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Slavic system of chakras: their meaning and difference from the eastern

Slavic chakras description of their features

The energy system is built on the interaction of different energy flows, characterized by their color, sound indicators, a certain spectrum, frequency, and the presence of an energy center on the human body. These energy centers are called chakras. The interpretation of the chakras in the Indian tradition is well known, but the Slavic system also reveals the human chakras and their meanings.

We will talk more about it in this article.

Slavic system of chakras: their meaning and difference from the eastern

Features of the Slavic Chakra System

Unlike the eastern, the Slavic chakra system is more extensive than the eastern. It is represented by only 37 major power centers, of which nine occupy a leading position, and 28 — a decisive one.

Also among the Slavs, instead of the word «chakra» the word «char» is used, which comes from the word «magician», «enchant».

The basic charms are divided into three levels of organization:

  • Initial chakras — are responsible for the state of the physical body of a person, they produce low frequency energy (consistent with the world of Navi). This includes the source, Zarod and Belly. If you use only the energy of these centers, then the individual has no needs for something inspired, he is interested only in primitive needs (sleep, food, drink, and so on).
  • Average — contribute to spiritual development, produce an average energy (corresponds to the world of Yavi). This category is represented by the charms of Percy, Lada, and Lelya. These are creative energy centers, which are also responsible for the spiritual formation of man.
  • Upper — they bind a person to the Cosmos, produce high frequency energy (corresponds to the world of Slavi). These include the Ustya, Chelo, and Rodnik charms.
  • Topmost — produce ultrahigh energies (Divine worlds). This category is represented by the highest charms — Spirit and Soul.

When all charms are distinguished by harmonious work, then a person becomes fully developed. If a person lives solely at the expense of the energy of the higher spells, not engaging in the development and use of the lower ones, then she will become a recluse, break away from reality, and this also does not indicate harmony.

Normally, the lower spell should provide fuel for the upper one, so our ancestors always sought for a harmonious development of physical and mental.

Overview of the main charms in the Slavic system

0th spell (known as Root)

Its location is the level of the feet. Produces black tint energy.

Binds a person to the Earth, fills it with physical energy. From the feet to the (physical) body comes the energy of the Earth, which has a silver-blue color. It is through this energy center that a person can be “grounded”, which contributes to his physical health.

In the eastern philosophy of this spell is not.

1 Char (Source)

Its location is the coccyx area. With the help of this enchantment, the main energy of life enters the body.

Refers to the elements of the Earth.

It radiates black and red energy.

The source is susceptible to infrasound radiation, the latter can trigger panic attacks in humans.

2 char (zarod)

Located in the pubic area.

Refers to the water element.

Controls the process of creating a new life, gives a person love power and sexuality.

This character normally should open to the 3rd day of the baby’s life. If this does not happen, then the child dies.

Until today, official medicine has failed to find an explanation for this phenomenon (usually an energy strike takes place).

Also, the reason may be that the baby’s soul did not enter the body. Usually, in this way, the Father’s Rod shows that the birth of this baby is impractical.

Slavic system of chakras: their meaning and difference from the eastern

3 char (Belly)

Chara is located in the area from the navel to the sternum.

It has the energy of scarlet (orange-yellow).

Full opening takes place by the 7th day of life.

With the help of the spell, the belly of a person is filled with vital force, and also bestows the wisdom of his Kind (first from the mother through the umbilical cord, and then from God patronizing this genus, the goddess Alive and Star, under which he was born).

Chara helps a person to reveal his “I”, produces personal power. Her energy will allow you to express yourself, fill with confidence in their own abilities and talents.

4 char (percy or chest)

Chara creative energy. Responsible for the breathing process.

Located in the central part of the chest.

Its discovery takes place by the 9th day of the infant’s life. When the activation of the energy center occurred, through it, the Alive (life energy) enters the body’s energy system.

5 char (Lada)

Located in the area of ​​the right shoulder, also captures the armpits and shoulder joint.

Lada produces love, tenderness, happiness, kindness, harmony in the world around. Also controls the process of human performance.

