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Slavic Mantras of Agma — listen online

Slavic Mantras — Agmas: Listen Online

Slavic culture, though different from Indian, and even more so from Tibetan, includes mantras. Moreover, there is some information confirming the existence of prayer texts long before the emergence of statehood in our ancestors. Religious features of the Slavic peoples imply a narrow focus of the Slavic mantras.

That is, one prayer chan cannot solve all problems at once at once. Such a «specialization» is only beneficial.

The fact is that the narrower the focus of a prayer action, the stronger its effect.

Slavic Mantras of Agma - listen online

Unity with nature in the Slavic mantras

Slavic religious culture has always implied a close relationship with natural processes. It is they who charge a person with energy and grant him well-being and success in all undertakings.

The nature of the Slavic peoples — the animate essence, which has almost unlimited strength and capabilities.

So it turns out that Slavic mantras, which in our culture are correctly called Agmas, can fully work only in combination with the awareness of the origins of humanity. In other words, the worshiper must exclude from his life all that separates him from the nature of the mother. Of course, in the conditions of modernity this cannot be done, but some actions are quite accessible:

  • Complete cessation of smoking and alcohol;
  • Reducing the time spent driving a car;
  • Live communication should prevail over the telephone;
  • Time spent at the computer should be minimized.

With regards to the last point, you do not need to damage the workflow, but computer games should, if not completely disappear from your life, then take no more than a couple of hours a week.

All this contributes to the normalization of natural rhythms in the human body, which means that a rapprochement with the «mother of all living things» will be quick and easy. Only when these conditions are met, reading mantras will show its effectiveness in all its glory.

Listen to the Slavic mantra «Alive Mother»:

It is better to read than to listen a thousand times.

Unlike other cultures, Slavic mantras-agmy have the maximum effect only when they are independently read. The principle of operation is simple — in order to receive any benefit, you need to present something to a higher power, that is, to nature.

Saying the words of a mantra is a kind of sacrifice that is readily accepted by the «mother.» Instead, it gives a person a kind of «tuning» of internal vibrations.

This contributes to the normalization of all processes occurring in life.

What help mantra-agmy

Slavic Mantras of Agma - listen online

The action of the agma is multilateral, they are aimed at all possible areas of human activity and its internal vibrations. However, there are no complexes that allow both to cure the disease, and to remove the vice from the soul, and at the same time to fix the personal life.

All this is «recovering» separately.

Remember that before you start reading, you need to clearly imagine what you want to get in the end. For example, if the petition is aimed at normalizing family life, then make a clear picture of the result for yourself, for example, obedient children, a faithful wife, and no gossip from the outside.

  • Elimination of health problems — the main task of the Slavic mantras. Since agmas are connected with nature, then the normalization of the processes that flow in a living organism is their primary task.
  • Revenue increase. It is the same as in other cases, the correction of problems in the body. For example, the feeling of fatigue will disappear, the ability to work is normalized. Here and close to the increase. Bonus attached increased luck.
  • Increased libido and potency — the key to a strong family life. From here comes peace and prosperity, which is reflected in all other spheres of life.

In any case, while reading the mantra-agma, one should focus on one’s inner well-being, and sincerely desire to solve all problems. If you fulfill this condition, the effect will be instant.

Listen to the Slavic mantra Lada:

Where to find mantra-agm texts

Such prayer texts are quite rare, because people tend to the culture of the Indian or Tibetan, rather than to the native Slavic. Nevertheless, on the Internet there are several decent sites that spread in open access texts of almost all existing AGMs.

The main thing — do not run into a sect.

There are no uniform rules for reading such prayers. Everything is very very individual: each person must pronounce the words in such a way that he is extremely comfortable.

There is only one exception — the words must be pronounced as clearly as possible.

Listen and watch a large selection of Slavic mantra-agm videos:

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