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Schungite stone: how to apply, healing and magical properties

Schungite Stone: Properties and Applications

The shungit stone is a natural water filter. It helps to clean the tap water from impurities, saturates it with minerals, makes it «alive» and useful.

But shungite is also famous for its magical, healing properties.

What is shungite?

Shungit is a unique ancient breed. The stone is a combination of silicate minerals with carbon.

It is mined in Karelia in its only deposit.

Schungite stone: how to apply, healing and magical properties

Schungite looks like coal, it is black and colors hands. Therefore, before using the stone must be thoroughly washed.

It is believed that shungite, due to the unique composition of molecules, has antioxidant properties and turns ordinary water into «rejuvenating» and healing water.

The origin of shungite is still a mystery. Scientists are building a lot of assumptions, but it is not yet known how this ancient mineral was formed.

Schungite Stone: Properties

Due to the fact that almost the entire periodic table is contained in shungite, it has unique useful properties:

  • This is a natural natural antioxidant. It charges the water with beneficial microelements that have anti-aging properties, strengthen the immune system and establish a powerful barrier against all sorts of diseases.
  • This is a natural sorbent that purifies water from all kinds of impurities, impurities, makes it crystal clear and usable.
  • Water purified by shungite activates the body’s biological reserves. Therefore, it has powerful healing properties.
  • Shungite neutralizes magnetic fields that adversely affect the human body
  • Destroys bacteria and harmful microorganisms. Therefore, it has anti-inflammatory and antihistamine effect on the human body.
  • Absorbs and accumulates oxygen. Therefore, it turns ordinary water into “living” water that feeds all cells of the body with oxygen.

Schungite stone: how to apply, healing and magical properties

In order for the beneficial qualities of shungite to manifest themselves in all their glory, it must be properly used.

Shungit: application

The first way to use shungite is to purify water with it. To do this, do the following:

  • Rinse black stones well under running water. Get ready for this process to be long and tedious. It is necessary to rinse shungite for about an hour until the water from black, sulfur turns into absolutely transparent. It is better to do it with gloves so that you do not have to wash your hands for a long time.
  • Then put shungite in a container with water. It will be cleaned and will be ready for use after 15 minutes. But in order to achieve the best effect, you need to insist water throughout the day. After that, it will gain a lot of useful properties.

Purified shungite water can be used for different purposes:

  • Use for cooking, drinking, drinking.
  • Use for cosmetic procedures: washings, compresses, make masks and tonics for the face based on schungite water
  • For washing wounds, burns, treating puffiness

Schungite stone: how to apply, healing and magical properties

Shungit is an excellent natural water filter. Even on taste it will differ from usual plumbing.

Due to the high concentration of minerals, the water acquires a metallic taste that resembles mineral water.

Precautionary measures

If you use shungit wrong, you can harm your body. Therefore:

  • Do not keep shungite in water for more than a day. If you “overexpose” a stone in a liquid, it will overload with minerals, which is not very useful for the body.
  • Rinse the shungite regularly under clean running water. This stone, like a sponge, absorbs all the harmful substances into itself — they must be disposed of regularly.
  • Update stones after several applications — you can use one portion of shungite no more than five times

Important: in the first days of using schungite water, you can note the following side effects:

  • Dizziness, weakness, nausea
  • Micro-cramps and body tremors
  • Pain in the joints

These phenomena should not scare you — they are normal. Unusual to the mineralized water, the body begins to cleanse and get rid of all the excess, sometimes reacting painfully.

But if the discomfort bothers you, stop using shungite for a while.

The magical properties of schungite

Like any other mineral, shungite has magical properties that affect the energy and well-being of a person:

  • It is a powerful amulet talisman that protects its wearer from any negative energy coming from outside
  • Brings financial well-being and prosperity. Bringing lots of opportunities into life
  • Protects from the evil eye and damage, establishing a powerful energy barrier

Watch the video about the useful properties of schungite:

Where to buy shungite?

Getting shungite is easy — it is sold in most health food stores. Also available in pharmacies and online stores.

If you need a natural water filter, find shungite is not difficult. But jewelry with mineral will have to search.

The use of schungite for medicinal purposes

Shungit perfectly relieves pain and normalizes the state of the nervous system. Therefore, it can be used:

  • To relieve headaches — do compresses with water, loaded with schungite
  • To eliminate pain in the joints — apply the stone to the sore spot and hold until the discomfort disappears

And just drink schungite water — after a while you will notice that you have become less nervous, sleepier. Digestion will improve, sexual activity will increase, the work of the respiratory organs will normalize.

Shungite also has a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin — due to regular washing with charged water, acne and inflammation will disappear, complexion will improve.

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