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Stone olivine — for what purposes should it be used

The olivine stone: a review of magical and healing abilities

The olivine stone is called so due to the fact that it is very similar in appearance to the fruits of the olive tree. Remarkable is the fact that the word «olivine» began to be used not so long ago with the easy suggestion of the Frenchman Alfred Werner.

It happened so for the reason that before the stone was attributed to the varieties of chrysolite, and now they have changed their minds to the exact opposite. It turns out that in fact, chrysolites are the lighter types of olivine.

Stone olivine - for what purposes should it be used

General information about olivines

The stone is also found under a different name — peridot. He often participates in scientific literature.

Jewelers rarely use olivine, not so much jewelry is made from it, but at the same time it is quite popular in use as an amulet, talisman or amulet. This is largely due to its amazing magical properties, which we will discuss in more detail later in the article.

Olivine has several color variations. The highest value for jewelers is chrysolite — a type of olivine, which is characterized by transparency, color shades from yellow-green to saturated olive. In addition, even pistachio or even yellow stones can be observed.

The hue of the gem is obtained due to the ratio of metal ions in it.

With regard to the composition of olivine, it is iron orthosilicate with magnesium. Under natural conditions, you can meet prismatic crystals with a pyramidal shape.

Olivine is characterized by increased fragility, so it is very important not to allow it to come into contact with hard objects.

On the famous Mohs scale, the gem’s hardness equals only 6.5 units. Because of this, scratches and other types of damage occur very quickly on the stone, and the effect of the acid is destructive for it.

Most of them are characterized by heterogeneity for chrysolites, which complicates the process of mineral processing.

Olivine is one of those stones that are spread around the globe. Its main mining sites are destroyed rocks or volcanic formations.

Based on the location of the olivine, its color variations will differ. For example, gems found on the Hawaiian Islands are distinguished by a brown tint with the addition of greenish patches.

And those that are found in Sri Lanka, are so delicate in color that it is possible to examine all its nuances only under conditions of particular illumination.

In addition, from the main countries supplying olivines can be called Kenya, the United States, India, the Canary Islands, Mexico, Tenerife and this is not the whole list of places where there are stones of this type. As for the Russian Federation, the locations of olivines here are in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, East Sayan Mountains (Buryatia), the Zeya River Basin (Amur Region), as well as on the Sakha-Yakutia and Kola Peninsula.

Stone olivine - for what purposes should it be used

Mineral healing powers

Olivine, as well as all other minerals, has characteristic healing properties.

  1. Especially popular as a healer, gem is used by residents of Armenia and Vietnam. The former use olivine to heal the organs of vision — for this they advise for a long period of time simply to examine the crystal of the stone (this supposedly improves visual acuity).

If a person suffers from eye scabies, you should crush the stone into small pieces, and apply the resulting mass directly to the eyes. The Vietnamese emit a stone, as an excellent means, eliminating hepatic pathology.

In addition, olivine will help to heal from a number of other pathological processes:

  • eliminates disorders associated with nervous activity;
  • treats the cardiovascular system of the body;
  • will assist in the presence of gynecological pathologies, stimulates labor and facilitate the process of childbirth;
  • stone has a positive effect on the general state of metabolism in the body;
  • mineral promotes more active healing of wounds;
  • Olivine is believed to have a positive effect on male potency. He will make the stronger sex more passionate and energetic. This was talked about by the famous antiquity doctor Avicenna, who assured that those men who drink wine from the cup in which olivine crystals previously lay will demonstrate maximum success on the love bed;
  • babies who had just come into the world were advised to hang olivine crystals around their necks in order to give them greater strength and ability to cope with various diseases;
  • stone heals headaches and migraines;
  • helps to normalize the process of falling asleep;
  • It is very useful to wear jewelry with olivines to people who have suffered a stroke;
  • stone will contribute to the stabilization of the state in the presence of multiple sclerosis;
  • the mineral also has a positive effect on the psychological state of people. Using products with him, a person gets rid of anger, tension, jealousy, indignation and hysteria.

Folk doctors are confident that the stone should be placed as close as possible to the diseased organ — this will contribute to more active healing. But it is very important from time to time to conduct sessions of purification of the gem, for this purpose it is placed in a glass of water and left to lie in it for a while.

Olivine magic

  1. It is believed that olivines with a rich green tint, have a special energy — they reveal the secret knowledge to a person, contribute to the realization of important plans. Olivines allow you to embody in life those things that previously seemed impossible.
  2. Jewelery with gems is a powerful amulet that will protect its owner from making wrong, ill-advised decisions, make him more confident in his abilities, save him from the negative and strengthen his intuitive abilities.
  3. The mineral will drive away any negative energy that is directed from outside.
  4. Noteworthy is a very pleasant ability of olivine — the stone actively attracts finances into the life of its owner.
  5. Mineral will help all those who practice financial activities — they will become more successful and will be able to implement all their plans in life. Their decisions on business transactions will be correct, they will be able to competently invest finances, avoiding ill-considered and risky events.
  6. Quite a large number of people are convinced that olivine will increase the morality of a person, and also save it from rashness. Therefore, he is advised to wear lawyers, financiers and judges.
  7. In addition, the crystal will most favorably influence relations with the family and friends of its owner, will help him to harmonize relations with the outside world.

Stone olivine - for what purposes should it be used

Which of the signs of the zodiac fit

The stone makes a person stronger in moral terms, for this reason he is just perfect for the sign of the zodiac Leo. Lions, thanks to olivines, will always be active, emotional and active.

The fair sex attributable to this constellation will become more successful in the love sphere.

Men will improve their career — they will be able to get a high position and other benefits. In addition, they will improve their communication skills, will be able to endear a large number of people, will take the place of the collective pet.

It will help olivine and Virgos. The thing is that Virgos are very practical, but often can not achieve what they want because they are not very restrained and impatient.

And thanks to the gem it will be much easier for them to achieve what they want.

A bit passive Pisces should also pay attention to the crystal. They are characterized by isolation and unsociability, and the gem will add to them a special spark, playfulness, which will make Pisces more attractive to other people (meaning people in general, in particular, representatives of the opposite sex).

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