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Slavic agmas: a way to communicate with higher powers

Slavic agmas — meditations of our ancestors

Slavic agmas are a type of mantra that help a person to turn to the Higher and natural forces in order to receive help and protection. Let’s talk about the types and rules of reading such texts.

Old Slavonic agmas differ from Vedic mantras in that they consist of just one word, in rare cases of two or three. Listening to or reading such words, a person starts the processes on the subtle level of the spiritual body.

There is no point in thinking about the meaning of words, it is not necessary to understand them. It is much more important to tune in the right way and enter a state of meditation.

It is believed that the Slavic agmas affect each of the chakras, help the energy move freely through the body, which ultimately strengthens health, protects the energy from all the negatives coming from outside.

Slavic agmas can be used as an independent mantra, and used in conspiracies. But unlike conventional conspiracies, the power of agm is much higher — they help to get deeper into spirituality and awareness.

How to read agmas correctly?

It is important to properly listen to the Slavic agmas — then their effectiveness will be high. There are some recommendations to follow:

  1. Do not abuse. Unlike the Vedic mantras, which can be used regularly and daily, Slavic do not tolerate constancy. They have strong enough power, they are energetically charged, therefore with frequent use they stop working
  2. Before practicing reading the Old Slavic mantras, you must understand the purpose for which they will be used. Do not use them for entertainment or out of idle curiosity — risk harming your soul.

Therefore, clearly formulate your desire or question, and only then begin to listen to Old Slavic agmas. After the ceremony, you can stop using the texts — as soon as you reach the goal, return to them again with a new question.

There are several common AGMs, each of which is used for a specific purpose. For example, this agma is aimed at receiving help or protection of the Higher Forces in a difficult life situation:

Slavic agmas: a way to communicate with higher powers

But such a Slavic mantra is used before bedtime. It helps to enter a state of meditation, calm the mind, bring a positive to life:

Slavic agmas: a way to communicate with higher powers

To enhance the action of the mantra, it is performed on the sign of Vedogon. It must fit your floor.

Chakra Agmas

The ancient Slavs also used knowledge of the chakras — the energy centers of the human subtle body, located in certain places. But the names of these chakras are different from those used in Vedic knowledge.

From the point of view of the Slavs, there are ten main chakras in the human body, located from crown to stop:

  • 10th, upper chakra, located on the crown — Spring. For the study of this chakra is used mantra Ra
  • 9th Chakra Chelo. It corresponds to the mantra YES
  • 8th chakra Usta with agma BA
  • 7th Lada — Pa Semargl-yaga
  • 6th Lelya — Ma Kostroma-Yaga
  • 5th Jarlo — Ka Troyan Yaga
  • 4th Abdomen — Om Ra-degast-yaga
  • 3rd Zagor — About Tanya-Yaga
  • 1st Root — Or Lelya-Yaga

Old Slavic agmas can be listened to or read those that are directed completely to the entire energy envelope of a person: they interact with all the chakras at once:

Slavic agmas: a way to communicate with higher powers

Protective Old Slavic agma

This text helps to protect yourself from the negatives that come from people who are bad for you. Reading such a text puts an energy barrier between you and your enemies, detractors, envious people, gossipers:

Slavic agmas: a way to communicate with higher powers

Important: read the words of agma as clearly as possible. It is better to memorize the text, so as not to stray at a crucial moment.

Appeal to higher forces

These texts help to encourage the forces of light to help in a critical situation. In what cases can such agmas be useful:

  • You suspect that someone wants to damage you, your evil eye or otherwise magically interfere in your life (for example, to make a love spell)
  • You are on the threshold of an important choice, on which your whole future life will depend. Reading the mantra will help you make the only right and correct decision.

There are four such texts in total. Choose the one that will most respond to the soul, the sounds of which are pleasant to you.

Slavic agmas: a way to communicate with higher powers

Slavic agmas: a way to communicate with higher powers

Slavic agmas: a way to communicate with higher powers

Slavic agmas: a way to communicate with higher powers

We also recommend to watch this video about Slavic agmas:

There is another agma that works great if you are passionately eager for something and want to get what you want. It helps to transform desire into intent, to increase its strength. After reading the mantra, the Universe itself will make sure that you find opportunities to achieve the cherished goal:

Slavic agmas: a way to communicate with higher powers

Common Slavic Agmas

Briefly tell about the main texts of the ancient Slavs, who helped in different spheres of human life:

  1. Agma «Radogoy» — truly family, helps to preserve and increase the well-being of the family, to make the union of spouses happy and harmonious
  2. Agma «Zrozhden» — healing. It was used for the speedy recovery of patients, helped protect against ailments, stop the black stripe in life
  3. Agma «Drago» attracts worthy members of the opposite sex to your life. It is used when you need to find personal happiness. Indirect action — attracts money to life
  4. Agma «Urra» is a mantra for one who seeks to know the new. Facilitates the search for a vocation, helps in work and school, attracts new opportunities for self-development
  5. Agma «War» helps a person in a difficult situation, at a crossroads, to choose the right direction in which to move through life

Remember that it is enough to practice the Slavic agma only once, it is not worth repeating daily. Wait until the goal is realized, and then return to reading the ancient mantras.

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