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Spinel: what is this stone, precious or semi-precious, which zodiac signs fit

Spinel: description of the stone, magical and healing properties, compatibility with zodiac signs

Spinel is a precious stone, the most high-quality copies of which are used in the jewelry industry and are highly valued. The magical and healing properties depend on the color of the mineral, of which there are a great many (almost all colors are represented).

A synthetic variety is also produced, which makes it possible for counterfeits to occur, so real crystals are sold with appropriate quality certificates.

Spinel (there is also the second name — Lal) refers to natural stones. It is of interest not only for mineralogists, but also for jewelers.

It is essentially a derivative of aluminum and magnesium. It has high strength and lends itself well to cutting, which makes it possible to impart a uniform shine to the stone.

The mineral became especially popular due to its rich color range. The red tint is similar to a ruby, as a result of which they are confused among themselves for a long time.

Some species are often mistaken for sapphires and other noble stones.

This led to negative consequences — it fixed the notoriety behind the stone. Often it was used as a substitute for more expensive.

After the minerals learned to distinguish between themselves, it turned out that in many famous jewelry, spinels, rather than corundums, were actually inlaid.

  • The size. Mostly stones do not have large dimensions. Less common are instances weighing several kilograms.
  • Variety. Stones are divided by transparency and shades.
  • Shine. Glass.
  • Transparency. Minerals without inclusions are transparent, but are extremely rare in nature.
  • Tverdict on the Mohs scale. Eight, one less than corundum, and 2 less than a diamond.
  • Tint. Almost all colors are represented. The red color is due to the presence of chromium ions, yellow — iron, purple — manganese.

Red and orange spinel are precious stones. Slightly less appreciated blue and blue shades.

Transparent and clean stones are rarely found, so their cost is high, especially if they have a minimum number of inclusions and are completely transparent.

Some minerals are classified as semi-precious, while others are not used at all as jewelry. For example, black and brown stones are not suitable for the jewelry industry and are referred to as ordinary gems.

The specimens with blotches and opacities are not of interest, but they are highly valued by mineralogs.

Spinel: what is this stone, precious or semi-precious, which zodiac signs fit

The most famous and large deposits are located in Kampuchea, Vietnam and Thailand. Less popular — in India, Madagascar and Australia.

The most valuable types of red spinel are mined in Myanmar, blue — in Sri Lanka, the noble in large quantities is located in Barcelona and India. In Russia, ordinary spinel is mined in the Shishim mountains and in the Urals.

Spinel: what is this stone, precious or semi-precious, which zodiac signs fit

According to the degree of staining there are several types:

  • Noble spinel. Transparent stone painted in bright colors.
  • Ruby. These include stones with red hues.
  • Rubitsell. Stones with orange-red color.
  • Rubin Bale. Pink color.
  • East Amethyst. Mineral purple.
  • Granite,or zinc spinel. Blue with a purple tint. Magnesium is replaced by zinc and iron.
  • Common Spinel. It has a high content of iron and green or brown color.
  • Chromic, or pikotit. The stone has a black color due to the chromium substitution of the share of aluminum.
  • Sapphire Spinel. Blue or blue.
  • Spinel: what is this stone, precious or semi-precious, which zodiac signs fit

    Spinel: what is this stone, precious or semi-precious, which zodiac signs fit

    Scientific research quickly led to artificial stone, although it happened by chance. After that, work began to be actively conducted on the study of its properties and the search for practical applications.

    Today, a synthetic mineral is widely used in various electronic devices as a dielectric or optical elements. As jewelry raw materials are less common.

    Popular transparent spinel, painted in bright colors.

    The first thing you need to pay attention to is the cost of the stone. If it is low, it speaks of unreal origin.

    The price of spinel starts at $ 30 per carat. If the stone is red and transparent, it can go up to $ 600.

    A mineral in appearance should not be flawless, there may be flaws and inclusions in it — this indicates its natural origin. Now real spinels are sold only with a special certificate.

    It should be remembered that the spinel is quite fragile, over time, the edges of the stone can be erased. Therefore it is necessary to treat him carefully:

    • Store in a casket with an inner coating of soft fabric, preferably velvet.
    • Remove before performing any physical work.
    • Wear on special occasions.
    • Keep away from impacts and chemical interaction.
    • Once every few months, clean with a toothbrush dipped in soapy water.

