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Stone fianit: how to apply, healing properties

Stone properties fianit — successful replacement of a diamond

Many people would like to buy jewelry with high-grade jewelry stones, but they cannot afford it because of their high cost. So the prices of diamonds, emeralds and other expensive minerals amount to thousands, which makes them inaccessible to ordinary people.

Therefore, by asking the experts, under laboratory conditions, they were able to create an artificial stone cubic zirconia, which is a very profitable solution. Cubic zirconia represents the best of all the available imitations of a diamond today, while the cost of jewelry with it is quite democratic.

Stone fianit: how to apply, healing properties

Historical background of zircons

Fianit is a mineral whose creation has troubled the minds of the best Soviet scientists. So in the 70s of the last century in the conditions of the laboratories, its development was carried out, which resulted in synthetic zirconium oxide with the chemical formula ZrO2.

Its characteristics corresponded to the highest jewelry indices, which allowed cubic zirconias to become a successful substitute for diamonds.

A new mineral was being developed at the P.N. Physical Institute. Lebedev Academy of Sciences of the Soviet Union.

It is an abbreviated version of the name of this institution and gave the term «fian». In the future, the resulting sample will receive the names of zirconite, Jewelite, Shelby and Z-diamond.

In the manufacture of cubic zirconias, their composition is made more diverse by the addition of various impurities. Due to this, it becomes possible to get cubic zirconias with the most unusual color variations.

It should be noted that at this point in time, scientists can get more than 21 color shades of stone. Also really getting stones with double color.

Under the action of heat treatment, initially colorless specimens turn black and additionally acquire an opal effect.

Gemstone fianite or not

Many are interested in the question, does phianite belong to the group of precious gems or not? After all, it is so much like a natural mineral.

The answer is the following: fianit is only an imitation of a precious stone, therefore it cannot be attributed to such a category.

Of course, in terms of their external characteristics, cubic zirconias can easily compete with expensive diamonds, but they are not distinguished by their special jewelry value. Their main value is purely aesthetic.

Jewelry with beautifully faceted and artificial stones look no worse than natural minerals.

Stone fianit: how to apply, healing properties

How to distinguish cubic zirconia from diamonds

Experts in gemology with special equipment will do it in a few minutes. But what to do in this case, ordinary people who do not have the technical equipment?

Do not be in a hurry to get upset — there are some characteristic signs by which you can determine whether a natural product is in front of you or a synthetic analogue of a stone is inserted in it. But note that this method is not 100%.

If there are serious doubts, it will be best to turn to experts for help.

To distinguish the original from a fake, you will need to perform simple experiments:

  • Take a product with a mineral and view it in the light. Diamonds and cubic zirconia have different indices of light refraction, for this reason light will practically not penetrate through a real gem, but it will pass completely through artificial materials.
  • It is necessary to try to read any text through the stone under study: you cannot do it through diamonds, but an artificial mineral will give such an opportunity, because through it you can also read it through glass.
  • If you keep the stones in the palm of your hand for a long time, the cubic zirconia will begin to heat up, but the diamond will not.
  • Natural gems are distinguished by a sharper cut, unlike forgery.
  • Crystals grown under artificial conditions can be easily scratched while diamonds are damaged only with a diamond.
  • On natural materials one can observe the presence of small defects, for artificial the ideal structure is characteristic.
  • If you breathe on a diamond — there will be no condensation on it, unlike a fake stone.

There are still some true ways that make it easier to distinguish artificial stone from natural stone, but it should be noted that the sellers in the jewelry store will refuse to check them in practice. All the same, these methods can be useful:

  • artificial materials are damaged from exposure to hydrochloric acid, and the diamond under the influence of the reagent will retain its original appearance;
  • If you apply oil to a natural gem, it will instantly stick to the glass, but a fake stone will not;
  • Diamonds can scratch glass, unlike cubic zirconia.

It is clear that between synthesized and natural stones there are very large differences in many parameters, so it is often not easy for even a non-expert to determine which of the materials is now in front of you.

Stone fianit: how to apply, healing properties

Magic properties, who is suitable mineral

Even though the cubic zirconias differ in their artificial origin, they also have certain magical abilities. Their components have a special energy, which has an impact on their owners.

  1. It is believed that fianit affects the work of the parietal chakra. Thanks to this, he can connect a person with the cosmos, from where he will be able to gather the necessary information to improve his life.
  2. Adherents of Indian religious beliefs are convinced that the stone eliminates bad people and events.
  3. For cubic zirconia is characterized by very powerful protective properties. In addition, the stone protects family ties. Young families are advised to purchase wedding rings not with diamonds, but with cubic zirconias, if they want to protect themselves from adultery and retain tenderness and respect in their pair.
  4. Gold rings with an insert of cubic zirconias will save their owners from theft and loss of property.
  5. Crosses with cubic zirconias make the connection between a man and his guardian angel stronger.
  6. The use of earrings with a stone adds confidence in its capabilities and makes its owner more fortunate.
  7. And jewelry with silver cubic zirconias will assist in the comprehension of various sciences. Such products are recommended to wear for children and students. The stones will awaken the craving for learning and will assist in self-realization in life.

Astrology and zircons

Many astrologers express the opinion that phianites cannot be attributed to any one zodiac constellation, because they were artificially obtained. Others believe that all the same stone will provide its greatest assistance for the Aries people, saving the latter from their inherent excessive impulsivity and exaltation.

In principle, the first opinion is correct — the stone is energetically neutral, for this reason all the signs of the zodiac can be used with the same success to jewelry with them.

True, it is worth paying particular attention to the combination of your zodiac constellation with decorations by color:

  • for representatives of the water element it is worthwhile to set your choice on stones of sea and blue colors;
  • accordingly, fire signs should choose red minerals;
  • representatives of the element of Air — give their preference to stones, devoid of any color;
  • and earth signs — choose green crystals.

A large number of psychics doubt that the artificially created stone has some kind of energetic power, but that it is no longer necessary to save information. It is believed that the gem not only absorbs information about its past owners, but also «transmits» their new owners.

For this reason, it is necessary to buy exclusively new jewelery with cubic zirconias in order to protect yourself from the negative effects of foreign energy and not to incur other problems and difficulties.

The final stage will be viewing a thematic video about the characteristics of cubic zirconias:

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