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Secrets of the correct placement of money toad on Feng Shui

Feng Shui money toad: where to put it best

The money toad is one of the most famous symbols that attract wealth and luck. This is a very auspicious animal, which gained its popularity in ancient times, including feng shui.

There is even a legend that at full moon the money frog comes to people’s homes to predict their luck for the future. Therefore, many Asians use figurines of this animal to decorate their homes in order to attract prosperity and well-being.

Secrets of the correct placement of money toad on Feng Shui

What does a money frog have

The three-legged frog is a great solution for all those people who suffer from a lack of money. The emergence of problems with money, the constant leakage of money is triggered by the flow of negative Qi energy in the home.

The magic frog successfully copes with this problem, which not only relieves of monetary difficulties, but also is able to give good luck for the head of the dwelling, as well as for all family members.

Money frog, if you place it on the ba-gua symbol (it is a talisman of home protection), such a combination will ensure not only financial success, but will also have powerful protective properties.

In most cases, a financial frog is placed sitting on a pile with gold, precious stones and other untold treasures that symbolize wealth in your home. If you pay attention to the mouth of the toad, then in it you will be able to consider 2 string coins, symbolizing the non-ending material benefits.

If you want the talisman to really work and attract money to you, buy a three-legged frog, which is as similar as possible to the real one, it is distinguished by its expensive and luxurious look. Do not save on the statuette!

Variants of money frogs

The frog is a very fashionable creature, which has a tendency to frequent changes of its image and appears to people in different forms:

  • In the form of a frog, sitting on a big mountain with coins. Such a frog is designed to make its owner financially independent and contributes to cash savings.
  • The frog, which depicts the symbol of Ba-gua. A ba-gua is a sacred octahedron in Feng Shui, and each of its sides is associated with one of the elements.

In some images, the symbol is the base for the mountain with the coins on which the animal sits. Using such a talisman will allow you to achieve financial well-being for all homeowners.

In addition to material profits, a money toad with the symbols of Ba-Gua will protect your home from negative energy.

  • Frog with Hoteem. The holy deity Hotei symbolizes contentment of life and wealth. He is depicted as a smiling Buddha and is intended to attract good luck in his work, to promote his career advancement. You can expect to make a good career and it will be fraught with high financial profit.
  • Zhabka holding a coin in his mouth. At the same time, it is important that the coin bears the image of symbols up and can be easily removed from the frog’s mouth. Such a talisman will protect its owner from excessive spending, which will steal most of the money.
  • A frog whose mouth is open. To activate such a talisman in his mouth you need to place a coin or bill. Putting this version of the money toad in your home you will greatly increase your own savings.

An interesting detail. An ancient belief says that if a money frog suddenly spits out a coin or a bill from its mouth, it is possible to prepare for substantial financial proceeds.

Secrets of the correct placement of money toad on Feng Shui

How important is the right material

The effectiveness of your financial talisman will most directly depend on the material from which it is made. Gold or bronze figurines are especially valuable, since the first and the second metal symbolize financial prosperity.

  • jade statuettes (is a semi-precious stone of green color) — will help protect your business and contribute to its development;
  • red frogs — do not affect the financial flow, instead they will provide their owner with good health, for this they need to be placed in the eastern sector of the home.

Also, the effectiveness of the money frog will be enhanced if it is glass, wooden or made from different semi-precious metals. The eyes and back of the figurines are usually decorated with precious and semiprecious stones.

Where in the house is no place for a financial frog

You can not put a money frog in such places of his home:

  • to the toilet or bathroom — in this case, its action will be worsened by the Yin energy reigning in this place;
  • in the southern part of the house — acts as a sector of fire, which is not very welcomed by the toads;
  • so that it is facing the front door — this will contribute to the drain of finances from your home;
  • directly on the floor — so you show your disrespect towards the talisman;
  • on too high places (then money can “jump out” from the windows of your home);
  • in the kitchen — the frog does not like the constant heat in this place;
  • in the bedroom — here she falls asleep, and with her money falls asleep.

Good places for the location of toads

Feng Shui recommends putting a money frog in such places at home:

  • in the living room;
  • so that she was turned back to the entrance to the house;
  • on the window sill, so that the back goes towards the window;
  • on the left side of the door located diagonally;
  • on a small bedside table, or a small shelf.

Secrets of the correct placement of money toad on Feng Shui

In this case, the most suitable place to house the money toad will be the Feng Shui wealth sector (its location is the southeast side of the house). It is best to choose the blue or green colors of the figurines. Blue and black glass options are also permissible.

Metal frogs are less effective, but if you want to dwell on them, choose bronze, gold or silver colors.

You can put a jab and on your workplace, in this case, it should be placed where you plan to conduct financial transactions (in the cashier). Or you can place it on your desktop in the upper corner on the left side).

Frogs just adore the water element, especially if the water does not stagnate in place, but constantly circulates. Therefore, the talisman will deservedly be appreciated if you place it in your home fountain or near the aquarium.

It is important that there are notes of red in this symbol. If it is not in the decor, you must use a red napkin or take a beautiful red ribbon.

Zhabka is a rather shy creature, so it should be placed in such a way that it does not fall on the eyes of every new person who comes to the dwelling. And do not overdo it — in one house you should not put more than nine frogs.

Ideally, these are three, six or nine toads. It is important that they are placed strictly on the sectors of the Ba-Gua.

It is also important to find a common language with the talisman. Communicate with her as if you were alive, be sure to tell about all your financial intentions, ask for advice before making important cash transactions or before buying.

A grateful animal will give you in return its protection and will help you to always have a full wallet and live in happiness and prosperity.

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