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Stone coral: suitable for anyone, magical and healing properties

Stone coral: are you suitable, properties

Stone coral is not only very beautiful. It has properties that can affect a person’s life.

Therefore, it is often chosen for the manufacture of jewelry with magical and healing properties.

Stone coral: properties and who suits

Coral has many shades: the most common color of the mineral is red. But only about 300 different colors in the palette.

Rarely, but still there are corals white, brown, rich black. And the most valuable species are painted in blue and gold tones.

Stone coral: suitable for anyone, magical and healing properties

Important: since the coral is literally extracted from water, it is most favorable for people who are protected by the water element. This should be considered when choosing a talisman.

The magical and healing properties of coral can help everyone. But depending on the sign of the zodiac, these properties may manifest themselves in different ways.

  • Born under the sign of the Virgin should beware of coral. Only the representatives of this sign stone can bring negative consequences, adversely affect health and life.
  • But the Pisces, which are under the auspices of the element of water, the stone is particularly useful. They are encouraged to choose red or purple-brown corals.
  • It is better for Cancers and Scorpios to prefer decorations with corals of pinkish shades. Necklaces, earrings, rings — the best choice

If your element is Water, feel free to choose coral — its magical and healing properties will manifest themselves in all their glory, favorably affecting your life.

The magical properties of coral

Our ancestors attached great importance to this mineral. He was the constant companion of sea travel, helped to calm the power of the water element.

It was believed that the coral protects from storms and storms, helping to save the lives of sailors.

Stone coral: suitable for anyone, magical and healing properties

Coral also has the following magical properties:

  • This stone is the patron saint of travelers. It protects against trouble on the way, protects against all sorts of dangers, makes health strong and helps to return to your home safe and sound
  • Good effect on coral personality romantic. It is believed that it helps to subtly feel and read at the level of the aura all the emotions and experiences of other people. Develops imagination, helps unleash creativity and talents, look at ordinary things through the prism of creativity.
  • It protects from troubles, dangers and troubles that lie in the path of life. Therefore, in ancient times, coral decorated combat tools
  • Women may wear coral beads. It is believed that the stone protects against the evil eye and adds attractiveness in the eyes of the opposite sex.

There are also negative qualities: if you wear products from coral for too long, the character can become overly capricious, infantile. Therefore, it is advisable to take breaks.

Astrologers generally advise wearing corals only in the period of the rising moon. On the new moon, the decorations should be rinsed well under clean running water and set aside until the new moon.

Mineral «rest» and filled with positive energy.

The value and properties of pink coral

Depending on the color, the properties of the mineral may vary. For example, red eliminates the attacks of anger and irritability, gives peace of mind.

Stone coral: suitable for anyone, magical and healing properties

A pink mineral has a range of favorable qualities:

  • Brings happiness to life and gives longevity
  • Fills with wisdom, helps to develop intuition and logical thinking
  • Makes its owner very attractive to the opposite sex.
  • Improves the reproductive abilities of the body: it helps to easily conceive a child, and then bear and give birth to a healthy baby without problems

The coral sensitively catches changes in a condition of a physical body of the person. Therefore, if the mineral changes color or begins to break down for no apparent reason, it is worth considering whether you have any health problems.

Healing properties of coral

In addition to the magical properties, coral is credited with healing qualities. In ancient times, it was used for magical healing rituals, when it was necessary to relieve bleeding and accelerate the healing of deep wounds.

Today, coral properties are used in traditional medicine for the following purposes:

  • To accelerate the metabolism and tissue regeneration processes. Therefore, it is often used in the treatment of skin diseases.
  • Powder worn coral helps to heal burns faster and speed patient recovery
  • If you wear red coral beads, you can permanently get rid of headaches, migraines and cure sore throats
  • It is also believed that coral favorably affects the human psyche and the work of the heart muscle. If you regularly wear jewelry from coral, you can stop depression, relieve nervous tension, and even improve memory
  • White corals are used in surgery as part of human bone tissue implants.
  • If you suffer from insomnia, put coral under your pillow — and quickly plunge into the sweet world of night dreams
  • The properties of the mineral have a favorable effect on overall well-being: it helps to relieve fatigue and quickly get in shape
  • Coral powder solutions treat osteoporosis and other bone diseases.

Watch the video about all the secrets of the mysterious mineral:

Coral is a symbol of longevity and good health. If you wear jewelry, talismans and charms with this beautiful stone, you can quickly feel the improvement in health, fill with vital energy and strength to realize life goals.

Very remarkable is the fact that the coral adapts to the gender of its owner: girls are given femininity, men are given masculinity. Develops the best qualities of the person, which are incorporated in it initially.

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