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Ring — an old talisman against all misfortunes

Ring — an old talisman against all misfortunes

One of the most beloved and ancient jewelry, amulets, of course, is a ring. But few know how the power is in it, and why it is an excellent talisman. This will be discussed in our article.

The ring is a beautiful, talisman of ancient origin, and even a way to attract luck. But not everyone knows and understands how it does it. The whole thing is in the form of a ring — it is always round and, as it were, encloses a finger. Not for nothing circle dances were conducted — after all, they have always been part of the most important rites of the Slavs.

The circle is inherently closed, it is intended not to let the evil force to the one who outlined it. Remember how in the story of N. V. Gogol “Viy” the confessor student Khoma Brut painted a circle around himself, defending himself from the witch-mist standing out of the coffin. It is the closeness of this form that makes it perfect.

The second thing that gives the form of a circle a magical power is a connection with an infinite beginning. After walking in a circle, you will always return to the beginning. In this form, one goes into the other, and in fact there is no end.

It can be said that you will draw energy from an inexhaustible, eternal source, from higher forces that do not know the time. So, your talisman will act constantly, and he will become one of the most powerful amulets.

But for this ring must be prepared.

What ring can become a talisman

Of course, the best ring ward is what we have made. But the purchase will also work, it will just take time to get used to your energy, and you will need to learn to interact with it. A ring does not have to be very expensive and have a gem. The most ancient ring charms were worn by peasants not a century ago.

As you understand, they did not speak of any diamonds and gold. The most important detail was the inner inscription. This technique is most often used even by magicians and sorcerers to this day.

What could be on this internal inscription? Most often, there indicated a secret name. Previously, the child was given the name that was used in life, and the second name, which was baptized.

At the same time, this second name was kept secret; besides the parents and the child, no one had any idea about him. Wizards, of course, could have a spell on the inside of the ring. The text on the ring enhanced the effect of the amulet and saved his soul from the devil. After all, if he does not recognize your name, it will not be so easy for him to spoil you and put you in hell.

But if you opened your personalized ring for him, then he can easily take possession of your soul. Therefore, the loss of the ring is considered a bad omen.

How to make a guard from a simple ring

Of course, first of all, special plots and rituals are used for this. For example, here is one of them.

The ring, which is necessarily worn before you by either a very close relative and handed it to you, or a completely clean ring, not yet worn, must be cleaned first. This is done with the help of salt or water charged with silver. If you want to clean the ring with salt, pour it into a small bowl and immerse the ring completely in it. Then rub the salt ring, of course, carefully, so as not to damage.

Leave it in this salt overnight, and the ring will undergo the necessary cleaning.

To rinse the ring with water, be sure to first let the water soak up the positive cleansing energy. Put a silver object into it and hold it there for at least a night. Then gently moisten the cotton wool in this water and wipe the ring with it, while saying: «All evil, go away, but come strength and protection.»

Now the ring is ready to become your talisman. Wear it for a week without taking it off (except that you can ignore this rule for washing hands). Also, periodically fold it in your hands and breathe on it, at least a couple of times a day.

So the ring will tune into your energy and vital biorhythm.

After a week, you can spend a little ritual to activate the protective energy of the ring. It is advisable to do this two or three days before or after the Full Moon, on the second or third day. Put the ring on the palm and say three times the plot: “Circle around, sit firmly, and if you have to, so protect. From now on and forever, fulfill my words.

Key and lock. Let it be so». Now your ring has become a talisman.

It will repel troubles and reduce the effects of black magic.

In addition to the ring, there are other strong charms against the evil eye, which you can also use with success. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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