Full disclosure occurs by eighteen or twenty-one.

In Indian tradition, its counterpart is the Surma chakra — solar respiration.

6 char (Lelya)

Located in the left shoulder. It monitors the heart activity, gives a person intuitive abilities, helps at the level of intuition to know the world of Yavi (physical).

Full disclosure of the spell is observed to the age of seventeen or eighteen years.

In the Indian tradition, an analogue of the enchantment is the Chandra Chakra (lunar breath).

7 char (mouth)

Located in the throat system. Responsible for the production of sound energy, the embodiment of speech (thoughts), is still engaged in the reception and transformation of the energy of sensual images.

Referred to the ether element.

Full activation of this power center is observed to 2 year of life of the child. It is at this time that the baby learns the art of speech and can already answer questions.

The mouth is the center of the creative realization of the personality through writing, speaking, or drawing. It helps a person to communicate freely with his own kind, teaches him to be responsible, and also creates his individuality.

Energy enchantment allows you to transfer your attitude to others.

8 char (Chelo)

Located in the area of ​​brow (eyebrows). It is a center of intellectual abilities, controls mental activity.

This charger combines energy flows that do not have a sensual coloring.

Sensual perception of this energy center is not subject to human abilities.

Chelo is responsible for the development of energy vision.
The energy of the spell corresponds to the mark color (indigo).

Full disclosure of the enchantment occurs at age 7. Until this time, the baby must constantly be under parental care, since he still has no intuition, he trusts all those around him, and his gullibility may cause him irreparable harm.

Chara Chelo promotes internal learning, as well as the transfer of information, is an inner intuition.

Our ancestors, the Slavs, to protect themselves from the negative impact on this energy center, put on a special ochelye. In the Hindu tradition, the anointing or drawing of a circle on the forehead is used instead.

Chelo gives a person the ability to control thoughts, opens up opportunities for telepathy, contributes to the disclosure of inner vision and understanding, inspiration, spiritual awakening.

9 char (Rodnik)

Located in the crown.

It has the energy of white (silver) color.

The spring is able to perceive ultrasonic frequencies.

It corresponds to the world of Slavi, the channel stretches from it, which goes into the world of Rule (Divine world).

Responsible for communicating with Rod, with the help of this spell a person can receive and accept help with support from his native Gods and Ancestors. It also fills with energy of higher Mental and Spiritual images, through this energy center we receive the Force of the Creator.

The spring designs thoughts into the Divine world.

Full disclosure of the energy center occurs by the age of 12. Then the baby already feels part of its kind.

A sense of conscience begins to awaken.

10 spell (Soul)

This char passes through the entire energy envelope of a person, protrudes about fifteen centimeters above the head.

It radiates the energy of a golden white color.

It is through the Soul that man has a connection with the worlds of the Gods, as well as with the surrounding reality. It is the main archetype of the human body.

The accumulation of the energy of the enchantment of the Soul occurs differently in different people. If a person is filled with Svetoch’s energy, then very often she has magical abilities. Such people, still in their lives deserve the title of deity.

They possess high spirituality, tranquility, serenity, they lack low thoughts, they do not pursue sensual pleasures, but strive for boundless wisdom.

Such people are not able to suffer, they are distinguished by excellent health and extraordinary sensitivity towards others.

Slavic system of chakras: their meaning and difference from the eastern

11 spell (Spirit)

Located outside the human body, the distance at which it is located varies based on the strength of the energy envelope.

Chara is transparent in color and like air and is bright, just like sunshine.

Spirit is the link between us and the Divine world, the Cosmos. Performs a bright energy luminous flux. At the material level, it is responsible for all information about a specific individual — genes.

Chara provides communication with ancestors, it stores memories of previous incarnations.

We offer you also to view an interesting video about the Slavic charms

Slavic chakras — the topic is quite fascinating and interesting. If you engage in their harmonization and development, then as a result you will become a comprehensively developed person radiating happiness and harmony into the surrounding space.

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