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Sahasrara chakra gives the highest wisdom of being

Sahasrara Chakra — the path to divine enlightenment

Sahasrara Chakra is the seventh energy center of the human body. If you translate its name from Sanskrit, it will mean «lotus flower.»

You can also find another version of the name of the chakra — the crown.

Sahasrara chakra gives the highest wisdom of being

Description of the energy center

The crown chakra allows the individual to realize his divine nature, to reveal as much as possible, and is also responsible for spiritual awakening and connection in the full moral and physical plane with the Supreme mind.

It is sahasrara that helps a person to realize the fact that in our world there are no spiritual boundaries, abstract-philosophical thinking has no limits. And each person must be confident in their hidden mystical abilities.

It is the sahasrara chakra that helps to end up in an altered state of consciousness, revealing to a person his life purpose. If you engage in targeted development of the energy center, you will significantly improve the work of the other 6 chakras, because Sahasrara plays the role of the crown chakra.

When the seventh chakra is in a state of absolute perfection, there is a slight tingling and itching in the upper part of the head (similar sensations can be observed in the hands). Then all the information coming from outside will be perceived in a positive context, and all the negative events that have taken place in your life will become the necessary spiritual experience.

The universe is a sacred space, which regularly gives us tips for gaining new experience.

The location of the seventh chakra is the upper part of the skull (the crown region).

What characteristics has

  1. Of the color options for the seventh chakra meets purple, silver and gold.
  2. The symbol is a lotus with a thousand petals.
  3. Chakra allows you to improve your spirituality, to achieve insight. The emphasis is on the disclosure of the soul.
  4. Mantra, which activates the 7th chakra — “OM”.
  5. Controls the state of the brain.
  6. From the aromatic oils to open the chakras, you can use jasmine oil and frankincense oil.

How to know that the chakra works well

The crown chakra is the only one in which there can be no blocks. It can either work insufficiently or be developed at a high level.

When the 7th energy center is sufficiently opened, a person erases all the boundaries between the external reality and his inner “I”. She stops playing some role for him.

Life is cleared of thoughts and fears. Energy enters a person without any obstacles.

It is transformed into an energetically pure entity, starting to absorb everything that happens in our Universe. May achieve complete harmony.

Sahasrara chakra gives the highest wisdom of being

In this case, a sudden opening of the crown chakra, which is called enlightenment, is possible. It is like an unexpected awakening from a dream, when a person begins to realize that he is the channel through which Divine energy passes.

And he can take this energy constantly in various forms.

The human Ego ceases to put obstacles on a person’s life path. It itself turns into a tool that helps to realize divine desires.

If to speak more clearly, then a person understands the signs above and sticks to them. Eliminates the desire to fight and conflict, which are replaced by humility and grace.

Divine intentions with the help of such a person become words, thoughts and actions.

A person who has a sufficiently open sahasrara, realizes that it is necessary to get rid of conflict and aggressiveness. He is able to express his opinion in a calm manner.

The need for some actions also disappears — he just wants to be, so that Divine energy flows through him.

Personal thoughts and feelings cease to embarrass him, as he is able to accept himself as he really is. At the same time there is no self-criticism.

In addition, acceptance applies not only to himself, but to all others: a person notices signs from above and interprets them correctly.

Negative emotions such as fear, aggression, anger, and anger become auxiliary tools that promote self-development. A person correctly analyzes them, controls them and understands the causes of such sensations.

People with a sufficiently developed 7 chakras are not inclined to look for excuses, shifting responsibility to others. They are not expressed badly about others, do not complain about them, because they are aware of the unity of everything in our Universe.

And, it means that each person met is not accidental and carries the necessary particle of life experience.

Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the actions of others, passing them through their inner world. At the same time, there is a constant increase in the spirituality of a person, and life becomes an exciting game for him.

He realizes that he is the master of his life and is able to change his own reality.

It is we who, and no one else, choose in which physical body we will incarnate on earth next time, and also what kind of life we ​​will live. When the center is active, the person realizes that matter cannot live by itself, but acts as a projection of the Divine energy. Therefore, such a person focuses on the soul, not on the body.

In the end, he achieves complete harmony.

When sahasrara is closed

We have already mentioned that it is impossible to completely block the sahasrara. But her work depends on how open the chakra is.

