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Red thread on the wrist: what it means and how to tie it correctly

Red thread on the wrist: what it means and how to tie it correctly

Since ancient times, man has been searching for something that can protect him from misfortunes, illnesses, alien envy and the evil eye. Such protection became amulets and amulets.

These were not only objects (a wolf’s paw, a bear’s fang), but also drawings on earthenware, cross-stitching with red thread on clothes and towels, figurines and symbols made of wood or stone, bags with witch herbs worn around the neck.

Slavic nauzy of red or green color were considered magic. These are strings of threads or leather with knots, woven in a special way, conspired for luck, money or love,

It is believed that charms protect the owner from evil spirits, protect against evil, deadly diseases and damage. One of these charms so far is the red thread on the wrist.

Red Story Legends

Red thread attributed the magical properties of different nations.

The Jews were the first to endow the red thread with magical properties. According to the legend, the tomb of Rachel, the ancestor of the Jewish family, was tied with a red thread, which protected her children from danger and diabolical temptation, so the red thread is protection from evil and blocking any negative from the outside.

In ancient Russia, to save the house and family from all sorts of ailments, they tied a red thread on the fence in front of the house.

When choosing a baron, the gypsies still tie a red thread on his hand, the same thread that St. Sarah put on the hand of the first gypsy baron.

In the Nenets nationalities, the goddess Nevehete healed the sick with the plague, tying a red thread on their hands.

Japanese legend says that from the little finger, which is directly connected to the heart, «flows» an invisible red thread that connects the hearts of people, and it never breaks.

Magic red thread

What should be the thread — charm

The thread should be made of wool and only red.

Red color means vitality, prosperity and health. In China, it is a symbol of good luck and happiness.

Indians consider red as the color of life.

Psychologists say that it is the red color that gives confidence and a sense of security, making it easier to overcome trouble.

In magic rituals, red is used to bring the body into a state of activity, energy tone, stimulating physiological processes in the body. That red color creates a barrier to the evil eye and damage.

Wool is also important. Wool is covered with natural animal wax — lanolin, which promotes tissue regeneration and stimulates capillary blood circulation. In addition, wool has a certain charge of statistical electricity, which is important for the normalization of the general condition of a person.

As a result, healing of wounds is accelerated, joint pain decreases, inflammatory processes take place. Not for nothing in the old days premature babies were wrapped in sheep’s clothing so that they survived.

The strongest threads are those brought from Jerusalem. There they are tied to the hand of a monk or pious attendants at the temples, and a special prayer is always read.

Red thread on the wrist: what it means and how to tie it correctly

How to tie a red thread

The red woolen thread, according to the rules of Kabbalah, is imposed on the left wrist, since it is the left side that is open to negative impact, and the thread will prevent the penetration of negative energy into human life. It is from the evil eye and damage that the thread is tied on the left hand.

On the right hand they tie a red string to achieve wealth, good luck in financial matters, and luck in business.

You need to buy the thread yourself, without bargaining. Not suitable for the protection of the presented thread.

If you make and tie the red thread yourself, the thread will not have any magical power, so you can tie it on any hand, either for beauty or for medicinal purposes.

The ritual of tying the red thread

The ritual of tying threads should be carried out by a close person who wishes you well, preferably a woman. At the time of tying, 7 knots should be made, since 7 is the number of God and the magic number in almost all religions. Tying knots is the oldest magical rite, knots symbolize continuity, continuity of events.

From what thoughts and feelings are knotted, positive or negative feedback depends.

When tying each knot, a prayer of 7 lines is read, for each knot — one line.

  1. Lord Almighty, may your kingdom be glorified.
  2. I bow my head before your majesty and ask for your mercy.
  3. For you are gracious to all who come to you with prayer.
  4. You heal the sick and help those who ask.
  5. Your love is true and no one except you possesses the forgiveness of all the people.
  6. Please protect your slave … (name), save from troubles and protect from the visible and the invisible from the enemy.
  7. For you are the Lord Almighty.

Prayer must end with the final knot. If there are long ends of the thread, they are cut with scissors and burned.

Only in this way, the amulet is considered charged against the evil eye and will have protective power.

A child already in the hospital almost every mommy is tied up with a red thread charm on her wrist. This is important because the child is not yet baptized, and thus, the mother protects the child from the manifestations of a possible evil eye and negative.
Also important is a guardian for a sick person.

It must be remembered that the Orthodox Church has a sharply negative attitude towards any manifestations of occultism, including the cult of Kabbalah, and it is impossible to enter the church with such a thread.

If the red thread is torn, then this is a good sign, it means that the thread was taken over by some kind of negative intended for you, or even a disease. If the thread breaks often enough, then you should look at the people who surround you, it is quite possible that among them there are ill-wishers.

Red thread on the wrist: what it means and how to tie it correctly

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Red thread with amulets — pendants

To impart greater importance to the amulet, many decorate it with pendants that have additional magical, protective properties.

This may be a leaf clover, cross, bead, numbers or letters of the owner. This combination not only adds energy to the charm, but also becomes a stylish decoration, especially if the pendants are made of gold.

But the best metal that diverts negative energy from a person is silver.

There are both good and negative reviews about the effect of the charm on the fate of a person. It is unlikely that it will cure chronic diseases, but its positive effect on the psychological state of a person is obvious.

And when in your orderly and successful life, difficulties in work begin to appear, the breakdown of relationships with partners or friends, unreasonable quarrels in the family, financial losses, illness, depression — all these are signs of damage and the evil eye. Then you need to tie a magic red thread on your left wrist and believe that it will help you, as it helped thousands of people.

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