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Ruby Stone: Healing and Mystical Abilities

What are the healing and magical properties of the ruby ​​stone?

The ruby ​​stone is the most expensive mineral, in antiquity it was considered more expensive than even a diamond. Therefore, it is clear that the ruby ​​is in the place of honor in the group of precious stones.

To be more precise, this is one of the corundum varieties that has a red color.

Ruby Stone: Healing and Mystical Abilities

General Information about Ruby

The first information about ruby ​​goes far back in time — 2000 years BC. The mineral was popular with many nationalities, while some used it exclusively as a decoration and a symbol of wealth, while others — as a powerful talisman.

Due to their rich luster, red rubies are called “fiery”; they are very similar to the flames when they reflect light. And the inhabitants of Ancient Russia presented the ruby ​​with its own version of the name — “yacht”.

Rubies are mined in almost all regions of our planet, with the exception of only Antarctica. The most valuable are Asian rubies.

To date, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tajikistan, East Africa, Tanzania and Kenya are the most famous suppliers of these valuable minerals.

An interesting fact is that in nature it is impossible to find two rubies of the same color. Mineral combines different variations of red.

You can find corundum light pink, crimson, bright red, red-violet and brownish colors.

The most valuable are those rubies, in the inner part of which one can observe a six-pointed star. They are called «star rubies».

What healing properties does a ruby ​​stone have?

Corundum helps to cope with a large number of different diseases, namely:

  • eliminates chronic tonsillitis;
  • heals the spine;
  • improves the condition of the joints;
  • positive effect on the kidneys, liver, digestive organs;
  • helps to stop bleeding;
  • the mineral also prevents the onset of epileptic seizures;
  • copes with fever;
  • normalizes the state of the nervous system;
  • relieves depression (also treats schizophrenia, improves sleep, relieves nightmares);
  • corundum eliminates the pathology of the skin;
  • normalizes the immune system;
  • helps to improve metabolism in the body;
  • copes with inflammatory diseases;
  • accelerates tissue regeneration;
  • Light radiation emanating from corundum, a positive effect on the functioning of the heart, brain, increase vitality and increase the sexual capabilities of the stronger sex.

Ruby Stone: Healing and Mystical Abilities

The magical properties of a ruby ​​stone, to whom it suits

In Buddhism, ruby ​​is a highly revered magical mineral. His main magical property — awakens in people an interest in the sublime.

  1. Indian magicians were convinced that the stone is able to bestow unlimited power and is characterized by an irresistible impact on people.
  2. At the same time, the mineral enhances the feeling of unity with others, makes a person more generous and compassionate.
  3. Corundum fills with vital energy, relieves from melancholy and an evil eye.
  4. Anyone who wears jewelry with a ruby ​​will always be brave enough to be able to overcome the heartache and restore lost interest in life.
  5. The mineral contributes to the hardening of the mind and heart, motivates a person to accomplish great things, and will encourage them to perform feats.
  6. At all times, the yacht was known as a symbol of fiery passion, live energy, power and hot love between a guy and a girl. Mineral helps to find happiness in love. Previously, there was even a tradition to present a ruby ​​as a gift to his beloved girl in order to get reciprocity from her.
  7. Ruby gives the fair sex easy conception and pregnancy. The ancient Chaldeans recommended to those women who could not get pregnant for a long time, to buy and regularly wear jewelry with rubies.
  8. In addition to all this, corundum is a stone, symbolizing pure thoughts and boundless faith in yourself. It is suitable only for energetically strong people, because the weak can be so captivated by the gem that they will be immersed in the illusory world.
  9. Old superstitions say that rubies contribute to enhancing properties obtained by man at birth. But his action is very specific — so, he will make a good person even more good, and a bad person — on the contrary.
  10. Rugs with ruby ​​were traditionally used by rich people who fear poisoning: they had to be dipped in food or drink and then closely monitored for changes.

It is believed that the stone is able to warn its owner about the approaching danger by changing its color. In this case, it fades and loses its magnificent brilliance.

Additional information about the mineral

Ruby has an impact on the functioning of Muladhara, Svadhisthana, as well as Manipura and Anahata Chakras.

Differs projective energy Yang (emitting, active).

Refers to the earth, air, fire and ethereal elements.

The patron planet is the sun.

Ruby Stone: Healing and Mystical Abilities

Which of the signs of the zodiac fit

Rubin is able to give his owner a strong will, love, kindness and warmth. But along with other precious stones, it is advised to use it by no means to all people.

Each constellation of the Zodiac correlates with its energy element, which is protected only by certain natural minerals.

According to the horoscope, the ruby ​​is ideal for Sagittarius and Cancers.

The first thanks to him will attract increased attention to their bright and extraordinary personality, will gain power and add more determination to themselves. In addition, corundum will help them to cope with the natural pride and stubbornness, add loyalty, openness, will assist in difficult situations.

Cancers also help the yacht to meet their soul mate, and also eliminates their excessive shyness, modesty, using jewels with ruby, they more easily achieve their goals.

Also traditionally, ruby ​​is a magic stone for Lviv. Women Lions, after purchasing jewelry with bright red rubies, will add visual appeal to themselves and will be able to attract mutual ardent feeling.

And for Levam men, corundum adds masculinity and self-confidence.

In addition, the ruby ​​is suitable for Scorpions and Aries. Thanks to him, scorpions develop their sense of purpose, gentleness and appeasability.

And Aries at the expense of corundum direct their active energy in the right direction, subordinate others to their will, interest them with something useful and interesting.

Rubin shows his favor to Capricorns, but it is quite difficult for representatives of this zodiacal constellation to get used to the magical properties of the stone. The mineral will help to diversify the calm and measured life of Capricorns with activity, activity, and also contribute to the direction of their energy in the right direction.

But who should refuse to use jewelry with rubies — so it is the Virgin and Taurus. On them, the effect of the stone does not appear in the most positive way.

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