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Review of the amazing properties inherent in the stone chrysolite

Chrysolite stone — how it will help change your life

Chrysolite is the most valuable type of olivian stone. It has another name «peridot». The word «chrysolite» goes back to the Greek word «chrysos» — that is, «golden.»

In this material we will talk about the magical and healing properties of the stone.

Review of the amazing properties inherent in the stone chrysolite

General information about chrysolite

Due to its amazing beauty and aristocracy, the mineral is referred to as the “evening emerald”. If we consider products with a gem under artificial lighting, they lose their yellow tint, changing it to green and begin to really look like a natural emerald.

The famous representative of the group of giant chrysolites with a rich olive-green color is a historical landmark, the Diamond Fund (Russian Federation) is its storage place.

History reference

In many sources one can read how a chrysolite is called the “Biblical stone”. It was through the chrysolite monocle that the bloodthirsty emperor Nero observed the torment of the first adherents of the Christian religion, as well as the famous fire in Rome, which he also organized.

But, despite this, chrysolite, if we turn to the interpretation provided by the Bible, acts as a symbol of true spiritual preaching.

Since ancient times, the people of India have valued a stone for its ability to normalize relations between members of opposite sexes. The stone began to enjoy increased popularity among the Indians, when the first claims began to emerge that it relieves impotence and is able to kindle a fire of passion in men.

For merchants, the stone was honored for its property to protect against theft and fire, and also because it helped establish important business contacts. It was used to protect itself from an accident.

And the bishops of the Catholic Church note the very powerful energy of the gem. Therefore, they use a ring with a stone that symbolizes spirituality, high morality and purity.

Review of the amazing properties inherent in the stone chrysolite

The magical properties of chrysolite and the value for humans

First of all, it is necessary to mention such a property of a stone as loyalty. Mineral will serve exclusively one person!

This is where the explanation of the riddle lies, why gems, which are inherited or acquired, for example, in a pawnshop, often do not have any magical or healing effect.

And even more — in the case when the stone got to its owner as a result of dishonest machinations, he will bring many different problems on his head.

Chrysolite also does not tolerate loneliness — therefore, it cannot be hidden for long in a casket, but it is necessary to wear products with it from time to time or at least hold them for some time in hands to preserve its magical qualities.

Gem most loves young and energetic people, as well as all those who have an active life position. It will help to achieve the planned goals, make an additional source of vitality, clarify the mind to make it easier to find the right solution in a difficult situation.

  • Young couples who are still at the stage of lapping to each other can count on the help of chrysolite: the stone will save you from excess aggression, will add prudence and restraint.
  • It is believed that chrysolite successfully treats men’s health and strength.
  • Very well, if you have a chrysolite figurine in your home, it will attract good luck to it. But it is very important instead of a natural stone not to run into a fake.
  • Representatives of the Zodiac sign Leo are recommended to give chrysolite figures of these animals. They will bring success to their owner, as well as be able to protect against reckless actions.
  • According to the old belief, the stone has amazing properties — it will be able to protect the home from fire, and people from burns.
  • You can count on the help of the gem to all those who suffer from depression and depression — it will return the lost joy of life.
  • The stone will be an excellent talisman for any new endeavors, will contribute to the successful conduct of business and the elimination of all barriers to its owner.
  • Chrysolite also cleanses the energy body of a person, because due to its high vibrations it contributes to the burning of any negative energy with which we are then in contact with our lives.
  • The mineral is used for ceremonies designed to increase the attractiveness of men in the eyes of women and vice versa.
  • Also, the gem is an excellent talisman that attracts luck, improves well-being and plays a protective role.

Mineral healing powers

In addition to the magical stone, it is also famous for its healing abilities, among which are:

  • The main therapeutic property of chrysolite is to improve the work of the nervous system. So, the gem will relieve its owner from anxiety, anxiety, help to normalize sleep, successfully cope with insomnia, eliminate nightmares. There are cases when the stone helped people heal from stuttering caused by fright or any other stressful situation;
  • improves the cardiovascular system;
  • The mineral has a beneficial effect on the organs of vision. Moreover, it is equally good at dealing with both myopia and hyperopia, slowing down the development of cataracts and glaucoma;
  • with the help of chrysolites, the locomotor system of the body is treated;
  • normalizes lung function and airway;
  • chrysolite will also help to cure diseases of the stomach and kidneys, for this purpose it is necessary to apply the mineral to the sore spot.

Whom chrysolite is suitable for the sign of the zodiac

In the first place in the list of those who must necessarily have in their arsenal decorations with chrysolite, are the Lions and Sagittarius. These representatives of the fire element will become more fortunate thanks to the gem, but at the same time they will protect themselves from excessive rashness and rash acts.

But water signs, especially Pisces, should use the power of the stone with great care. To them, on the contrary, he can make life worse by sending a string of various problems and troubles into it.

Review of the amazing properties inherent in the stone chrysolite

Rules for wearing chrysolite products, storage features

It is possible to strengthen the magical effect of chrysolite, if you follow simple recommendations:

  1. Gold is the most suitable metal for framing a stone; it will make its magic more powerful;
  2. If you purchased a ring with chrysolite, it is recommended to put it on the little finger. But if you want to raise your intrinsic value in your own eyes, place a ring on your index finger;
  3. Ideally, you need to buy a new decoration with chrysolite, so that you become its first owner;
  4. If you want to be healed with a stone, wear products with it as close as possible to the place of pathology;
  5. Solar gem goes well with white, yellow, green, brown and black flowers. Do not forget about this when you pick up clothes and other decorations.

Chrysolite does not differ in hardness — it is a rather fragile stone. Therefore, it is important that the owner properly cares for him:

  • stone is cleaned in soapy water, then the mineral is wiped with a piece of soft cloth. It is forbidden to use for cleaning brushes or other detergents;
  • observe the accuracy of using products with gems. Do not allow mechanical damage;
  • If you are going to contact with acid, alkali or other aggressive types of liquids, be sure to remove the products from chrysolite. This item remains relevant, even if you just wash the dishes or clean;
  • keep the jewelry with a stone, wrapping it in a soft material; a separate box will become an ideal storage place.

The magical properties of chrysolite, as well as its external attractiveness, determined its high popularity in the jewelry environment. Another positive point is that chrysolite jewelery is not very expensive compared to other types of precious stones, but at the same time they look just as good.

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