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Stone alexandrite: what magical properties it has, to whom it suits

Stone alexandrite: magical properties and who is suitable

The alexandrite stone is one of the most unusual and rare gems in the world. Thanks to his unique ability to change color, he is credited with special mystical qualities and gives him magical properties. There are many signs of superstition associated with it.

The most famous belief says that alexandrite is a stone of widowhood, loneliness and sadness. Is it really?

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Stone alexandrite: what magical properties it has, to whom it suits

Interesting facts from the history of the mineral

Gem is the most valuable and rare variety of chrysoberyl. Alexandrite is so rare a stone that every high-quality crystal is simply unique, and there are practically no large specimens in nature.

It is believed that the first alexandrite was found by N. Nordensheld in 1833 in the Urals. He explored deposits of emeralds in the Ural Mountains and accidentally found an unusual green pebble.

And in the evening, glancing at him by the light of a candle, I saw that the stone had changed its color and had become purple-red.

In 1834, the gem was presented as a gift to the Russian Emperor Alexander the second on the day of his sixteenth birthday. Due to this, the stone got its name — alexandrite.

But, in truth, the history of this stone is much older than is commonly believed. An amazing stone that can change its color is mentioned in the Indian Mahabharata, which is 4 thousand years old.

And in Zaporozhye during the excavations of the ancient burial of the Polovtsian Khan, a ring with alexandrite was found.

Price alexandrite

Alexandrite can rightly be considered one of the most expensive gems in the world. Many do not even realize how much a jewelery with this crystal costs, because each product is an exclusive. The stone entered the top five of the most expensive minerals in the world, second only to diamond, sapphire, emerald and ruby.

But some unique crystals are valued even higher than diamonds. Their price is up to 20 thousand dollars per carat.

Gems with the effect of the cat, the eyes are not as valuable, but their cost is also measured in thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars per copy.

The main thing that people pay attention to when evaluating a mineral is its coloring. The color scheme includes many different shades: from blue-green and bluish in daylight to blood-red in artificial.

Today there is no consensus on what color should be considered the most expensive. Some people appreciate the mineral for its intense evening color, others, on the contrary, for its rich green color under the light of the sun.

There are minerals that have a unique color only at a certain time under the appropriate light.

Inserts of real alexandrite are almost never found in jewelry, and most of the crystals are sent to private collections. To buy a product with a natural gem in Russia is almost impossible.

Alexandrite deposits

Currently gems are mined in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Burma, Madagascar and Africa.

The unique primary mineral deposit has recently been located in the Urals, but today it is completely exhausted. Gems from the Ural Mountains were considered the most valuable and quality.

Only they had a unique emerald color, although they were inferior in purity and transparency to alexandrites from Brazil and Sri Lanka.

Stone alexandrite: what magical properties it has, to whom it suits

Synthetic mineral

To create imitation of alexandrite, synthetic corundum and spinel are most often used. Their color varies from blue-gray to pinkish-red.

This mineral is available to the usual buyer and is almost indistinguishable from the present.

The most common synthetic alexandrites were in the USSR, where they were often used as inserts in jewelry. Many still believe that natural stone was purchased in Soviet-made jewelry. But this is far from the case, since alexandrite was counted as state property and was never sold in jewelry stores.

Therefore, all alexandrites of the Soviet era are good fakes.

Alexandrite — a widow’s stone?

One of the popular beliefs says that alexandrite is a stone of widows and loneliness, and in no case should one bear a stone so as not to be a widow.

To explain this will be easy enough if you look at the history. The fact is that the fashion for this stone came in pre-war and post-war times, when many wives lost their men at the front.

Therefore, it was believed that the stone carries death and loneliness. But do not forget that all the decorations of the Soviet times had inserts of synthetic mineral, and this omen does not belong to the natural gem.

But if you still believe in omens and are afraid of loneliness, wear not one stone, but two or three. In this case, the mineral certainly will not have a negative impact.

Stone magic

The ability to change its color served alexandrite the glory of a magical gem. According to the legends, by the light of a daylight the crystal turns into an emerald, and by the light of the moon it becomes a ruby.

The stone has a powerful energy and is a strong talisman. It helps to overcome any obstacles and difficulties, fills a person with strength and endurance. But there is one «but» — the owner of the gem must match the stone in strength of character and spirit.

Otherwise, the mineral will destroy the energy of a weaker person.

It is also believed that alexandrite can predict the future, especially, foresee negative events. If the owner is in danger, the mineral signals, changing color.

For example, during the day it can become blood-red, which is characteristic of the night or vice versa. The most formidable signal is a color change towards a yellowish tint, which warns of a serious danger.

But the appearance of emerald color indicates happiness and material well-being.

Gem helps its owner to become successful and secured, provides support to bright and gambling people. He is also considered a stone of jealousy and love, longevity and prosperity.

It is used for meditation — alexandrite helps to bring divine energy to each chakra and bring the physical, astral and mental body into a state of harmony.

Stone alexandrite: what magical properties it has, to whom it suits

Healing properties

Traditionally, alexandrite is believed to be associated with blood circulation, therefore in lithotherapy it is mainly used in the treatment of blood diseases. It has a strengthening effect on the walls of blood vessels, normalizes the composition of the blood and even stops bleeding.

It is also believed that frequent discolorations signal fluctuations in blood sugar.

Alexandrite is recommended to periodically remove, especially at night.

Who is alexandrite suitable for?

Alexandrite belongs to the elements of Earth, Water and Ether. It is influenced by two opposing planets — Mars and Saturn.

A stone with such a hard character in the teeth is by no means all.

You can wear it to Gemini, Scorpios, Lions and Aquarius. As a rule, representatives of these signs have a complex volitional character and correspond to the energy of alexandrite.

But, if a person feels discomfort from wearing a product with alexandrite, it is better to refuse it.

Gemini mineral will help to find inner harmony and tame their contradictory nature, while not suppressing their multifaceted hobbies.

Scorpio thanks to the gem can overcome any difficulties and obstacles. Alexandrite will promote spiritual development and creativity.

Leo Alexandrite is shown as a talisman on the path to career success and the desire for power.

And the Aquarius, under the influence of the mineral, will succeed in creativity and will strengthen its uncommon intuitive sense. Alexandrite will make them even more charismatic and original.

You can wear jewelry with alexandrite and fire signs of the zodiac, with choleric temperament and a huge stock of internal energy, beating over the edge. Alexandrite will make them more balanced and direct the energy in the right direction.

But Taurus, Cancer and Virgo is not recommended even for a short time to put on products with alexandrite.

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