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Slavic amulets: the value and use

Slavic amulets: the value and use

Since ancient times, our ancestors used charms to protect and attract good luck and prosperity. Almost every talisman of the Slavs was associated with a particular god, from whom they expected help and protection. To this day, these amulets are popular, as they hid the power and strength of the Slavic people.

Slavic amulets can be used both to protect against damage and the evil eye, enemies and setbacks, as well as to attract health, love and well-being. If you want to acquire a Slavic amulet, then you should first know its value. When choosing, be guided not only by your goals and intentions, but also by what is important to you at the present time.

This is a female amulet. He makes his possessor harmonious, feminine and happy. This charm was used by pregnant women to keep the baby in the womb.

It was also believed that the charm of the lunica is able to facilitate childbirth.

This is a talisman of love and family well-being. He is also called the patron saint of lovers. It is recommended to use it to save love, family warmth, to refresh fading feelings and attract the second half.

This Slavic amulet has a very powerful energy that is able to protect the house and its inhabitants. This symbol represents the home or the flame of the sacred altar.

This amulet is now considered the amulet of travelers. Previously, his wives gave their husbands, who went hunting, war, or on a long journey. This talisman saves in unforeseen situations, disasters, protects against the elements and gives strength.

The significance of this Slavic talisman is the victory of good over evil, life over death, light over darkness. It was used to protect against damage, the evil eye, dark forces, enemies, and failures.

Kolyadnik is a talisman that is used to attract change in life. It is recommended to be worn by those who have stagnation in business. He gives energy, attracts money, love and well-being.

This Slavic amulet symbolizes the home, family happiness, health, love. He protects from evil, defacement, evil eye and family quarrels. This symbol will be a good protection for the home.

This charm from the Slavs was considered a charm to protect the crop. Ryzhiki hung on barns, fences farms. Today it is used to attract money, good luck in the work and the well-being of the whole family.

Perunov color

This amulet brings happiness to its owner. He is able to fulfill desires, prevent illness and attract good luck. It could be worn only by those who were pure in body and soul.

These are the most famous Slavic amulets, which can be bought now in specialized stores. However, in order to protect the charm, it is better to make it yourself, using natural materials. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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