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Rune of Power Uruz: the strongest amulet

Rune of Power Uruz: the strongest amulet

The runic symbol Uruz gives a person strength of mind and will power. The energy that gives this rune to a person helps to cope with difficulties and succeed in any business.

The Celtic rune Uruz was associated with the bull. And this animal symbolized irrepressible energy, perseverance and inexhaustible energy. It is precisely with such qualities that a man with a fleece Uruz gives a person his guard.

Rune of power contributes to the luck of its owner. She not only gives him energy, but also breaks all obstacles.

To whom the rune of force Uruz suits

To use the rune Uruzu as a talisman is recommended only to purposeful and active people. The power of this rune is manifested through the efforts and work of man. So if this amulet will wear a bummer, then it will not attract good luck.

Also, this rune will help those who want to succeed in a particular area, but can not because of self-doubt or low energy reserves. This rune will give strength and decisiveness, will help to gain new knowledge and experience, will open up new opportunities for a person and will reveal his full potential.

In addition, this rune will help to get rich. Again, it will help attract money to those who work hard and are moving towards their goal. This amulet does not grant easy money or random wins and finds.

His strength is aimed at attracting a serious and stable income.

Fleece affects not only the emotional state of man, but also on the mental. Its magical power can improve immunity and make its owner more resilient, energetic and physically strong.

How to wear a rune Uruz

In order for the rune to work for you, you must always carry it with you. To get the best result, you need to independently draw it on a tree or a stone. You can do this with the help of your blood or ink.

It is important that you draw the rune, in this case your energy will not be invested.

Remember that any amulet or talisman must be activated. To do this, often take him in hand, mentally communicate with him and make wishes. Only then will he be truly yours and help in solving any life questions. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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