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Sacral Chakra: Vital Force, Swadisthists, Methods of Use

Sacral Chakra Svadhistana — the disclosure and activation

Sacral chakra or Swadhisthana is located in the lower abdomen and is a component of the human energy envelope — aura. Let’s talk about how this chakra functions and what it is responsible for, as well as how it manifests itself in a healthy and diseased state.

Sacral Chakra Functions

Svadhisthana is located in the location of the human genital organs, its reproductive system. This is the area between the pelvic bones, the lower abdomen. Like any other energy center, this chakra is responsible for the health of certain organs and part of the human psyche.

The color of the chakra is orange.

Sacral Chakra: Vital Force, Swadisthists, Methods of Use

Functions of the Swadhisthana sacral chakra:

  1. Responsible for the health of the lymphatic system, kidney, reproductive system and all organs located in the pelvic region
  2. It is a place of concentration of sexual energy. If Svadhisthana works harmoniously and harmoniously with the other chakras, there are no problems. If there are malfunctions, problems begin with the reproductive functions of the body and the sexual life
  3. Provides the conception of children and the pleasure of sex. In case of malfunctioning, infertility, frigidity, impotence can be found.
  4. Affects the psycho-emotional state. Responsible for accepting himself, others, the world as a whole and for any kind of social interaction
  5. It affects the perception of oneself as a person of a certain gender and sexual orientation. It is during the violation of the work of this chakra that a person can feel like a homosexual, seek to change sex.
  6. Responsible for choosing sexual partners, sex drive and emotions that a person experiences in the process of intimate life
  7. Associated with physical beauty and naturalness.
  8. Responsible for the formation of stereotypes imposed by society in the process of socialization and education
  9. Another important function — the manifestation of the creative potential of the individual. It is this chakra that gives energy for self-expression, the manifestation of one’s individuality in creativity. And also for success and the ability to decide on life changes.
  10. Activates the energy that a person needs to realize an idea, achieve goals, express themselves in society

Formation and development of Svadhistana

The most important period of life in which the opening and development of the sexual chakra takes place is the age from three to eight years. At this time, it is especially significant how much the people around them love, respect and accept the child.

Relationships between parents also matter — the younger child should see that father and mother love each other, harmony and happiness reign in their relationship.

Sacral Chakra: Vital Force, Swadisthists, Methods of Use

If a child grows up without love, is subject to frequent punishment, criticism and condemnation by parents, the chakra will not work properly in future adult life. It also disrupts the energy balance of a baby who grows up in an incomplete family.

Improperly opened and “underdeveloped” Svadhisthana will come around comes around as a teenager: the teenager will start complexes, doubt his attractiveness. Self-confidence disappears.

An important role in the disclosure of the sacral chakra and society plays. From the environment — positive or negative will depend on how much the growing child in the future will experience the pleasure of physical intimacy, which partners will choose.

Svadhisthana disclosure

The problem is that in the modern world there are practically no people with adequate self-esteem. It was decided to criticize children, many grew up in single-parent families or in an environment where there was no love and happiness.

Therefore, Svadhistana practically works incorrectly for everyone.

Sacral Chakra: Vital Force, Swadisthists, Methods of Use

But the problem can be fixed by using the methods of opening the sacral chakra:

  • Singing or listening to the mantra «YOU». If you choose this method, you need to additionally open the rest of the chakras too. Because all energy centers are interconnected
  • Aromatherapy. Simple and accessible to everyone. Make up your personal set of incense and essential oils with aromas that are pleasant to you. Get out into nature, where you can inhale the smells of freshness, bark, grass, flowers. Ideal aromas for Swadhisthana — juniper, ylang-ylang, rosemary, sandalwood, jasmine
  • Meditation and yoga. Various spiritual practices are a very powerful tool for opening the chakras. Find a competent and reputable mentor who will teach simple techniques, and then practice them regularly
  • Wear stones, talismans. The best choice is the moonstone and all the minerals of orange, yellow shades.
  • Massage. If you can not regularly attend a massage parlor, do self-massage. Technique is not important, the main thing is to enjoy the process
  • Watch out for food. Refrain from harmful garbage. The diet should be healthy and balanced.

Watch a video on how to activate and harmonize the sacral chakra:

How to fill with energy?

Very important and what your life is filled with. What emotions, people, events and activities in it prevail.

If this is mostly negative thoughts, unpleasant surroundings and tedious work, there will not be much progress.

Fill life with what brings you pleasure. Here are the main sources of happiness and vitality:

  • Creation. Absolutely any. The main thing is that you enjoy the process.
  • Sport. It is not necessary to squat with a barbell in the gym. Hiking is the easiest option. Yoga and stretching exercises — perfect
  • Communication with like-minded people and people that you enjoy. Change the environment to positive, give up energy vampires
  • Order in life and at home. Get rid of trash, throw away old and unnecessary things, remove everything that prevents you from breathing freely.
  • Pamper yourself. Buy sweets, prepare a tasty and beautiful dish, buy the decoration that you have long dreamed of

And most importantly — control your mind. Try to drive away negative thoughts, learn to enjoy simple things, love yourself.

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