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Step-by-step instructions on how to make a dream catcher

How to make a dream catcher with your own hands — step by step instructions

In this article we will explain how to make a dream catcher with your own hands. Probably, many of you have heard of the existence of a special talisman that stands guard over our dreams.

This charm, known to shamans from deep antiquity, has become extremely popular these days all over the world.

Step-by-step instructions on how to make a dream catcher

What is a dream catcher?

It is no secret that during sleep people very often go on astral travels in other spaces and worlds, come into contact with their inhabitants. Often in such travels, the soul of a sleeping person is confronted with dark spirits who are trying to capitalize on its energy.

In such cases, the person suddenly wakes up in a cold sweat, experiencing intense fear and anxiety.

In order to protect a sleeping person from such troubles, there is a special guardian of dreams. He reliably protects from nightmares and otherworldly entities, stands guard at the entrance to the world of dreams and images.

Thanks to this talisman, only good and bright dreams and emotions attend.

Today, it is not known exactly who and when he invented this amulet. But its history is so ancient that its roots go back centuries to the disappeared civilization of the Atlanteans.

Since ancient times, this talisman has been used in the magical practices of American Indians and Siberian shamans.

The dream catcher has the form of a sieve — it is a round-shaped skeleton around which the threads are stretched, forming various patterns. Each pattern has its own special meaning.

It is also very important that the thread is not interrupted in the whole weave. For the manufacture of the amulet only natural threads are used.

Types of amulet

Depending on the meaning of the dream catcher, there are two types of this amulet.

  1. The American Indians. It is used to scare away dark entities that die in the bizarre amulet patterns at the first rays of the sun. Light spirits descend along feathers to a person and bring him pleasant dreams.
  2. At the Siberian shamans. It is a magical attribute of shamanic practices and has a sacred significance. Any perfume which is not divided into positive and negative comes across to the network of the amulet. During a night’s sleep, they descend along the main thread and bring various images to the shaman, often very hard and far from pleasant. Sometimes in a dream the shaman fights against otherworldly entities. Such an amulet can be used only by experts in shamanic practices. It is dangerous for ordinary people to use it.

Step-by-step instructions on how to make a dream catcher


Although it is easy to buy a dream catcher in esoteric shops, it is still better to make an amulet with your own hands. In this case, this item acquires magical power, adjusts to its owner and acquires a special connection with it.

Usually, a flexible willow twig twisted in the shape of a hoop is used as a frame. Although if desired, you can use a bezel made of metal or any other.

An important role in the amulet is played by feathers, which differ in sex characteristics. For male catchers, eagle feathers are used, and for female catchers, polar owl feathers.

Feathers can only be taken from live birds, because erasing information about death is almost impossible.

Naturally, it is very difficult to get such feathers in our strip. Therefore, they are usually replaced with goose and cocks, but this markedly reduces the effectiveness of the amulet.

Your mood and thoughts in the process of making an amulet are also very important. If you have trouble, you feel anger and irritation, it is better to postpone this activity.

After all, the dream catcher is able to capture and absorb all negative emotions and images.

In your work, draw only positive and bright pictures in your imagination. Think positive, listen to pleasant music, sing or pronounce mantras.

The more positive energy the amulet absorbs, the greater will be its strength and efficiency.

Stages manufacturing amulet

To make a dream catcher yourself, you must act in the following sequence:

  1. Pluck a thin willow twig for the frame. If desired, you can use another durable and flexible material: steel hoop, wire. In addition, you need to stock up on durable threads, beads and feathers.
  2. Make a wicker ring. In more complex versions, the amulet is made in the form of several circles, which are woven together with the basics.
  3. Begin to twist the frame thread. This must be done strictly clockwise, without leaving knots or interrupting the thread. Braiding the hoop, fasten the end of the thread.
  4. Now we proceed to the most difficult and responsible part — the weaving of the web. We need to weave it so that the thread is not in any way interrupted. Coil by coil, gradually apply the thread. Best of all, the total number of turns is odd.
  5. In the course of weaving a web on a string, you need to string the beads. The largest and brightest bead is placed in the center of the amulet.
  6. During weaving, you need to tighten the thread more tightly, otherwise in the future it will sag.
  7. The cells in the network must be the same. And in the center of the web should leave a hole — the entrance for good dreams.
  8. To thread into the central bead, take a thick needle. After that, fasten the web and proceed to decorate the amulet with feathers and other attributes as desired.

Step-by-step instructions on how to make a dream catcher

In the manufacture of the amulet can be a fantasy. For example, use multiple frames, intertwined with a chain or in the form of a ball.

Where to hang a dream catcher?

If you want dreams to be sweet, and no otherworldly forces could disturb you, you need to properly position the amulet. As a rule, the dream catcher is hung at the head of the head so that he can rotate well.

It can also be located in the center of the room near the chandelier, where he will have the opportunity to describe circles and catch spirits in his web.

A natural question arises: should a dream catcher be cleared of otherworldly entities caught in his network? According to North American Indian beliefs, all evil spirits die at the very first rays of the sun.

Therefore, it does not require any special magical cleansing.

Nevertheless, it is recommended to periodically air the amulet in the open air. In the summer — under the scorching sunshine, and in the winter — in snowy and frosty weather.

Dream Catcher will create in your home a special and unique comfort, fill the atmosphere of mystery and magic. A slight swaying of feathers will help you quickly relax and go to the land of sweet dreams.

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