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Stone malachite: who suits the stone and what properties are hidden in it

The properties of malachite and who will suit the stone

Malachite stone is a true wonder of nature. He fascinates with his endless patterns against a deep green color.

This magic stone has the ability to absorb any negative and fill the human body with harmony and positive emotions.

Stone malachite: who suits the stone and what properties are hidden in it

Mineral properties

Malachite is a stone of amazing beauty. Its rich green color is combined with various shades of light green, turquoise and even streaks of black.

The name of the mineral received from the ancient Greek malakos, which means «soft». Indeed, it refers to very soft stones.

It can easily split into pieces or get damaged.

Malachite is an aqueous copper carbonate, which naturally occurs in the form of solid layers. Its hardness is about 4 units on the Mohs scale.

Today, malachite is mainly mined in Africa, Australia and Kazakhstan. The most beautiful and valuable stone was mined in the Urals not so long ago, but today its reserves are almost depleted.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, gem mining flourished in Russia. Ural masters created from this gem products of extraordinary beauty — vases, jewelry boxes, figurines, jewelry. Malachite even trimmed the premises, manufactured furniture and interior items.

So, in the Hermitage there is a whole malachite hall where you can see a lot of real works of art with this gem.

Today it is a valuable semiprecious stone and is used to make jewelry, various decorative items of interior — vases, caskets, candlesticks.

Very often it is inserted into precious metals — silver or gold. It is believed that malachite in gold setting will give its owner happiness and success, will bring good luck and family well-being.

A gem having a frame of silver will help you make the right decision, improve your physical well-being and emotional state, help you find a soul mate. Also, malachite helps get rid of various phobias and mental illness.

Did you know that in nature there are no two identical gems? Each stone is unique in its color and pattern.

Therefore, your decoration with malachite will be unique and inimitable.

How to care for a product with malachite?

If you decide to purchase a product with this gem, do not forget about the high fragility of the mineral. It is necessary to protect it from exposure to elevated temperatures, various chemicals, scratches and bumps.

You can clean the product in warm water with soap. And after that you need to wipe it with a dry cloth.

It is believed that malachite absorbs negative energy, so sometimes it needs energy purification and recharging. For this purpose, it must be buried in the ground for several days, but just do not forget where this place is located.

If you use the mineral in lithotherapy, after the sessions it is best to put it in a silk or velvet bag.

Stone malachite: who suits the stone and what properties are hidden in it

Gem history

People have known about the amazing properties of malachite since ancient times. So, two and a half thousand years ago in Egypt there was an outbreak of cholera. Many people suffered from it, but the epidemic did not touch the workers who mined the stone.

Very soon, this news spread among people, and malachite gained a reputation as a talisman for various diseases.

Also, the mineral was used for cosmetic purposes: it was used to make eye shadows and eyeliner. But, soon, it was noticed that people who used these tools, began to suffer mental disorders.

It turns out that the destructive effect on the psyche was exerted by copper, which is contained in large quantities in this mineral. But this could not stop the universal love of the gem.

Thus, the ancient Egyptians considered him a stone of the goddess Hathor, who was the patroness of life, love and fertility. Therefore, in order to protect the infant from the evil eye and spoilage, a malachite suspension was hung over his bed.

In ancient Rome, malachite was considered the stone of the goddess of beauty and love of Venus. People believed that the gem has special properties and can make its owner mystically attractive to members of the opposite sex.

Magical properties

Since ancient times, people are well aware of the magical properties of the gem.

It was believed that this mineral can make a person invisible, will give the ability to understand the language of animals and come into contact with various entities of the subtle plane. To do this, it was necessary to drink a special infusion of malachite, on which magical conspiracies were read.

Gem has an amazing property to change the color under the influence of the state of its owner. He is able to absorb the negative emotions of the owner and display them on himself.

Therefore, it is undesirable to wear a malachite product during periods of depression and aggressive mood.

Malachite opens up new possibilities in a person, pushes him to change for the better. It destroys internal locks that prevent a person from moving in the right direction and changing the usual pattern of behavior.

The mineral also has the ability to overcome fear, indecision and various phobias. It is recommended to wear to people who can not overcome timidity, as well as, the representatives of acting professions and speakers.

If you want the magic of this stone to be fully manifested, choose a frame for it of copper or silver.

Stone malachite: who suits the stone and what properties are hidden in it

Healing properties

Malachite is also known for its healing properties. It normalizes pressure, helps with «marine» disease and dizziness, improves mood.

It is used in the treatment of arthritis and epilepsy, it has a positive effect on the thyroid and pancreas, heals bruises and fractures.

One of its most valuable properties is the ability to remove toxic substances and reduce the likelihood of cancer. It also strengthens the immune system and the nervous system.

It is believed that the stone is able to protect against small radioactive and electromagnetic effects.

It helps women reduce PMS symptoms and ease childbirth. In order for the healing properties of the stone to be as pronounced as possible, it is best to choose a copper frame for it.

Interestingly, the quality of malachite can manifest itself in different ways. It depends on where you wear it.

For example, a necklace or necklace will open your heart to the highest and purest feelings. And bracelets will reduce the risk of allergic reactions and tumors.

They can be worn on any hand, but the ring — preferably on the left.

Who is malachite?

Best of all, the energy of this stone is suitable for Lions, Taurus and Libra. These signs, as a rule, have some rigidity in character.

Malachite will smooth out these qualities and will open in them cordiality and sincerity.

Scales under the influence of this mineral will become more confident, Taurus — softer and more emotional. And malachite will remind Lev that one cannot be too egocentric, and one should pay attention to those around him.

It is not recommended to wear products with malachite to Cancers and Virgos. Usually they do not like it and do not correspond at all to their energy.

Malachite as an amulet

An amulet with this stone will develop spirituality in its master, will awaken all the highest feelings, will bestow wisdom and love to the whole world.

It is believed that malachite helps get rid of nightmares, magical influences and the evil eye. Therefore, it is recommended to put a stone or hang a suspension with a mineral near the cot, so that the baby sleeps well and does not cry in his sleep.

If you want to become successful and achieve recognition of others, wear a talisman with malachite in a frame of silver or platinum.

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