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Stone Mascot for Women Weights

Stone Mascot for Women Weights

Stones-talismans are a very popular topic that people have been interested in since ancient times. Today, the interest in such magical tricks has not subsided and even more — with the advent of the Internet, people have become even more interested in this subject and are trying to find a happy stone for themselves that will help solve problems and bring life to life.

Which stone talisman is suitable for Libra women — we will answer this question in our next article.

Stone Mascot for Women Weights

Description of the characteristics of the sign of the zodiac Libra

Libra constellation is the personification of justice and harmony. They know how to be great friends and business partners, but they make difficult decisions with great difficulty.

Due to natural delicacy, representatives of this sign are often afraid to offend others with their own words or actions. They cannot tolerate conflicts and feel much more comfortable as peacemakers.

Selection of stones for Libra according to the horoscope

To establish which pebble is best for a Libra girl to wear, you need to know the exact date of her birth:

  • WITH September 24th to October 2nd — they are protected by Venus. People born in this decade are characterized by benevolence, gentleness and tenderness. Often they feel a lack of firmness and strength that would allow them to protect themselves. They can get help in this matter from such minerals: amethyst, quartz, diamond, moonstone, lapis lazuli, rock crystal, malachite and jasper.
  • Representatives of the sign, which is most influenced by Saturn, were born in the period October 3rd to 13th. They love to work for their family or society, and they don’t need big money or fame. The following stones will help them learn more time and energy to invest in themselves: emeralds, opals, sapphires, tourmalines, topazes, amethysts, rubies or zircons.
  • The most sophisticated of Libra include people who were born from October 14th to 23rd. Their patron is Jupiter and Libra of this decade is able to appreciate all the delights of life.
    Stones suitable for them will be diamonds, emeralds, topazes, chrysoprase, tourmalines, beryls, rubies, sapphires and aquamarines.

Detailed overview of suitable stones

  • Diamond — is one of the main stones of this constellation. The gem is a precious stone, it is the personification of their transparency and moral purity. Mineral will add Libra the necessary hardness of spirit, so that they boldly make independent decisions. In addition, the diamond is able to save Libra from trouble by reflecting negative energy. Activates activity and determination.
  • Aquamarine another useful mineral for Libra. As a talisman, it is very good to use it for negotiators and diplomats. Aquamarine eliminates conflicts and enhances eloquence. Products with this stone lead to normal state of mind, as well as help you achieve your goal.
    Stone Mascot for Women Weights
  • Lapis Lazuli helps to show more and achieve success in any field. He will add Libra luck and perseverance. The use of jewelry with lapis lazuli helps to strengthen friendships and love relationships, fill you with joy and happiness. In addition, the mineral successfully copes with psycho-emotional stress and sets you on a wave of relaxation.
  • Tourmaline will help Libra become a whole person, get rid of duality in thoughts and actions. The use of jewelry with this mineral will make Weight more independent, will add balance to them due to the harmonization of internal energy flows.
  • Opals — also benefit for indecisive Libra. Stone will increase confidence in yourself and confidence in their actions and deeds. Opal will easily replace the laziness and apathy inherent in representatives of the sign with activity, good spirits and vital energy. Opal also improves the functioning of the immune system, eliminates negative thoughts and adjusts to a positive wave.

Which talismans to choose

If Libra girls want to get help in amorous affairs, they should turn their attention to products in the shape of frogs, hearts, or Cupid itself.

Ornaments decorated with Japanese or ancient Greek symbols (hieroglyphs or mythological images) will help to achieve success in business and business.

It is best to place the stone mascots for Libra in the pendants, the medallion or hang it on the pendant. If beads or a bracelet are bought, it is desirable that all stones have the same size (the number of beads must be even).

Astrologers recommend that beautiful representatives of the sign of Libra give their preference to silver jewelry with stones of green, white or blue colors. At the same time, it is also extremely important to adhere to the principles of equilibrium so that the decorations are approximately the same in size and have a similar strength of minerals.

Stone Mascot for Women Weights

Forbidden stones

Scales should abandon jewelry with onyx. Also, the ban is imposed on the stone coil.

Do not regularly wear items with opals.

The Libra constellation is the diametrical opposite of the Aries constellation, for this reason it is highly undesirable to use jewelry, stones in which act as talismans for Aries people. Therefore, refuse products with carnelian, sardonyx, rhodolite and most of the stones with blood-red color.

Knowing which stones will act as talismans for the Libra girls, the latter will be able to turn their lives for the better, getting rid of so many problems that prevent them from achieving success (indecision, modesty, shyness, etc.).

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