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Sinelnikov meditations — goals and objectives, life without stress

Healing Sinelnikov meditations: a life without illnesses and stress

Sinelnikov’s meditations are aimed at self-healing. The person eliminates the negative emotions and feelings that caused the disease, and becomes healthy.

These are very powerful techniques of working with the subconscious that we share with you.

Aims and Objectives of Healing Meditations

Valery Vladimirovich Sinelnikov, the author of the book “Love Your Disease,” stated: the reason for all health problems is negative human emotions. Therefore, his meditations are directed, first of all, to work with feelings and emotions that lead to ailments.

Sinelnikov meditations - goals and objectives, life without stress

Life without stress

The purpose of this technique is to master an effective strategy that will help all life adversities not only to overcome with minimal losses, but also to transform them into life force.

What should be done with stress in the opinion of Sinelnikov:

  1. Determine what it is in your personal outlook.
  2. Overcome the wrong attitude to stress and understand that it is necessary for your development.
  3. Learn to interact beneficially with the different energies of this world.
  4. Be prepared for stress to cope with it properly.

It sounds easy and simple, but in practice working with the subconscious is more complex.

The transition from the model of the victim to the role of the master of his life

To cope with stress and correctly respond to it, it is necessary to heal from the psycho «Victim-Tyrant» psycho-type and replace it with the model «I am the master of my life.»

Sinelnikov meditations - goals and objectives, life without stress

In the process of meditation for healing from stress, you need to change the negative attitudes of your subconscious to positive, more correct ones:

  • Incorrect installation “Man exists separately from the environment. Everyone lives on its own. » Correct: “We are part of the world around us. Everything is interconnected by invisible threads of belonging. Each person reflects his inner feelings into the surrounding space. ”
  • Incorrect installation: “The cause of health problems is infections and viruses. Man is constantly in a state of siege and struggle. ” Correct: “Man is in contact with all living things that inhabit the planet. It is part of the universe, as is every bit of this world. ”
  • Wrong: «Man is a victim of circumstances.» That’s right: “I am responsible for everything that happens around. I create all the circumstances of my life with thoughts, feelings and actions. ”
  • Wrong: “Only physical actions and actions can change life.” That’s right: «Life is an endless process of spiritual development, my thoughts are the basis for creating everything that happens around.»
  • Wrong: «My possibilities are limited by circumstances.» That’s right: “The power of my thoughts is capable of anything. I can drastically change my life by working with the energy of the subconscious. The universe is abundant, its gifts will be enough for everyone. ”

Before meditation, it is imperative to figure out which of the settings exist in your subconscious, and then work with them.

The technique is simple — you turn on pleasant music, relax the body, concentrate on breathing, and then begin to pronounce the correct settings.

Psychological Aikido

This method of meditation is aimed at solving problems in specific life situations. Suppose there are some circumstances that disturb you.

You fell ill, quarreled with your loved one, or had a row with someone at work. In a word, they allowed negative emotions to be worked out.

Sinelnikov meditations - goals and objectives, life without stress

What do we have to do:

  • Before the start of meditation, it is necessary to “gasp” to let off steam and give a negative, to become more calm. Stand up straight, place your elbows against the wall and breathe rhythmically 100 times, inhaling and exhaling air through your nose. Head can spin — this is normal.
  • Then proceed to meditation: close your eyes, relax, and ask yourself the question: “Why do I feel these emotions?”. The subconscious will prompt the answer, you will understand the true reason. Sometimes anger after a quarrel with a colleague is in fact anger directed at himself, or a sense of guilt.
  • Mentally release the negative, repeating suitable positive affirmations.

As a result of meditation, you will deeply work through the situation and prevent such problems from occurring in the future.

In this video you can listen to Valery Sinelnikov’s free meditation online:

Anchoring effect

Sinelnikov argued: meditation alone will not help the cause. Working with the subconscious requires an integrated approach.

Therefore, you should also control your thoughts in everyday life, learn to express intentions correctly.

The main stages of the development of negative programs:

  1. Take responsibility for everything that happens in your life. Take for truth the fact that the world around us only reflects your inner world. All your thoughts, actions and actions are the causes of problems or happiness. Never blame others, solve problems, starting with yourself.
  2. Remember the law of reflection. If you are standing with a sour face at the mirror, the reflection will show you a sad and tired person. But you won’t even blame the mirror for your problems? Similarly, the law of reflection works in real life. What you radiate is what you get.
  3. Control your thoughts and any negative emotion immediately replace with a positive statement. Not “I feel so bad, I got sick,” but “I am glad that I got the opportunity to rest from work.”
  4. Similarly, change behavior — instead of complaining about the life of a friend at a meeting, make her a compliment. Do not discuss the husband who did not fulfill the promise, but tell us about the new read book.
  5. Thank the Universe for all the opportunities it sends you. The gratitude practice is very powerful — at least before bedtime mentally pronounce “thank you” to this day for interesting events, positive emotions, tasty food and support from loved ones.
  6. Practice returns — donate a small percentage of your income to charity, give gifts and help other people. You will receive multiple returns, everything done will be back a hundredfold. It is important to do it sincerely and not expect anything in return.

Regular meditation and constant work with thinking are two factors of success that will lead you to a happy life without illnesses and stress.

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