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Slavic amulets — the meaning of pagan symbols

Slavic amulets and the value of ancient symbols

Slavic amulets have long protected their owners from bad libel, defacement, evil eye and evil tongues. And since the Sun was of great importance for the Slavs, the wards were mainly made with solar signs.

It was believed that solar energy provides maximum protection.

How to choose a guardian?

There are certain rules for the selection of Slavic amulet. They must be followed in order for the amulet to be effective:

  • You need to choose a guardian depending on whether the man or woman will wear it. If the action of women’s amulets is aimed at protecting the clan and family, then the men’s — to protect against rivals and enemies
  • Decide on the purpose of wearing amulets. You need to know the properties and purpose of the amulet. If you need protection from a bad eye, choose the appropriate symbol. And if you want the amulet to be “charged” for good luck and success, you will need a completely different
  • It is desirable that the charm was made of silver. This precious metal has the strongest energy properties.
  • Keep in mind that the amulet will have to be worn for a long time, it is undesirable to remove it, transfer it to someone, donate or lose. Therefore, take care that the charm is durable, and the chain on which you will wear it — reliable and durable
  • While wearing a charm, pay attention to the changes that will occur in your life. If something bad happens, the amulet may not have been chosen correctly and needs to be replaced.

Consider the photo and the value of the popular Slavic characters, so you can easily choose the right one.

Women’s amulets Slavs

Slavic amulets are male and female. It is noteworthy that a man always wore only one amulet, and a woman — several.

The main task of women’s amulets — protection from the evil eye, damage, misfortune that can harm the family.

This female Slavic symbol looks like this:

Slavic amulets - the meaning of pagan symbols

  • Bring the owner of love and female happiness. Therefore, Lunnitsa — ideal for unmarried girls who have not yet found a soul mate
  • Protect against diseases. Therefore suitable for women with poor health.
  • Make a woman beautiful and attractive to the opposite sex
  • Improve the reproductive abilities of the body. Therefore, the charm is suitable for women who for a long time can not get pregnant

This Old Slavonic symbol looks like this:

Slavic amulets - the meaning of pagan symbols

Yarovik possesses the powerful energy of the sun. He repeatedly multiplies the material condition, helps to achieve the goals, protects against rivals, evil libel, damage.

Helps to bear and give birth to healthy children.

Yarovik also treats depression and depression, so it is perfect for girls who have lost faith in themselves and helps to become stronger spirit and self-confident.


The symbol of the Lada-Virgin, the pagan goddess of love and beauty, is as follows:

Slavic amulets - the meaning of pagan symbols

This is a universal female amulet that grants long youth and beauty, protects women’s health from diseases. It helps unmarried girls to find the other half and to find family happiness. Married helps to save the family, to establish a harmonious relationship with her husband and children.


Makosh — another Slavic amulet:

Slavic amulets - the meaning of pagan symbols

This is ideal for married mature women. It helps to achieve harmony in family relationships, preserve the home, protects the health of all family members, sends energy and money to the house.

Men’s amulets and their value

The action of amulets for men is directed, first of all, to ensure their owners with luck, luck, to protect from rivals and enemies.

Hammer of Svarog

This pagan Slavic amulet looks like this:

Slavic amulets - the meaning of pagan symbols

The classic version of the amulet, designed for adult men who have already entered an independent life. Gives wisdom and well-being, helps to achieve professional success. Suppresses aggression, makes a man more calm and reasonable.

Protects from trouble, makes its owner more self-confident.

Very powerful Slavic symbol:

Slavic amulets - the meaning of pagan symbols

The ancient Slavs believed that rasich has a very strong sacred meaning. He was worn by great warriors, priests, rulers.

He gives his owner an incredibly powerful fortitude and helps to gain the wisdom necessary to accomplish great things.

Another strong sign:

Slavic amulets - the meaning of pagan symbols

Gromovik ancient Slavs used only for the military. This is a purely male symbol, which is strictly forbidden to wear a woman.

Gives its owner a powerful energy of masculinity, helps to be strong and be realized in life by 100%.

Very powerful amulet protector:

Slavic amulets - the meaning of pagan symbols

This charm is also 100% male. Used to protect the military from enemies, is a symbol of the god of war.

Ideal for men with truly male professions, in which you need to be strong, selfless, resourceful. Excellent option for athletes, firefighters, lifeguards, divers.

More information in the video:

We conclude our list with this symbol:

Slavic amulets - the meaning of pagan symbols

Svarga — charm for exceptional cases. It is permissible to wear it to a man who has attained a high degree of awareness and is preparing to embark on the path of enlightenment.

You can only wear at a mature age, after 32 years. Provided that the main duty of the man has already been fulfilled — he has a beloved woman, the children whom he has provided with everything necessary.

Choose charms right and remember that the strongest positive energy of those amulets that you have made yourself.

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