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Slavic charm Valkyrie and its value

Slavic charm Valkyrie and its value

Valkyrie is a very ancient amulet that has fallen into the magical world from the ancient Slavic tribes and northern nations. This amulet combines many positive properties that will help a person to become better, to improve themselves.

Preserved Valkyrie and its value — that is the topic of this article, you can learn a lot of new and interesting things about the character being described.

Slavic charm Valkyrie and its value

Historical information

In the mythology of the ancient Slavs, Valkyrie is a virgin who chooses those warriors who have come to pass to the world of their ancestors. The outcome of the battle as a whole, as well as the fate of each particular warrior, depended on it.

These warriors fell into the mythology of the Slavs from the Northern European peoples. It was the Scandinavian Odin who was served by nine Valkyries, dressed in military uniforms and armed with spears.

Their main goal was to deliver the killed warriors to the Supreme Court to Odin. With the image of the Valkyries is closely related the image of the swan, which takes the deceased fighter.

According to another theory, the Valkyries themselves had swan wings, which served as a means for delivering fallen warriors to the eternal feast to Odin.

It was the song of the Valkyrie (in other sources, the swan) was the last song that touched the hero’s ears. It turns out that among the peoples living in Northern Europe, the Valkyrie was embodied in the female image of the heroic death of those killed in battle.

Slavic charm Valkyrie and its value

Because Valkyrie’s image is closely related to war This amulet was popular with the people of military professions. It was this amulet that filled the soldiers with wisdom, generosity, and also ensured justice.

The Valkyrie symbol was applied on garments, on weapons, on body skin (even by ardent Christians, together with a pectoral cross).

It turns out that the Valkyries believed so strongly that even with the departure of paganism they could not get rid of this ancient symbol. Any plan of aggression — in war, in relationships, in the spiritual sphere inevitably provokes conflicts and tragedies. A guardian Valkyrie will give a man peace will attract peace and harmony into his life.

And the amulet directs all tough energy exclusively towards defense, and not for the purpose of attack.

The Value of the Valkyrie Charm

Valkyrie is one of the many solar symbols, which was widely popular in the Slavic nations. But it has a much more complicated pattern than other signs of such a plan:

  • in the center of the symbol are squares intersecting each other, symbolizing the orderliness and clear direction of the actions performed.
  • on the inside of each square, there are elements of the swastika, very reminiscent of the sign of the Fern Flower, popular for its healing properties. These symbols are identified with the healing of the soul at the expense of wisdom, saving from any misfortune, in particular, from death.

Like any solar symbol, Valkyrie was used to enrich humans with solar energy, as well as to protect against evil forces. Therefore, the symbol contains not only the energy of the fighting spirit, but also wisdom, which is interwoven with prudence.

Talisman Valkyrie perfectly saves information. If you put it on a data carrier, then you can be 100% sure that all important materials will be in full value and safety.

But because of the ability to eliminate negative things, it often happens that a person begins to forget his dreams. Therefore, if you want to see some kind of dream, better remove the charm at night.

Important points about this amulet

  1. Charm Valkyrie affects not only the fate of an individual. This is a symbol of protection of the entire native land. Guided by the ancient power of this amulet, people have the opportunity to protect their family, their business, all that is important and dear to them in life.
  2. Also, a person with a Slavic talisman Valkyrie will always have authority in society, therefore it is recommended to use it for leaders.
  3. In addition, the symbol improves privacy. A man who has put on a Valkyrie charm can expect that he will soon meet a truly worthy woman. For women, this symbol helps to improve their character.
  4. In general, the guardian Valkyrie is suitable for use by men and young men engaged in military affairs, protecting their state.

Great amulet suitable for firefighters and rescuers. Of course, women are also not forbidden to wear this charm.

But it is acceptable for them only in those cases if they have sufficient energy, strong willed qualities and a strong character. The symbol is worn either on a cord or on a silver chain.

Slavic charm Valkyrie and its value

Can conclude that the Valkyrie symbol is able to help people of both sexes, but only strong enough individuals who can interact with the energy of the talisman. For the rest, it will be energetically difficult, and they will decide to abandon it.

In any case, you always have a chance to try and make sure of everything on personal experience.

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