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Secrets of feng shui for success in work and career

Feng Shui Tricks for Successful Work and Career

Do you dream of raising and increasing your salary? And, perhaps, regularly encounter various troubles at work? The solution to all these problems will help find feng shui office.

This ancient Chinese teaching states that career success is largely ensured by a properly created working environment. This material reveals the main tricks of Feng Shui for successful work and career.

Secrets of feng shui for success in work and career

Feng Shui Desktop

A lot of attention in the art of feng shui is paid to the working area itself. The most successful is the place next to the wall.

Sitting back to the wall a person will be additionally protected energetically, will feel safe and comfortable.

It is also good to sit with your back to the office of your boss: such an arrangement will promote rapid career advancement due to the energy flow of success coming from your boss.

If you are located opposite the window, you will receive a charge of additional energy as well as creative forces and you will be able to reveal all your creative talents.

If the desktop is positioned in this way, when you can observe the entire office and all your colleagues, you can talk about another huge advantage. Then others will feed you with their energy.

Feng shui prohibits placing a desktop near the aisle, opposite the door or wall. Putting your table in this way will block your possible career growth.

The location opposite the door or passage is generally the most inappropriate, because in these parts of the room a lot of negative energy accumulates.

It is also impossible for you to have an empty wall in front of your eyes — then you can forget about promotions forever! After all, being located in such a dysfunctional zone, you will not see horizons and new opportunities appearing before you.

If there is no possibility to move the table, it is worth hanging a picture with a natural landscape on the wall. It will make the room visually wider, which will have a very positive impact on your ability to work, creativity and capabilities.

How to make your workplace

First of all, it is necessary to study the theoretical part of this oriental art. After all, Feng Shui is represented by various nuances and trifles that must be taken into account. Therefore, we will further list the factors responsible for the career zone according to the Feng Shui philosophy:

  • it is necessary to put the desktop in the northern part of the room or office;
  • Give preference to gold and silver colors, blue hues, and black. They should be the main ones in the design of their work sector, if you want to program it for success;
  • in the art of feng shui, the water element is responsible for attracting money, as well as eliminating any trouble from the path of a person. Therefore, you must have a water presence in your work area;
  • It is also very important to place special plants in the workplace. For example, the money tree will attract wealth, geranium will reassure even very aggressive people, dracaena will provide a stable financial income, the Chinese rose will contribute to the revitalization of creative processes. To enhance the effect, feng shui recommends placing these plants not only in your office but also in your home.

An interesting detail. To provide even more inspiration, hang on the nearest wall in your office portraits of celebrities or people who were able to achieve certain professional heights.

Also be sure to put on your desktop photos of people close and dear to the heart of people who will remind you of pleasant things, especially at the end of a hard working day.

Secrets of feng shui for success in work and career

Office color range

This may seem strange, but the color scheme of the walls in the office also greatly affects your career success. The ideal is the predominance of green and blue tones. These colors according to Feng Shui are symbols of vitality, sound thinking, sincerity, as well as harmony and peace.

Design your office in similar colors and you will not feel tired, drowsy and irritable, but on the contrary you will feel the maximum fullness of strength and energy.

At the same time, gray and brown shades affect workers extremely adversely. Such a dull color scheme will not contribute to your career advancement, because these colors do not raise the vitality and ability to work at all and act depressingly on the psyche.

Career amulets

First of all, you can use all the objects directly related to the element of water, for example: aquariums, small fountains, models of ships and sailboats and, of course, fish.

Sailing ships or ships are the most suitable solution for those people who have their own business or dream about it. Then the model of the sailboat must be placed in such a way that its nose is directed toward the wall or towards the corner of the room, but in no case looks at the window or the door.

But the stern of the ship must be placed just the same, on the contrary, to the front door, so that your ship as if swimming in the dwelling and bringing with it success in all beginnings.

As for the fish, you can, of course, purchase real individuals, but it is more correct to turn to artificial, made in the form of figurines, for help. In this case, small fish should be gold or bronze.

In addition, you can place a fan on the wall, decorated with images of fish and the more these cute creatures will be painted on it, the better.

Secrets of feng shui for success in work and career

It is also allowed to use talismans that are indirectly related to the element of water and also reinforce the metal element. Among them, the first place is deservedly occupied by a turtle, symbolizing wisdom and support from above.

Therefore, if you want to get help from higher-level people (for example, your superiors), you should definitely get a statue of a turtle. And remember that the turtle should be only one.

Options with a pyramid with three turtles in this case will not work. Ideally, when turtles are made of heavy metals, such as cast iron, the greater the weight of the figures, the better

Quite an unusual item that will help enhance your success in business — this is a volumetric spherical vase. It is necessary to put the flowers in white.

Metal will help increase financial well-being, so the vase will not only stimulate career growth, but will help you to get much more than before.

In those areas where you need to attract good luck (such are the doors to the dwelling, dimly lit places), it is recommended to hang the wind music. In this zone, it can be formed by several metal tubes.

And in order for the tubes to emit sound, additional parts should be attached to them, for example, metal sticks.

Now you know how to attract good luck in your work and career. Use this knowledge to improve your situation, and in the end of the topic be sure to watch an interesting video:

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