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Reliable house amulets do it yourself

Reliable house amulets do it yourself

Many people think that making charms at home is a long and complicated business. But in fact, you can create a talisman with your own hands quickly and simply. And at the same time your mascot will really be your assistant.

A self-made amulet, made correctly, will protect from harm no worse than that acquired on the side. And even better, because it is charged with your energy and is tuned for you. A hand-made coastal thing will save you and your household good luck, attract comfort and well-being under the roof of the house.

It is only important to get down to business properly and tune in accordingly.

When you start making a talisman, follow a number of simple recommendations, and your lucky charm will delight you and gain great strength.

  • Choose natural materials as a guardian. The more there are, the better, because the force of nature has invariably saved and protected our ancestors from troubles, ailments and troubles.
  • Adjust your energy in the right direction. If necessary, clear it of negative with meditation or a suitable ritual. Otherwise, the charm with your own hands will not do it: your little thing will absorb the negative and will not serve you and your home as a good shield.

Well, if you did everything correctly, it means that you will make a mascot for good luck quickly and easily, and most importantly — at home, charging your future keeper with the energy of your home. It is not for nothing that people say: my home is my fortress.

Three reliable charm that you can do at home

Protected from salt. Salt is in every home. It is better if you have coarse salt, for example, such as is used for homemade salting fish.

A good option would be the sea bath salt. In this case, it is desirable to purchase salt without additives — it looks, perhaps, not as elegant as aromatic bath salt, but it will also have more natural strength.

This salt should be wrapped in a piece of cloth of red or white color and tightly tied with the same red thread. Then just hang it near the entrance door, window, or pin it near the threshold. Salt will scare away and absorb all the negatives of the outside world and improve the situation in the apartment itself.

Charm of herbs. Herb preserve is much easier to make than it seems at first. Suitable plants have any spiny plants, for example, wild rose, hawthorn, rosebush, or even nettle or raspberry. Collect the leaves of such plants and dry on the windowsill.

Then just as well collect them in a small bundle and fix it where the house has weak points — near windows or doors.

To make the herbs stronger, you can collect them on the growing moon: track it in our lunar calendar. Raspberries and pink leaves will help to attract love, nettle will strengthen the health of the residents, and the wild rose will fight with your enemies. Wormwood, St. John’s wort, dill and thistle have a strong effect.

These herbs drive off evil spirits.

Charm of cereals. Of the very ordinary croup, you can also make a talisman for the house. The principle of operation is the same.

But pre-charge the grits, calcined it on the fire or rinsed with water. Of course, not to the state when it will be possible to cook porridge from it. What matters to you is not a long time, but the very contact of the cereal with the water or fire element. Usually for such a talisman advised buckwheat or rice.

In ancient times, our ancestors in the «bad» days were protected by cereals and seeds from evil forces, scattering them at the door. Poppy and various grains were also used. But today it is not necessary to litter in front of the front door. A bag of cereal, which you prepare in a special way, will not only absorb negative energy, but also attract money to the house.

To do this, among the cereals, you can put a small coin.

An important point: from time to time, the charms for the house need to be changed. Feng Shui talismans advise to wipe thoroughly during each harvest, and herbs, cereals and salt tend to accumulate in themselves everything that they have protected you from. So get rid of them, just throwing them away, and repeat the ritual of making a talisman for the house.

It’s very easy to protect yourself and the energy of your home, especially if you take care of it in advance. Keep your home and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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