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Rules for harmonious placement of mirrors in your bedroom

Mirrors in the bedroom on Feng Shui: an overview of the basic rules of placement

People knew about the mystical power of mirrors from ancient times. In western countries, the fair sex performed fortune-telling with the help of mirrors, and magicians and sorcerers tried to see the future in them.

In the eastern states, mirrors were a powerful guardian against evil forces, for this purpose they should be worn around the neck. A mirror can be both useful and harmful.

From this article you can learn how to place mirrors in the bedroom by feng shui.

Rules for harmonious placement of mirrors in your bedroom

What energy has a mirror

First of all, you need to deal with the basic properties of mirrors. So the mirror has reflective, attracting, and also visually reducing or increasing space properties.

In addition, mirrors are capable of redistributing flows with positive Qi energy. With the help of a mirror, it becomes possible to adjust unwanted angles and other points.

You must be aware that positive energy enters the dwelling through the doors, and then reaches for running water. Therefore, if you have a bath or a toilet next to the entrance door, then all the positive Qi energy brought along will instantly evaporate into the toilet or be washed off in the bathroom.

In such a situation can not do without large mirrors. They must be no less than the entrance door itself.

At the same time, such a mirror is placed on the door from the outside or inside of the bathroom or bathroom.

When placed outside the mirror will reflect the energy of Qi and will not allow its release through the sewage system, and in the case of internal placement of the mirror, negative energy will be retained.

But in modern dwellings often these premises are located just opposite the entrance to the house. Then large mirrors can not be placed on the door.

After all, in this situation all the positive energy will be displayed and leave your home.

Mirror in the bedroom

You probably already had time to understand that the main mystical ability of a mirror is the reflection and multiplication of the power of what it reflects.

For example, if the kitchen mirror will reflect the table at which family members eat, this will help to increase the family budget.

And if the mirror is hanging in the bathroom, it will help restore the harmony between the physical body and the state of mind. At first glance it may seem that this rule also applies to the bedroom.

But here you will find a slight disappointment.

The thing is that the bedroom is mainly designed for sleeping. And during this recovery process, according to Chinese science, Feng Shui people can get rid of negative energy. But if there is a mirror in your bedroom, this energy flow will double, which is fraught with very adverse consequences.

In the event of an excess of Qi energy, a person becomes a conflict, there are squabbles between people living in the house. At first it will be small omissions and misunderstandings, and in the future everything can go to the real hatred.

It is for this reason that the mirrors in the matrimonial bedrooms represent a kind of catalyst for family conflicts and divorces.

Rules for harmonious placement of mirrors in your bedroom

If the mirror will stand in the bedroom of a person living alone, then the negative energy of Qi will eventually have a bad effect on the mental state of such a person. In addition, the negative energy that enhances the mirror reflection will make a person more susceptible to various pathologies.

There is one more reason why mirrors cannot be placed in bedrooms. After all, when a pair is reflected in the mirror, it ceases to be a pair.

As a result, a violation of the tandem occurs and the risk of possible changes is not excluded. People on a subconscious level seem to set themselves up on the fact that other members of a love couple should emerge in life.

But do not be afraid, because the negative prohibitions of Feng Shui may well be reduced to a compromise solution. That is, you can put a mirror in your bedroom, but at the same time save yourself from adverse effects.

How to do this, you can learn more from the article.

How to place a mirror in the bedroom so that it is safe

No wonder that it is considered that all the rules have their exceptions. And if something really wants, but is unacceptable, it is still possible. There is a similar principle.

If you can’t imagine your life without a mirror in the bedroom, but Feng Shui forbids it, you can always find a reasonable solution.

As mentioned above, the mirror will display and multiply the negative energy that comes from sleeping people.

Please note that only sleeping people are meant, which means that you will be required to place such a mirror so that they simply do not reflect in it. For example, a mirror can be placed on the dressing table, hung on the closet door, or even placed on the wall, but only under one condition: it should in no way reflect the bed and the person or people who live in the room.

If you explain differently when you are in bed you should not see yourself in the mirror.

Rules for harmonious placement of mirrors in your bedroom

For the ardent followers of science of Feng Shui, there is a ban primarily on the mirrored ceilings in the bedrooms. The second taboo will be mirrored door cabinets. But in the case when the cabinet is in such a way that the bed is not displayed in it, mirrored doors may be allowed.

There is also a clever way to neutralize the negative property of the mirror — just hang it or isolate it with something for the night.

Here it is important to consider not only the point of view of Feng Shui, but also the opinion of many scientists. For example, psychotherapy experts are confident that when a person wakes up in the middle of the night, he may experience severe stress when he sees the reflective surface of a mirror.

No need to say that at night a person can see anything, and in a mirror image, such nightmares can be imagined that will cause real shock.

For this reason it is not allowed to put a mirror in the bedroom of their kids. Well, as we have already explained, the taboo will be extended exclusively to those types of mirrors in which the sleeping ones are displayed.

Therefore, if you have the possibility of placing such a mirror that it will not be visible from the bed, you should not refuse it. After all, the mirror has another valuable property — it visually makes the room wider.

Please note that this technique is actively used not only by interior designers, but also by experts of science feng shui in some cases.

Sensible recommendations

To a mirror in the bedroom did not harm you just need to follow a number of recommendations:

1. Be sure to place the reflective object in the frame. Thanks to this, you will save yourself from dissipating the energy reflected in it and direct it in the right direction.

2. Carefully monitor the cleanliness of the mirrors. Indeed, only in this case will they release pure and beneficial energy.

3. Do not place mirrors in rooms in such a way that they are opposite the entrance or opposite the window. Otherwise, you will encounter a constant leak of positive energy from home.

4. Always throw away mirrors with cracks and rocks. They become, in the truest sense of the word, curves, and it is clear that nothing positive will be displayed in such a mirror.

And the most important: you should always think exclusively about the good. After all, all thoughts are material and thanks to them we can create our reality the way we want. And in the end, be sure to watch an interesting thematic video:

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