So, when the center is open to a small extent, a person lives mainly in the material world. He does not think about the fact that his life can be connected with the Higher forces and controlled by them. Such a position is fraught with the occurrence of obsessive states.

The blocking of the remaining chakras begins, and the body does not receive enough of the energy it needs.

When sahasrara is underdeveloped, the person is not aware of his true purpose. He is at odds with his higher self.

He constantly has various questions for which he is unable to find the answer. As a result of the imbalance of the other energy centers, depressive states develop, there is dissatisfaction with life.

Sahasrara chakra gives the highest wisdom of being

Mostly negative attitude towards life. Such a person becomes difficult to establish contact with people and animals.

He is also hard to solve his problems. Even a minor difficulty can knock him out of a rut. A man cannot understand why he lives.

And as a causal relationship develops the fear of dying. Holy believing that life after physical death is completed completely, he seeks to complete it as soon as possible in order to get rid of his sufferings.

In the case when the crown chakra is not opened, the person tries to save himself from responsibility for everything that happens to him. He shifts it to anyone — God, other people — can begin to believe in fatal rock, which leaves no choice.

And the reasoning that we ourselves choose our destiny, he stops at the root.

There is a fear of not having time to complete important matters, therefore such a person is engaged in vigorous activity, which, however, contributes to the depletion of physical and spiritual forces. Such people tend to perceive themselves as toys in the hands of unknown forces, they are not able to independently choose the right path in life and change their destiny.

For this reason, there is no sufficient realization of the natural potential, spiritual development stops.

Methods of opening the seventh chakra

It is not possible to open the highest energy center without working on the lower ones. Only when the complete opening of all the preceding chakras has occurred can one begin to take on the activation of the sahasrar.

Sometimes, of course, it happens that the chakra unfolds suddenly, like the previous one, the sixth, in a flash of momentary illumination. But this happens very, very infrequently, something like this was achieved by a small number of people who later became known as spiritual teachers (or gurus).

And the way that everyone can take advantage of is the gradual, phased unveiling of all energy centers, as well as the constant spiritual development of the individual.

Being in a state of enlightenment, which bestows the seventh chakra, a person enters the sacred space of silence, filled with serenity and acceptance. The ego will cease to exist, obliterated by the onslaught of higher being. Also, a person stops the mental machine of his mind, shows the world his present state — always stays «here and now.»

Being in harmony with the Universe, having united with his Divine spirit, a person finally finds peace and harmony.

This video will help you begin harmonizing the seventh energy center.

How to clear and activate chakra

There are several ways to help the disclosure of the seventh energy center:

  1. Sound therapy. In this case, instead of music, you must ensure complete silence. In such a state, our essence is most receptive and it is easier for her to make contact with the Higher entities, having received a message or a hint from them. Before meditation, you can listen to any music that will prepare you to accept total silence, corresponding to the crown chakra.
  2. Mantra. To activate sahasrara, it is necessary to pronounce the mantra «OM». This sound is limitless and unstructured. It acts as an indivisible unity, pure, unformed and unlimited consciousness, in which all forms are hidden.
  3. Color Therapy. The disclosure of the seventh energy center meet various shades of purple and white. Violet color contributes to the disclosure of intuition, the elimination of any restrictions, forcing them to experience cosmic unity. White is a combination of all shades. He integrates different levels of life, connecting them into a single whole and opening the soul to meet the higher Divine nature.

Correct meditation

Please note that you should not make an independent disclosure of the seventh energy center, trying to immerse yourself in the absolute. You will need a mentor, a person who will help to do everything correctly, without negative consequences.

It is much more difficult to open the seventh chakra than all the others, because for this it is important to fill with absolute faith and understand your highest purpose for which you were born in your current incarnation.

Independently, you can start the process of opening the chakra, which will consist in performing meditative practices, watching the relevant videos. But do not abuse with such practices, because without proper experience, you can easily fall into a trance, from which it will be very difficult to get out.

And there is also the risk of not coping with the flow of energy that passes through the physical body.

Sahasrara Chakra will help to give you the most harmonious spiritual state, as well as realize your true divine nature. If you engage in its development, you will normalize the physical with mental processes, learn the various secrets of our being.

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