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Silva Morning Meditation — Applying Technique

Silva Morning Meditation: Entering the Alpha State

Silva meditation is very popular. This is one of the techniques of working with thinking, which helps get rid of negative attitudes in the subconscious and replace them with positive ones.

The author, José Silva, was convinced that it was our thoughts that shape life, that’s why it’s so important to change them to positive ones.

Method Description

According to the author of meditation, in order to become a successful person, you need to learn to feel satisfaction not only from achieving the goal, but also from the very process of action. And most of all it is influenced by premonitions and creative abilities.

If you develop intuition and imagination, you can achieve success with absolutely everything.

Silva Morning Meditation - Applying Technique

The Silva Method is for those people who want to change their lives for the better, to find harmony and happiness. Apply the techniques obtained in the process of practice, it is possible in almost any area of ​​life. You will learn to solve absolutely any problems, using the power of thought.

Give up the fight and enjoy life.

Features of the technique are as follows:

  1. You develop intuition, which helps to notice the signs that the Universe sends to your subconscious
  2. You get rid of everything that interferes with living happily, successfully and achieving goals
  3. You get answers to your questions, perfect yourself, develop your internal flair.
  4. You activate the energy potential of the self and direct the energy of thought towards the achievement of goals.

Plunging to a certain level of consciousness, you act on the attitudes and beliefs inherent in it. This allows you to remove negative beliefs and to form a truly positive thinking, sincere, and not false.

Creative thinking and intuition are the main factors for success.

José Silva believed that the power of man lies in his imagination. It is thanks to him that you can control absolutely all events occurring in life.

But because imagination is unthinkable without creativity, the left hemisphere of the brain, which is responsible for creativity, must be involved in its meditation.

Silva Morning Meditation - Applying Technique

The basis of technology is the entry into the alpha state of consciousness. To do this, you will need morning meditation:

  • As soon as you wake up, turn off the alarm and go to the bathroom
  • After the necessary morning procedures, go back to bed and set the alarm after 15 minutes interval.
  • Sit back, close your eyes. Try to raise the eyeballs by twenty degrees and start counting to one hundred.
  • After the end of the account, “catch” the feeling of success. Try to fully experience this condition, fill it from the tips of the toes to the crown. In this case, color associations should arise, and you will also feel smells that you associate with a state of success.
  • Then open your eyes and count to five. At this meditation is considered to be over.

After your morning meditation by the José Silva method, you will feel excellent and recharge yourselves with success for the rest of the day. All problems will seem to be solved, all goals will be on the shoulder.

The Universe itself will direct you and your thoughts on the right path. With this simple meditation, you activate the power of your own subconscious and tune in to a positive wave of success.

What gives the state of alpha

Entering the alpha state is a necessary condition for meditation. It is at this level that the desired is visualized.

By practicing meditation on a daily basis, you will learn to recreate in your subconscious mind the images of what you dream of, what you are striving to gain from life.

This allows you to achieve goals in the shortest possible ways. You develop creativity, learn to think outside the box, find original ways to solve problems.

For a clearer understanding of the technique of meditation, see the training video with its basics:

Difficult level

The technique of meditation, which we have described above, is the most difficult level of difficulty. When you learn to enter the alpha state in the morning, you can try doing it at any other time.

  • Sit on a chair so that your back remains level and your feet rest on the floor. The alternative is the lotus pose. But use it only if you feel comfortable.
  • Put your hands on your knees, relax your palms. Try to keep your head straight, it should not fall down.
  • Close your eyes and start looking at your body as if from the side. Concentrate on each of its parts — from the feet to the crown. When you look at a certain part of the body with your inner eye, mentally relax it
  • Then imagine that there is a luminous point in front of your eyes, focus all your attention on it. You must feel how extraneous thoughts leave your mind and your eyelids become heavy
  • Start the countdown from one hundred to one. At the end you will enter the alpha state and be able to proceed to the visualization.

Gradually, you will learn to reduce the number of accounts. Aerobatics — the ability to enter the alpha state of the five accounts.

The main thing is to practice regularly.


Entry into the alpha state is necessary in order to then recreate images of the desired in it. For this you need to learn to visualize.

Not everyone can immediately turn on the imagination. Simple techniques will help to learn:

  1. Imagine seeing a lemon in front of you. You will immediately begin to actively salivate as if you have tasted citrus
  2. Then imagine a black screen in front of you and draw the necessary picture mentally on it.
  3. Try not only to see it, but also to see it in colors, to feel associative smells, to hear sounds

Happened? So, you have achieved success and will be able to visualize anything, without difficulty. Gradually learn to draw more complex pictures in your imagination.

With regular practice, success is inevitable.

How can this be used in practice? Very simple.

For example, you can find a lost item. Just enter the alpha state, and then imagine yourself with this thing in hand.

The subconscious will tell where it is now.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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