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Stone carbuncle — magical and healing properties

Stone carbuncle: magical properties and methods of application

Infernal fire carbuncle attracts its mystical brilliance. In the old fairy tales, it was the blood-red carbuncles that were the object of the knights hunting for dragons: after the monster’s head was cut off, the knight took a clump of light that turned into a precious stone.

The carbuncle stone was submitted only to brave warriors, the abduction of a bundle of light from a head cut off by someone was punishable by death. The mystical feature of the mineral is that it brings troubles to dishonest and greedy people.

Stone carbuncle - magical and healing properties

The magical properties of the stone

Nowadays, the mineral is mined not from the dragon’s head, but from the mines. This is a type of pomegranate, which means «burning coal».

If we consider the stone in sunlight or by candlelight, it becomes like a glowing ember.

In Christianity, the carbuncle stone became a symbol of the blood of Christ, shed for salvation. In magic, the mineral, set in gold, is used to prophesy the future.

Stones in a silver frame allow you to see the events of the past.

If the mage needs to go to the lower (infernal) world for his own purposes, he pours a handful of carbuncles into the center of the pentagram — this protects him from the attack of infernal entities and the seduction of the devil.

The mineral is also famous for the fact that it can reveal the true essence of man, carefully concealed from everyone. This stone protects against lies and hassles.

However, this property of the carbuncle is also known as the influence on a person and the subordination of his will. So, you need to communicate with the mineral carefully. Look at the photo carbuncle stone:

Stone carbuncle - magical and healing properties

Carbuncle used in love magic, as it can replace the feelings and open the heart to meet the passion. Since ancient times, decorations with fire stones have been given to loved ones as a sign of adoration and loyalty.

This is one of the best talismans of love. Mineral helped his beloved in separation, filling the heart with the joy of a future meeting.

Talismans were made of carbuncles for warriors who guarded them in battle and bestowed boldness and courage. The talisman is also suitable for creative people — actors, poets, musicians.

Protects the talisman and travelers from misfortunes.

A decoration with a mineral can give a person power over another, but provided there is no self-interest — a stone punishes spiritually unscrupulous people. With the help of stone, you can establish peace and harmony in the family, restore damaged relationships with relatives, and achieve obedience to children.

Medicinal properties

This mineral instills vitality in a person and gives energy. Therefore, it is used to promote health and stimulate the immune system.

The stone is born by women in labor — it facilitates the birth of a child. The energy of the mineral heals frigidity and impotence, increases the human libido.

Women who want to have a child, constantly wear jewelry with grenades. Older people are advised to wear stones to eliminate fatigue and powerlessness.

Known healing properties of pomegranates in the fight against skin diseases such as psoriasis. It is good for pulmonary patients and asthmatics to wear pomegranate talismans — they facilitate the course of the disease.

During a cold, the mineral lowers the temperature and relieves sore throat. The stone can stop bleeding, lower blood pressure and improve blood quality.

Stone carbuncle - magical and healing properties

Who is suitable stone

Astrologers believe that the most carbuncles are suitable:

Representatives of other signs of the zodiac can use the stone if necessary: ​​intuition will tell you when the help of a mineral is desired. However, it should be remembered: the stone has a powerful energy and can have an impact on a person. What can this lead to?

By changing the nature and type of behavior, priorities and attachments. To avoid this, wear carbuncle ornaments with interruptions.

And do not forget to clean the stones under running water every three months.

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