    The healing properties of spinel were first described by Paracelsus in the 16th century. He used the powder obtained after grinding gems for the treatment of a number of diseases.

    In modern lithotherapy, stone is used to combat myopia, enhance blood circulation, improve immunity, and eliminate muscle and joint pain.

    A person who uses a stone for the treatment of diseases must take into account that each shade has special properties:

    RedA beneficial effect on the blood, helps strengthen the immune system, helps to recover from a stroke. In the East, such gems have long been used by men to increase potency.
    PinkIt helps calm down, get rid of unpleasant dreams, treats insomnia. Effective remedy to combat any skin diseases
    BluePositive effect on the digestive tract. It is recommended to wear people suffering from diseases of the gallbladder, liver, pancreas, stomach. Beneficial effect on the thyroid and respiratory system
    GreenAssists in the treatment of headaches and heart disease, high blood pressure. It contributes to the normalization of metabolic processes, has a positive effect on the eyes
    The blackIncreases pressure, stops bleeding, helps to improve well-being, relieves painful manifestations of wounds and bruises, accelerates their healing

    Compatibility horoscope:

    • Spinel is a virgin mineral. This applies particularly to the dark green stone, ideal for people born under this zodiac sign.
    • Any of the varieties congruent with the energy of Venus is suitable for Libra and Taurus.
    • Some astrologers call the mineral the optimal talisman for Pisces.
    • The most loved spinel is Leo. Representatives who choose this stone as their amulet draw from it a special vital energy.
    • It is also suitable for Gemini, as it is protected by the air element.
    • Aquarius and Cancer are least suitable: representatives of these signs can become lazy and inert. The only thing that can be worn to Cancers is franklinite, a stone with a high content of manganese. It should be chosen by people who wish to improve their financial condition.

    All members of the zodiacal circle are recommended to wear a stone in the form of rings on the index or ring finger of the left hand. Ladies can choose mineral earrings.

    In connection with the special energy spinel does not like the neighborhood with foreign stones. It is not recommended to wear other jewelry with it.

    Otherwise, the stone may not reveal its potential and even cause harm.

    Spinel symbolizes stability, passion, purity and loyalty. It can help change fate, bring the owner out of depression, revive a desperate man who has put a cross on himself.

    The temper of a gem can change, since it resides under the protection of three planets simultaneously: Venus, Jupiter and the Sun. The owner of the stone can work hard for a long time and then remain idle for a long time.

    This mineral enhances the attractiveness of its owner. If the spinel with a red tint belongs to the policy, it creates a positive image for it. Unconsciously, society will be predisposed to this person.

    Spinel has a strong positive energy, which will bring prosperity and success.

    Gem protects itself from communicating with heartless or embittered people. Even when touched, it can retaliate, causing damage to energy and health.

    Sometimes spinel produces the gift of prophecy from its owner, so it is not recommended to wear impetuous and impulsive persons.

    The stone is able to recognize the desire that has not yet formed in the subconscious of a person, to change circumstances so that they are in the best way, to rejuvenate physically and spiritually, to energize, to help find friends and true happiness.

    In the East, red stones are revered as sexual stimulants. Men put them on to attract the interest of the opposite sex.

    Earrings or rings with spinel contribute to the attainment of family happiness and love.

    In Europe, the talisman was worn for rejuvenation — it was believed that he was able to prolong life. Spinel is an amulet for travelers and those whose business is connected with the need to make quick decisions.

    • It is not necessary to present products with a stone as a gift to teenagers. The crystal will increase the impulsiveness that can harm in this difficult period.
    • Experts advise against wearing spinel daily. It can have a negative impact on a person, tighten it into a world of dreams, distracting from reality.
    • A person who has a creative profession, draws or writes music can wear a spinel ring on his index finger. Then the energy of the stone will give additional inspiration, give a lot of ideas for creating a new masterpiece.
    • The more open and kinder a person is, the more his positive qualities will be revealed by spinel.
    • Do not choose black stone impulsive people. This color can weaken a person.
    • Stone helps travelers to get out of the way, make the right decisions and enjoy the road.
    • The stone will help with difficult, stressful work. You can speak out on him, then look at the mineral for a while. This will help to relax, calm down, think soberly and find a way out of any situation.

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