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Secrets of the correct location of the bed on Feng Shui

What should be the correct location of the bed on Feng Shui

The ancient art of feng shui claims that only by properly organizing your bedroom you can get a healthy, beneficial, energizing and restoring sleep. At the same time, this teaching suggests that not only its quantity is important for a full sleep, but also many other points: for example, with respect to which direction of the world you need to lie with your head and with your legs, in which posture it is best to sleep and much more.

In this article we will reveal to you what should be the appropriate location of the bed on Feng Shui.

Secrets of placing a bed in the bedroom by Feng Shui

Surely you have already heard that under no circumstances should a bed be placed near mirror surfaces. Otherwise, the people living in the room are at risk of facing various wrangles in life and health.

But besides this, there is a whole set of recommendations regarding the proper placement of beds.

Secrets of the correct location of the bed on Feng Shui

Most Feng Shui practitioners have suggested that the bed should be positioned so that the area of ​​its headboard would appeal to your personal positive direction. If you explain differently, it means that when you lie on the bed your head should look in a favorable direction for you (Feng Shui also helps to calculate it).

Next, we consider the main prohibitions for the location of beds and recommendations to this effect.

Do not put your bed so

  • it is forbidden to position the bed so that the area of ​​the headboard or legs of the sleeper is directed towards the window or door to the room;
  • You should also not put a bed so that the headboard goes to the wall in which there is a door;
  • make sure that nothing hangs over your head. Feng shui experts strongly do not recommend placing a bed under beams or in a niche;
  • it is unacceptable to place the bed in the middle of the window or the entrance to the room — it is impossible for the draft to walk over the bed;
  • It is prohibited to place sockets and other sources of electricity in the immediate vicinity of the bed. So the distance from the socket to the sleeper should be at least one and a half meters;
  • large chandeliers with massive lamps in the bedroom remain banned;
  • not welcome placement at the head of the bed of paintings, shelves, voluminous fixtures;
  • If you like indoor plants, do not be too zealous with their placement in the bedroom. If you ignore this point, the bedroom is at risk of becoming a greenhouse, and this does not provide a healthy and restful sleep;
  • Do not place a fireplace, fountain, or aquarium in the bedroom;
  • if the bedroom is also a study for you at the same time, Feng Shui recommends that you put the bed in such a way that you cannot see your workplace while in it;
  • The location of the bed in the central part of the room is unacceptable. The bed should stand only so that from one side there is a support and protection in the form of a wall;
  • Do not store various items and rubbish under the bed. It is necessary that there always be cleanliness and free space;
  • Keep your bed from sharp corners.

Secrets of the correct location of the bed on Feng Shui

Proper location of the bed on Shui Feng

  • staging a bed near the far corner from the entrance to the bedroom is considered favorable;
  • lying in bed, a person must see the front door to this room;
  • if there are computers, TVs or other equipment in your bedroom, it is better to put it in a closet at night or at least cover it from above with a cape or screen;
  • To choose a bed in size you need to be guided by the parameters of the bedroom. Do not put a miniature bed in a large bedroom and vice versa;
  • if you have rescheduled your apartment, it is unacceptable to place a bed in the places where the kitchen, bathroom or toilet used to be located.

If you listened to all the recommendations described above, but you still feel that you do not sleep well, cannot sleep or often wake up from nightmares, it is likely that there is a lot of negative energy in your house. In such a situation, a consultation with an Feng Shui expert is recommended.

In some cases, when a thorough analysis is carried out, it turns out that the bed is best placed not close to the wall, but in the central part of the room or so that its headboard is directed to the wall with the door located in it. But the truth should be noted that this applies more to the exception than to the rules and similar situations are very atypical.

Sleep Magic by Feng Shui

Sleep is a process that takes place in the subconscious of a person when his brain is not working. In most cases, people have their first nightly dreams after the ninetieth minute of sleep and last on average between five and fifteen minutes.

During one night, a person can see from four to six night visions, but at the same time, only those that are of real importance and can be of help in life are saved in his memory.

Secrets of the correct location of the bed on Feng Shui

As we have already explained, people do not remember most of their dreams. This phenomenon is due to the fact that, firstly, dreams last very little in time, and secondly, the brain seeks to get rid of the negative information obtained during sleep.

According to science, dreams can be of three types: subjective dreams, physical and spiritual. Each of the categories may relate to what has passed, what is, or what will happen.

There are cases when people in a dream saw the upcoming events very well and could correctly interpret the signs sent to them from above. Indeed, in reality, dreams symbolize a person’s aspiration to learn about the future, they are the desires of our soul. Absolutely everything that happens to a person allows him to develop spiritually.

And through spiritual cultivation, well-being and well-being are improved. If these two engines are not in harmony with each other, the person will not be able to carry out his life program, which means his spiritual development will stop.

It is impossible for you to see the same dream a number of times. Dreams can be very similar to one another, but they will still differ.

This is the same as you cannot live two absolutely identical days of your life: something in them will be common, but, of course, differences will be obligatory.

Now you know the proper placement of your bed according to the teachings of Feng Shui, which will allow you to always see only good and positive dreams and change your life in the best direction. Try to pay more attention to such trifles and you will soon see that they are very important.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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