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Regression in past lives — popular questions

What is a regression in past lives: the impact on health

Past life regression is access to your past lifetimes. During a special technique, you move the consciousness in memory of one of your reincarnations.

In the future, using the knowledge gained, you become able to correct and harmonize life in the present, using this experience.

How is the session

Regression is a rather dangerous procedure for a beginner. If you try to do it yourself, you can get unpredictable and frightening consequences.

Therefore, we recommend finding a good specialist who will conduct the session as safely and efficiently as possible.

Regression in past lives - popular questions

The session takes place in several stages:

  1. First, the hypnotist introduces you to the alpha state. This is the moment when the subconscious mind is between sleep and wakefulness. The immersion process is carried out using relaxation techniques.
  2. Next is the adjustment to the unconscious. A person begins to plunge into the depths of his inner world, completely turns off thoughts and stops the endless dialogue with himself.
  3. And already in this state, the subject begins to feel and understand himself in his past life. It is as if he plunges into the unconscious of his previous incarnation, re-living his experience. Aloud, he begins to tell all that he sees and feels. After exiting hypnosis, the patient usually does not remember what he said, so the specialist records the session on video.
  4. Next, there is an immersion in theta state in the process of transition into the space between two incarnations. At this stage, the patient can ask any questions to his Kind, Custodians or Higher Forces, and get answers from his subconscious.
  5. At the end of the session, the person is returned to the beta state — the usual active wakefulness.

The patient discusses the course of the procedure and its results with the hypnotist (psychotherapist or other specialist), after which further actions can be defined.

Health effects

The regression in past lives is always used with certain goals, it is not carried out out of curiosity. And many people care how the procedure affects their health and life in general.

Regression in past lives - popular questions

  1. In the course of the regression, you live on the mental level negative emotions and find the psychosomatic causes of illness, problems in relationships and so on.
  2. And since any disease is a sign that you need to change or understand something in your life, then after realizing the cause, the state of health begins to improve. The same applies to any painful, negative situations.
  3. In case of serious diseases after a regression session, it is recommended to undergo a Reiki course to eliminate the energy causes of diseases.

It is important to understand that each situation is unique, and the person is individual. Therefore, there are no universal solutions to problems.

Immersion in past lives just helps to understand your personal causes of all the difficulties in life, then to eliminate them.

Space between lives

In order for a regression session to be effective, it is important to understand what is the space between lives in which you find yourself in the process of immersion in a deep meditative state.

Regression in past lives - popular questions

  1. Space is the habitat of human souls, a kind of purgatory, where they “rest” and recover before they appear in the world in a new incarnation. Here the souls of different people interact with each other.
  2. It is also the dwelling place of Spiritual Mentors or Guardians who know the answers to all questions. It is in the space between lives that you can communicate with the soul of any person who interests you.
  3. This place is saturated with the energy of unconditional love and acceptance, which will fill the patient, giving him vitality and filling him with gratitude.
  4. Here you can fully experience the connection with God, the Universe, the Higher Powers — no matter how you call it. And to gain awareness: take full responsibility for everything that happens in life, for yourself.
  5. In this place, you can understand why you were given certain life situations, learn what lessons you need to learn from them in order to get the experience necessary for further spiritual development.

Listen to a meditation during which you can independently regress in past lives:

Popular Questions

Most people who want to try a regression into a past life are concerned about the same questions. Consider them.

  1. What kind of query can come into the space between lives? Absolutely with anyone — formulate the question that concerns you most at this stage. For example, you want to learn how to heal a disease, to meet love, to find your destination.
  2. Is it possible to get in touch with a higher power? God is inside every person, just not everyone feels his strength and support. During the regression, you will be able to feel and feel the divine within you, to be filled with this bright energy.
  3. Does the soul leave the body during regression? No esoteric — your soul remains in place. In fact, you communicate with your own subconscious — your fears, attitudes, blocks, feelings and memories. In the unconscious of a person, the answers to all questions are hidden — with the help of regression, you just “get” these answers from your own “I”.
  4. Does regression help solve problems in relationships with parents, colleagues, partner? Definitely, yes. You find the karmic causes of conflict, you begin to understand why this person came into your life, what kind of lesson and experience he brings with him.
  5. How to understand if I got a dive, or is my imagination too active? For this you need to turn off all thoughts and really feel what is working at the moment — the brain or intuition?
  6. Is it always possible to get into the space between lives? The experience of experts proves that 9 out of 10 women successfully undergo a dive from the first attempt. Men are a little worse, because their logical thinking is stronger.

Important: Do not try to regress yourself. At best, you will simply force your imagination to work actively, at worst — you will get serious problems with your health and psycho-emotional state.

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