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Reiki symbols — application features, additional symbols

Reiki symbols: how to draw and what they mean

Reiki symbols are used in alternative medicine. Healing is done with the imposition of palms and the use of special Japanese characters.

It is believed that they are endowed with powerful force, contain a huge energy potential, which is sent to the treatment of the patient.

Reiki symbols and their meaning

In total there are about three hundred characters, but as time passed, many of them were lost. Currently, Reiki practitioners use only 22 of the most common hieroglyphs.

Consider how to draw and what the ancient symbols mean.

This symbol symbolizes the energy of the kundalini, which is aimed at maintaining communication between man and the Universe. It is believed that it gives a person tremendous opportunities, filling him with powerful energy from space.

Reiki symbols - application features, additional symbols

This symbol represents complete harmony in everything. This is the unity of human nature and soul with God.

It fills with divine energy, soothes and helps to maintain composure in any, even the most difficult situations and tense emotional state. Eliminates negative emotions that are psychosomatic causes of various diseases of the body.

Reiki symbols - application features, additional symbols

Hon Sha The Shaun Nen

The symbol of the tree of life, personifies the connection of man with his tribal system. In the teaching of Reiki, great importance is attached to the interaction with the genus.

It is the generic programs that greatly influence the life of a person and his interaction with others. It is believed that with the help of this sign it is possible to heal even from a distance.

Reiki symbols - application features, additional symbols

Day Ko Myo

This 2-step symbol is used to aim to tune into your patient’s energy wave. Establishes a powerful relationship, is used to enter the patient in the desired state during meditative practices.

It also helps to deeply work out generic programs and heal the related injuries.

Reiki symbols - application features, additional symbols

These are the most important and basic Reiki symbols, the importance of which is important to know and understand in order to advance in their development in this area. But no less significant is how you will use these signs.

Applying Reiki Symbols

In order for a symbol to start working, it must be drawn and activated. For drawing, you can use the examples of pictures that we gave above.

What should be done consistently:

  1. You draw a symbol on paper. Try to portray it as accurately as possible, do not miss the slightest detail. It is important. If the image is different from the original, it will turn into a regular picture without any energy.
  2. Then you need to activate the symbol, charging it with its energy. To do this, you need to take the picture in hand, turn off the “internal dialogue”, abstract from extraneous thoughts and just peer into the image. Strive to feel all the energy that is transmitted from the sign to you.
  3. Then close your eyes and try to draw the symbol with your hands in the air. Also carefully paint all the details.
  4. After the image you need to pick up and say out loud the following statement: «I ask you to transfer the energy of this symbol to me, connect with it and tune in to one level of energy vibrations.»
  5. Stay in this state for fifteen minutes. This is a kind of meditation, during which you should feel how your body is filled with warm, powerful energy. Involuntary reactions may occur: burning or stinging in the palms, slight cramps. This is an auspicious sign.

In the course of such meditations, the energy of the symbol will flow into your body and you can use it to heal a sick person. You need to practice regularly to learn how to fully immerse yourself in the process.

Additional characters

After you learn how to work with the main signs of the reiki, you can begin to study the secondary, but no less powerful in terms of energy symbols.

Their list and meaning:

  1. Zen Kai Jo — personifies prosperity and abundance. It fills with positive life energy, which is required for a person to live in prosperity and peace. It enhances the flow of monetary energy and eliminates negative financial attitudes that prevent you from achieving material well-being.
  2. Ki Yang Chi is also a symbol of abundance, but it works a little differently. Sends a person opportunities for self-realization, the disclosure of creative potential and the search for their purpose. With this sign you can gain meaning in life and find your vocation.

Watch a lecture on second-degree Reiki symbols:

Practical use

Observe the following guidelines to get a good result when working with reiki symbols:

  1. In order to better remember a certain sign, in the free moments of your time, close your eyes and visualize the hieroglyph in your imagination. Imagine how it is painted in your favorite colors. Listen to what information he carries for you.
  2. Take time to creativity — draw hieroglyphs on paper and paint them with watercolors. In the process you do not need to think, be guided by intuition, listen to inner sensations. Do not hesitate for a long time when choosing a color.
  3. Reiki can be painted on the sand, on the runes, wood, paper, even embroider. Use any available materials.
  4. Strengthen the energy of ancient signs can be with the help of mantras or prayers. Say them mentally or out loud.
  5. Keep a glass of water next to you during meditations. It is a powerful conductor and keeper of information, accumulates positive energy and relieves emotional tension, allowing you to relax. Used water can then be added to write or just to drink.
  6. The symbols from which you feel the most powerful energy can be depicted even on your body with the help of essential and fatty oils during self-massage.

It is important to understand that the effectiveness of the studies will depend on how developed your intuition is, how much you are able to feel the energetics of the characters and fill up with it. Therefore, it is additionally recommended to use technology for the disclosure of the energy potential.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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