blue, white or fire opals;
  • for Libra and Gemini — it is worth stopping the choice on light or fiery gems;
  • Pisces and Scorpios — can choose red, blue or blue versions of the stone;
  • Virgins and Capricorn — fit fire gems;
  • Sagittarius and Taurus — should buy blue minerals;
  • representatives of the fire element — it is necessary to opt for blue and white opals.

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