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Stone jade — who is suitable from the signs of the zodiac, what properties has

Jade stone — in what situations to take, description

Jade stands out among semi-precious ornamental stones for its strength, which can be compared with some types of steel. In ancient times, jade was an object of worship, and high-strength knives were made from it for sacrifices.

Consider the topic: jade stone — who suits the signs of the zodiac, what magical and healing properties it has. It is noteworthy that in China, jade is a national symbol, while other peoples ascribe to it properties to overcome circumstances.

Stone jade - who is suitable from the signs of the zodiac, what properties has

There is a persistent misconception that jade is only green. This is not true.

In nature, there are patterns ranging from snow white to black. The green stone is most common, however, white jade has the greatest value.

Color jade:

  • light green mixed with other shades;
  • bright green tone;
  • green with a gray tint;
  • marsh color;
  • white, ivory;
  • red;
  • yellow;
  • blue;
  • the black.

Until the end of the 19th century, jade was called jadeite, since they have many similar properties. There are other names for the stone — renal, stone axes.

Jade in magic

This stone helps to find the meaning of life, to realize the spirituality and multidimensionality of the world. Green is not advised to wear single people, as the mineral is able to chop off all contacts and lead a person to complete solitude.

It is a mascot of magicians and wizards who comprehend the spiritual worlds.

The white stone, on the contrary, contributes to the strengthening of family happiness and is a good talisman of family relations. White color drives away unclean spirits; therefore, white jade amulets were used to protect against damage and devilish temptation.

The stone of a yellow shade helps in finding wisdom, opens creative abilities and sociability. This is a talisman of optimists and lucky people, it reveals the best qualities in a person.

Application in rituals:

  • pink stone is used to attract love;
  • white jade is used in cleansing rituals;
  • green jade helps bring positive changes to life;
  • Blue stone gives happiness in love and relationships.

The magical properties of jade are not limited to this: the stone is used as a conductor to the world of spirits in seance and other contacts with the other world. These sessions were carried away by residents of Europe and America in the recent past.

Jade is considered a stone of change. He is able to sweep away in the way of his owner all the obstacles hindering the achievement of the intended goal. If you choose a jade talisman to achieve the goal, be prepared to lose friends and say goodbye to the old principles.

However, only fake friends will leave your path, which prevent you from progressing to the true one.

Stone jade - who is suitable from the signs of the zodiac, what properties has

Healing qualities

Nephritis is widely known as a kidney stone, which since ancient times was used to heal the ailments of the urinary system. The properties of the stone to keep warm and cold used in medical practices: they warmed their kidneys.

For healing from kidney ailments, the stone was worn on the lower back for a year. Light-colored minerals are well suited for this purpose.

For heart diseases used stones of red color.

From jade did wards from diseases. It was believed that the constant wearing of jewelry from the mineral will take away from the person any ailments.

Jade plaques applied to the face help to preserve feminine beauty and get rid of wrinkles. Therefore, in ancient cosmetology, massage using jade was widely used.

Stone jade - who is suitable from the signs of the zodiac, what properties has

Zodiac signs

What does jade mean to a person? Astrologers believe that each sign of the zodiac fits a certain color of the mineral:

  • Capricorn is recommended to wear a green stone;
  • weights fit white stone;
  • virgins need jade red-brown shade;
  • water marks suitable jade yellow shades;
  • fire signs require a red tone stone;
  • blue stone is best to wear air signs.

When choosing jade as a talisman, remember that it promotes internal and external renewal. That is, radically rebuilds the events of a person’s life and worldview.

If you are not ready for change, do not wear jewelry with jade.

This is especially true for people with bad habits with whom they do not want to part. Nephritis will not punish the careless master — he will just be lost.

The stone is considered an indicator of behavior: it changes the shade of color with bad deeds. Therefore, jade from ancient times was considered a stone of sages and enlightened spirit.

An ordinary person does not always maintain his energy.

Jade does not like noisy societies and an idle lifestyle, it will certainly remove from the life of its owner reckless acquaintances and balabols. This is a stone of comprehending the truth, it turns the thoughts of his master deep into himself.

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